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**Thanks for that Daily 5th, everyone! You've started my 2008 off well <3 thanks!**

**Wow. Daily 5th, Clay Collection AND Front page? With no dodgy PM involved!? I feel very honoured... especially since I'm five places under a Tankmen episode! (OMG!) Thank you soooo much Mr.NG Person who did this, sir!**

A guy learns about the Legend of Mozeck

THIS MOVIE IS HILARIOUS YOU WILL LOVE IT. (Let's see if that works, Homeless, haha)

On a positive note, it's all widescreen, babeh! (Please forgive the ugly bit at the beginning - I was filming at 4:3 through USB at first (ew) but then I got iStopmotion and FireWire opened up it's sexy, long, fast arms.)

So enjoy!

Blak Tornado 2008

Happy January!


parts of it were ok

Kinda reminded me of Gumby lol. it was alright but the only problem was that I thought there wasnt really much of a plot or a point to it. other than that I liked it. please try harder on the next submission you do :-)


it was good but it gets boring


you have very good clay-mation and pretty damn good sound. However I didn't find it funny. I think trying your hand at something serious might work out better. Course this is MY view and you don't have to follow it.

sorry dude no

dry humour, with a poor script, with poor storyline was just asking to be a poor movie
god i hate the word Mozeck now
sorry wish i could have given you better
keep trying

BlakTornado responds:

You liked it before? :P

good animating

But the story was quite boring. Work on making more interesting stories. Ask your friends. Friends always have good ideas of stories.

BlakTornado responds:

Well it's not that I have bad stories - it's that I write them as I animate so I can't spend time perfecting them nor can I plan out an episode fully. As my camera is going to be in repair for 4 weeks (I dropped it :P) then I shall write out several shorts and see if they're better. if so, it's scripting all the way, baby.

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3.39 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2008
8:19 PM EST
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