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Blood Harvest [Psy]

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***Higly Reccomended on Low or Medium Quality***

Hello Newgrounds! So now I submit my first solo project. This one is called "Blood Harvest [Psy]", and is basically random violence in the war setting. This took around 8 months to finish, but thats because I worked on it only during the summer, and when my break finished, I only had time to work on it once a week for about 6 hours at most.

The song is by TheRealSam and its called Time For Punishment, go check out TheRealsSam's music! NOW! Its awesome :D

If this movie lags on your PC then change the quality to low, and for slower computers I highly reccomend you watch only on medium quality or less.

Oh yes and the movie is not over until the credits come, so dont close the window when you see the white text fade on the screen.

So thats about it! I hope you all enjoy my movie!

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Yeah, I do hate it when it says that.

Mostly because , 5 times outta 10 there is no continuation. But I will eagerly await the sequel.

Good movie, I liked how the "Black ops guy" (The guy with the night vision), while normally an invincible character in these scenarios, was taken down. The ending, with the video link blacking out and the sounds of the tac squad moving into a firefight reminded me of Fallout and Patriot Games.

The-claww responds:

Glad you liked it! And yeah the movie was actually quite a bit random, I admit I didnt know what the hell I was doing half the time I was making this. But now that I do I can start on a sequel in the near future.

Thanks for the review!



Nice action, though the effects weren't the best they could be.

The-claww responds:

Agreed. :)

Great effort

Very nice effects. Kinda reminds me of that movie War-Grey Death.

anyways keep it up!

The-claww responds:

Yeah its alot like it, the author of grey death and me got to know each other and we were working on a project or two together.

But yeah I got my inspiration from his movie and he got his from ToughLuck, that guy is awesome too.

Glad you liked it :D


I love stickmen movies when they are well done, and this is the case here!
Nice movie man, and thank you for using my song :)
Too bad you just pasted it over your flash, but it's great anyway :)


The-claww responds:

Thanks for the feedback! I love your music man! Its the shit! And yeah I kinda did just paste it over, but hey, im making a HUGE project and I will be more creative with your stuff there.

The random war scenes...

....were brilliant and well choreographed. It wasn't until you used words to make sense of the whole thing that it slowed down. But who cares,....awesome!

The-claww responds:

Lol yes, I felt the words were kind of out of place but still, I wanted to just get this thing finished, so I did :) Glad you liked it anyways!

Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2008
1:40 PM EST

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