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This is Orbita, you must escape the planet to win the game, to do this you need to find 3 batteries in the world and place them in the receptacle. Once you have collected all 3 you can launch your ship and escape!


Left and Right Arrows - Move left and right
Up Arrow - Interact , Use and Zoom
Down Arrow - Dig (need item)

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I really like the interface in this game. The menu items viewed from a sideward plane is a nice change in the regular flat level menus. It looks creative, and it mirrors the creativeness of the game as well, the different dimension of things. I like the simple outlined style and the atmospheric backgrounds, it creates a really ambient adventure. The music is catchy too, both modern and ambient tune. Great work!


great game!

a little on the frustrating side because of the spears, but otherwise i enjoyed it.

I experienced one game-breaking glitch: i had the spike battery and the 9-balls battery, and was trying to figure out the box thing, and i had to keep killing myself to retry it, and eventually i would walk into the room with the 2 boxes, and the character would be "pushing" the box, but the box wasn't moving and I had never pressed 'up'. the only thing i could do at that point was fall into the hole and die, but everytime i respawned afterwards it would do the same thing, and i was unable to get the box off the tree. I completely restarted the game and got it right the first time, afterwards..

4 batterys

ther is 4 batterys not 3

An amazing normal game!

I have a question: why some people say that this and these kind of games are weird. And they also say that they like them but they scoring with an average point. Is the purpose of the games to travel us to a magic world and make us forget the real world? I think this game creates a very beautiful world and I find it amazing because it make me to want to live in that little planet with the small robot! A game with no killings and blood is not weird. Weird is that the 90 percent of the games has killings and blood.

great game

that was one of the most challenging games i've played so far (as far as puzzle-flash games are concerned ;) )
this probably has something do do with the battery in the box. it's easy to use it to bridge the gap, and so you lose the battery

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4.34 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2008
6:01 PM EST
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