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Zombie Blaster.

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Don't forget to submit your high-score! Also, you have no idea how much it would mean to me if you guys put this into a collection. (Doom preferably.) Thanks! PLEASE SUBMIT TO A COLLECTION.
Zombie Blaster 2 soon.


soundtrack sucks

decent game, too hard and soundtrack didn't fit the zombie killing

not very good

this game is really after a while but i'm a moving type so i'd say this too almost any shooter, the head shot voice was distracting after a while but i'd say its o.k. anyway, the backround wasn't bad, it looked descent, i agree with your theory on guns a fully-auto glock is better then a semi-auto berreta, so i'll put a seven on agreeable theory, and sufficient graphics, at least you put a (even if small) variety of songs to not annoy the player, and the sprites were....... sprites i guess.

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benjadaninja responds:


Ok game.

I could see it being good, though the music was very irritating, the voice was ok, and the characters seemed to move well.
Died basically automatically yea I rule. Will submit to some collection that fits.

benjadaninja responds:

Thanks, you can use the number keys to change music!

Its Ok, Could Be Improved,

I Think Its A Little Too Fast Paced And I Think The Head shot Mechanic Seems Alittle Off, It Seems Better Just To Aim At The Torso. And Even Then I Still Get Head Shots From Hitting Him In The Chest, I Also Dont Think The Techno Sound Tracks Seem To Fit The Theme Of The Game, Anyway, This Game Has Alot Of Potential. I Hope It Gets Into The Doom Collection. Good Luck


First off, love the idea and the following is strictly constructive, not an attempt to rain on your parade.

Music was great, but I wish the rest of the game matched it. It seemed out of place. You mentioned music choices, never saw them.

Im not sure the combo of drawn background against sprites looks good or not. To me it looks unfinished or unplanned.

My first shot headshot or not always seemed to be a waste. There seems to be confusion on this subject in the reviews so maybe the game needs to explain itself or have a story. After I reloaded the game, it played completely different. Glitch maybe?

It seems you have a great idea and concept but you need to take the time to put it together.

Its a good start! Keep it up.

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benjadaninja responds:

Use the number keys to change music. Better guns are more accurate.

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2.91 / 5.00

Jan 24, 2008
10:47 AM EST
Action - Shooter - First Person