Doktor Fallout

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This is an arcade style game, unlock new levels by killing more and more aliens. Build new gadgets
and open a galactic can of whoopass.

The gadgets are nearly upgradable to an infinite potential.
All weapons can carry up to 999 rounds of ammunition, They can be powered up and even be modified with faster firing rates.


It made me feel stupid.

I'd read all the instructions and buy the weapons but I could never get any ammo at all. Personally it was a good idea but as many have said, it had major flaws.

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Deffintly not the worst game in the history of newgrounds, actually it was rather good, but there was some things i missed.
1. Why cant you move when you duck? Its really annoying to have to stand still to evade shots.
2. Maybe a closeupattack? like hitting with your weapon. Most of the time you could outrun the aliens, but sometimes it would be nice to have an attack when they were standing on you insted of in front of you.
3. maybe make the shots move a tiny bit slower, because as it is now, i have to be atleast 3/4 of the screen away to have a chance to evade (and as i cant move while im ducking...)

But else everything else is good, upgrades, music, animations, graphics, you name it.


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Dizimz responds:

thanks for being constructive.
Ill look into that for possible new installments or atleast and updated version.

It saddens me to see the majority of the leeches on NG dont know what effort is. And i put quite abit into this.

but thats the times these days.

I just wish that people who want to give me negative criticism would give it in complete sentences. Youre one of the better uses. Im not looking for grammar, just something more than "you suck" would be nice


i agree with the guy below

not bad

but not that good ether...

music was really the best part of the game

Good or bad? im trying to figure it out myself

.5/1-music and sounds- There was a good track, but then again there was the occasional no sound and music moment
1.5/1.5-graphics-good job there, nice and clean
1.5/2-controls-simple, but no pause button i think(sorry if im wrong)
.5/1.5-originality- Heard of ratchet and clank?
2/3-gameplay-idk the rockets that came were random at some points, but it was pretty smooth. There was also a HUGE glitch that subtracted half a point from your score
1.5/2 replay value- heh lol idk its sort of addicting


Summary-The game itself seems almost like a clone of you know a said game. Otherwise, pretty smooth throughout the whole thing. ONE MAJOR GLITCH>> There was a way to mulitply the orb things(im not gonna post it here, but pm if you really wanna know how). This almost ruined the game(if not made it funnier, that helper robot dude fired a straight row of lasers xD). One thought, you ought to double the spacebar as a pause button .

If you have a trouble with this post, pm me or post so on my profile.

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3.36 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2008
6:00 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun