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This is a surreal, metaphoric, and meaningful animation (atleast to me). Probably my best flash animation so far.

45 seconds long.


i dont know

i see alot of flashes like this and i don't think this is a great one its short, art direction is new but shity, and theirs no point. thats just my opinion.


i thought it was quite pointless. the animation was good but the actual things tht were going on were crap (no offense)

Err... okay...

I didn't really see the metaphor in the movie.
I'm not trying to knock it down, just saying that it didn't stir up anything in me.
Was it part of the message when you limited the movie to 45 seconds? because it really pulled the movie down, it left me asking, "Is that it"?
The movie also didn't give me any sense of "Confinement" as the title suggests, It only showed some guy flying and getting trapped in a box.
You could have done better with the animation and poses too.

Overall, this movie felt too >confined<.
And not in a good way.

Totally unnecessary

What possible advantage was there in making this. Some dude flying with piss weak sybolism about "breaking free". I'm sorry dude, but this is totally weak. anyone can just say "yay let's fly away and live in the clouds" there is nothing deep about this, and if there is nothing deep, there sure as shit aint anything else, 3 points for the decent animation.

You know i've seen things here that make a similar point, but they're aren't just some faceless guy flying through the air. you've got to think bigger man, really find the point you want to make and address it.

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Liquidsword responds:

OK. I get your point, its just not how I do things. Its not about living in the clouds, that whole scene symbolized freedom. However, thats how I see it. All that matters to you, is how you look at it. And if thats what you thought it meant, I can see why you would think this animation blows. Anyway, thanks for the lengthy review.

kinda meaningless

it was kinda redundant i knew tht guy was gonna end up in somplace small in the end

Liquidsword responds:

My bad for giving it a name that made sense...

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3.79 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2008
5:32 AM EST