Underwater Tutiroal

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Its give ideas, but if you beginner and don't understand the code, u will not learn. Before use it, plz ask me!


im not a pro but!...

Why 3 frames? Your dude is all jittery and having a spasm underwater. I say 1 frame. Also, the tutorial sucks. Make it so it teaches to make a game with some hit tests and points and a point to the game!!!

Not very good.

1. Put some sort of click mask on your buttons or something. Having to line up the arrow on the text itself is very annoying for the user and makes the movie feel unfinished.

2. Explain the code a bit better. Basically all you said was "copy this and paste it on the fish".

3. Explain the drawing more. All you said was "draw this". That is very unhelpful for someone who hasn't used Flash much (or at all)

4. The code itself needs work. Character movement is very limited (no diagonals or inertia), and when you hold one of the arrows it pauses for a second before repeating. (Sounds like it relies on the OS's key repeat rate instead of a do while loop.)


Sorry, but i just dont think u should put a tutorial on Newgrounds. You make a good one (when u fix the next button so you dont have to click "N") But i just dont think it belongs here

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It's ok

only, i can't make my character go up.
I managed to make a fish coming from the other direction though.
Is there anyway to make fish keep coming past?

I'm new at action script.

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its good but it would be better if people could copy the codes instead of writing them

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Jan 23, 2008
12:47 PM EST
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