Street Fighter Series pt2

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EDIT: Reviews are appreciated!
EDIT: Street Fighter Series pt3 trailer is out!
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Street Fighter Series is an ongoing project. At this time I am doing Street Fighter endings and fights animated in Flash using many different Street Fighter sprites. This is my second video. This ending is from the character Sean who is trying to beat his master Ken, but I ended up putting a twist in it, to make it a lot more interesting. This video is a first for me in a lot of ways including but not limited to MCs, AS, Custom Preloaders, menus, a virtual camera system and actually SFX.

My only suggestion is to watch straight through it's only 2:30 long when using the scene selection the bg music tends to start a little late. If the preloader doesn't kick in please be patient it is worth the wait, I promise. Let me see, I would love a lot of reviews to see what I can improve on in the next part. You can see how far I jumped in a week's worth of time by looking at my first video compared to this one here's the url http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/420973.

Music is by audio portal's very own NemesisTheory and adster9213, big ups for there music. The last song is E.S. Posthumus by Cuzco.

Thanks and enjoy.

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nice in all

could of been longer with a better ending and the words were a lil hard to read but besides that the movie was good

(title in work)

Far better than the first episode! The graphics were much cleaner in this one. Not only did you use better sprites, but the animating and fighting was much more interesting this time. The added dialogue between the characters was nice too, as this one actually has a storyline, whereas the first episode was just a fight scene. My only complaint is that some of the white text was hard to read on the background, particularly in the lower left corner of the screen.

mortis5000 responds:

Alrite I will keep that in mind

It was good.....

but only for an 8.

The texting was the hard part because I'm not a good reader, and it usually takes a long time for me to read something, I think maybe you should have voice acting in your next one, or have a next button on the texting for people to be done reading the text and for them to go on.

The fighting was ok, I don't think I can say anything wrong with it.

The music matched the flash so well, there was no problem with it what so ever.

I love what you did with Sean and Ken with their forms, that is pretty amazing and really hard to work on during the whole fight.

It's kind of weird how the second is a training of a master and his student. The first one was a fight of two people, which was the start of the tournament, so that was kind of confusing for this episode. Also at the end, I didn't know what happened, I didn't know if Sean is died, or he's blacked out, or what, it just ended him falling to the floor. But still I don't know if this was part of the first one, or not. I think that you're so focused on the whole fighting scenes that you lack the whole stroyline to make this series so good. Maybe you should work a little more on the stroyline, if you want this to be a series, well a good series that is. But you did a great job on this. I can't wait to see the next episode.

Level 2!

Pretty good. The only real thing I see that's kinda chopy is that backround fire.

mortis5000 responds:

Thank You

I thought you said you made high-quality videos???

I could have sworn you said you made high-quality videos in your bio, because this was far from it. You should be grateful for how high your score is, because most people frown upon sprite movies.

Okay, so heres my problems with it.

The animation is good, but its hard not to make good animation using Street Fighter sprites. And it seems that you didn't create a single frame of this on your own, next time put a bit more effort atleast in editing them... Maybe make your own SFX to spice things up too.

The sound effects were a nice touch, but it really only degraded the film after realizing that there were only 3 actual sounds used and they were just repeated over and over again. Next time please use more variation in sound effects, otherwise it gets rather annoying and repetitive.

The fighting was dull and the story was useless, it only hurt the overall effect. The fighting had nothing that stood out from the crowd and was perhaps less interesting than the fighting in an actual match of streetfighter. Next time try and make things faster paced and more fluid, and with less breaks for talking and useless pauses.

The text and story were horendous, try and improve on them next time. Maybe implement voice acting rather than text, or find a way to better include the text in the video as to keep the action going and to not bore the viewer.

mortis5000 responds:

Thank You for your review.

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3.88 / 5.00

Jan 27, 2008
9:53 AM EST