Bomb storm

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Bomb storm is my new game . left-right arrow keys movement space or up shooting.


Solid but unfulfilling, like a bran muffin... LOL

not very easy but not too hard relativeley fun

Good Stuff

"Great gameplay and a highly addictive quality to it" is an understatement! Thanks for using my music also!

Frantic fun

Not really an original game, but great gameplay and a highly addictive quality to it.

I personally liked that you included a lot of, if not all the flags and nations of the world. What I'd say that you need are two things:

1) A better set of noises for the tank - they shouldn't squeak around the place and the gun / bombs should at least make explosion noises

2) A high score table, possibly linked to cookies, so that you could at least beat your own high scores when you play again.

With the game file being so small, maybe you could consider different graphics for different nations tanks. I know that would be time consuming, considering you have a hell of a lot of countries available, but it would certainly give the game originality, that's for sure. Maybe include special weapons, to give the game variety - the changes that came up for the bombs during the game was great, so why not give the occasional parachute drop of heat-seeking rounds, for example?

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Not really an original concept

Very good!

It was very addictive and fun. I liked that country selection feature, it was very cool. I think a highscore table is missing.

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3.24 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2008
12:06 PM EST
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