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Chalk Adventure

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Author Comments

EDIT: Daily 8th. Not to shabby. Best for me I think. Also, I don't know what's going on with the preloader, and I can't seem to fix it :(

This is my unofficial sequel to "Chalk Doodles"

Some people encouraged me to make another chalk movie. Well, I was finally inclined to do so. You might notice once or twice, a slight change in lighting. That's simply because this wasn't made all in one sitting.
Other people told me that my movies lacked sound fx. All they had was music, but without noise, it took way from the movie. So, this is my first movie with full sound fx!

In all, this movie uses around 450 chalk frames. That means that I had to take a picture, edit my drawing thing just a bit, then take another picture of it. That, but 450 times worth.
And on a little side note, I don't think I broke a single peice of chalk! Unlike last time...
Perhaps me and the chalk are at peace.
Anyways, enjoy the movie.

Sound FX from - www.findsounds.com
Music - Green, Piano(NB Remastered) by Jurian

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I liked this movie for its novelty, its music and its effective animation in chalk. A couple neat ideas are shown, though my favorite would be the first one showing the flying person who begins to fall and falls so fast that he catches on fire. The animation appears solid though crude. My greatest complaint is that the animator did not create any characters, tell a story, or express anything particularly interesting besides demonstrating that that stop-motion animation can be done with chalk. That's a cool idea, and I'd be happy to see more chalk animation.
[Review Request Club]

Noodle responds:

It was a butterfly that was falling, but no big deal. The effect is the same.

The storyline seems to be a big issue with people. Can't they sit back and enjoy its soothing qualities? Look at Space Duck, that movie has NO storyline, yet it one two awards.
I honestly don't think story is very important. But we'll see what the future brings.


Really liked it, simple and sweet. But as has already been said,it's a but short.

Visually it looks wonderful, smooth transitions, and lovely animation. Must have taken ages though. I really did the few moments that you interacted with the chalk itself, was really good.

The song fitted the piece well, great choice.'

Overall, maybe a bit soppy onthe story and cheesy at the end, it's still really great

=Review Request Club=

Noodle responds:

There really was no story. I think it's fine just being a relaxing non-story related piece.
But since so many people have requested it, my next attempt may have a vauge, I repeat, VAUGE, storyline. Haha.
Cop out endings are fun :D

PS. Took me the 2 day weekend. Working on it whenever I had the odd chance.

Good, but short

I quite liked your idea of a stop-motion chalk-board animation. It works quite well. I have to say that your musical choice was great, with one problem - with a piece of music that good, you need to really come up with the animation goods to do the piece justice. You've come close, but there are one or two parts that let you down, I'm afraid.

It's too short to really capture the essence of Jurian's awesome piano, sadly. That track is almost 5 minutes long and your movie is about 2 minutes, maximum, with most of it being spent with the writing on the board, which I think deprives us of a well animated production.

The abstract nature is good and the whole image that has been counjured up is nice, but it does seem like you got bored and finished it too soon.

[Review Request Club]

Noodle responds:

He truely does do BEAUTIFUL piano.
I knew as soon as I started it wouldn't be the whole 5 minutes.
But when doing stop motion, it's hard to measure how long your animation is so far.
I think on my next attempt, I have a much better grasp on these things, and it will be better for sure.

And I didn't get bored, it was just a two day weekend, and I kinda ran out ideas

Nice movie, very creative

Wow, this must have taken a lot of time to create, didn't it? As you said, you spent more than one sitting doing it, but how many sittings did you need to finish this? Just out of curiosity.

Well, the movie itself was great, I really liked it. I liked the drawings and its transformations, must have been hard to do them. I found it very creative how you transformed a drawing into another. Also, the sounds were great, both the FX and the music, nice choice.

But you could improve on this. Instead of having all those light changes, you could have use a lamp in a steady place, so the light would be the same the entire movie. And I think you should try using some coloured chalks, to give more attention to the most important parts. I know this would take a lot more time, but it would be worth.

Nice movie. I hope you get a better award next time you submit a movie. Great work, keep up!

=+Review Request Club+=

Noodle responds:

Hm. I'd say over the course of two days. , I sat down to work on it 5-6 times.
I varied in lengths. Sometimes I would sit, do something for 30 minutes, get frustrated and move on.
But when I first started I sat at it for 2-3 hours. The rest were in between.
Good question.

The trouble with the lamp (I did try it) was that it created a glare on my chalkboard.
So my chalkboard was half taken up by a huge glare where you couldn't see anything.
In a way I think the light changes make it seem more real, and less generic.

I'm hoping for a solo award some day. So I'm gonna stop cutting myself short when I know the movie can be longer/better.


Well the idea was pretty good, the sounds and everything where also pretty good to hear and everything seemed to fit well, though I might question the choice of music to this. It obviously sounds and looks like it took a lot of time to do, I could never be patiant enought to do 10 frames, let alone the ammount you did.

This didn't really seem to have much direction to it, the one major thing I would suggested is planning, much of this seemed to come across as being more random than anything. Just needs direction is all, more of a story behind what's going on or events that work from the last to the next.



= Review Request Club =

Noodle responds:

Questioning the music choice is the last thing I expected to hear.
I guess it's not for everyone, but I think it's a beautiful piece of piano. I think piano will be a central theme in my chalk movies.

I honestly did plan this one. Haha. I know it seems random, but I had a plan.
butterfly flies in (past flower)
transforms into blah blah blah.
that turns into this, falls ___ direction.

It's an awkward thing to plan out a movie with no story, but I did still. Haha.
I will try to work around a more solid plot next time

Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2008
8:38 PM EST