The Lark

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A short almost black and white cartoon that I've worked on in the last week or two, this is just something Random that was inspired by a piece of artwork i saw. It was a stone with words carved into it, reading "Beware of the Lark". I didnt really get it, and the description had said it was "Mildly humourous". And well, this is what i made about it. Watch, Review, Vote if you have the time. It does help.
Oh and by the way, the thing in the top is a quality button, if you havent noticed.
Updated: I updated some of the effects, and sorted the sound out when it get a bit crackly at the end.

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Not bad

I liked it pretty good. KInda short but pretty funny. The cloth of liqour and the stapler was a pretty good combo i have to say. lol

Darksunda responds:

Lol cheers. Makes a larger explosion.

Nice lol

I liked it! What I can suggest you do next time is detail your drawing a bit more, it would add to your score. Also, what a lot of artists have trouble with are backgrounds, I see you had SOME background drawings but not alot. Be sure to draw a background every time to give your viewers a feel for setting.
And if you are not good with drawing backgorunds, just do your best, and use a slight low quality blur.

And thats about it, I enjoyed the humour too, just keep it up and always stride to improve.



Darksunda responds:

Thanks! I agree with all that, because after finishing the main animation itself i added all the sound and backgrounds on afterwards, and i think i rushed them too much. If i have some spare time when I'm not making all my other stuff, I'll draw some proper backgrounds and re-submit it.

Don't we all....

cool video lol, pretty nice animation.
and Skelekoopa, maybe he stapled the cloth to the bird so he'd know which one it was incase more larks came to be, coulda been just torture, or he wanted it to have a cool little cape. All of these reasons seem... reasonable to me xD.

Darksunda responds:

they're all very reasonable, but all wrong (well, except the last one haha!). If you read the reply to Skelekoopa's comment, it tells you why.


That was really random. And kind of short.

Why do you hate larks? Why did you staple a cloth to the back of that bird?

Darksunda responds:

a random short was the intention.
The cloth was douzed in alcohol. Makes the bird explode when you shoot it. lolz.
If you read the commentary it'll tell you why i said "I hate Larks"


cool flash, thanks for using my song!

Darksunda responds:

Thanks, and it's a nice song!

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4.00 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2008
5:28 PM EST
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