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The Truth and other lies

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Enjoy your enlightenment.

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Are you a buddhist?

Also, WTF is this distorted song that plays at the end?

Nothing too bad.

Kinda odd at the end but its not too bad of a flash, just apply the work to something a bit more like the beginning of this flash and I'm sure it will get a better score. ^^

AlbinoClock responds:

The beginning of the flash was a part from an abandoned collab that I tossed onto the front to make sure it got through, as lots of NG doesn't like the whole static and crazy noises thing.

Score is not the point. The point is to make something, show it to others, and see what they think.

So I'm a puppet?

That's not enlightenment! That's a revelation of cosmic and unwarranted mental slavery! My mind is not my oooooooown! Oh, but I liked your movie. The humor levels were high, and it stimulated my mind. Thank you for that. {{{}}}

AlbinoClock responds:

In a way, yes, you're a puppet. In another way, though, you're the one pulling everyone's strings.

Thank you.

Thanks for showing us this side of the cosmic coin. I've glimpsed it a few years back, but others might have not. Let it spread as clearly as noon sunlight... lol
(Rating is 7 because of randomness. Or because it's a magical number, you decide.)
Peace be with you

AlbinoClock responds:

I appreciate the arbitrary nature of the score you gave me.



Strange... and not very godd as well...