Qwerty Chronicles #5

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Qwerty Chronicles #5: The Great Plunge

The giant robot chased our hero for quite sometime until they made it to the summit of the mountain. With nowhere left to go, our hero decided the only way to get away from the hulking piece of machienery is to jump from the top of the mountain and hope for the best. Knowing there is no way for our hero to survive, the robot decides not to follow our hero to certain doom and returns to where it came. Now our hero is falling, to what he cannot see because of the clouds in his way but all he can do now is pray for the best.

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well atleast its way better then my animation!

Chaz-o responds:


dude come on now

theres nothing fun about watching a ball with a face on it falling for a couple of minuites. but the animation looked good so il give you a 1/5 and a 0/10

make the ball kill something or anything like that

Chaz-o responds:

Its attitudes like that that made a shit series like "madness" so popular.

Nobody likes you faggot so STFU and GTFO now.

thanks for watching.

Good animation, but bad repetition

This movie is great, but the ball do the same each time.
Below the mountains is more sky.

Chaz-o responds:

This is an alternate dimension where mountains float... DUH!


it would make a good starting to a movie, or something like that. i say you add on to it and make him hit the ground and make t into a movie

Chaz-o responds:

Nah... well save that for next time.

Long and boring

At first the animation looked really good and the music was well intergrated in the animation, but then it just got repetive and boring. All it is, is falling and screaming. Next time you make a video, be sure to have a plot.

Chaz-o responds:

Long and boring? Sounds alot like this review!

Credits & Info

1.86 / 5.00

Jan 26, 2008
5:20 PM EST
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