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Tactics (Tank RTS)

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Author Comments

CONTROLS: Click on a tank to select it. Click anywhere else to send the tank there. Tanks aim and fire by themselves.

STRATEGY: Never send your tanks directly toward the enemy. Always use cover to your advantage. If at all possible, keep your tanks moving perpendicular to their closest enemy. And for God's sake, NEVER STOP MOVING. If you're not frantically selecting and moving tanks, you're doing something wrong!

Update 1/20/08 9:pm CST: Player's starting points changed from 150 to 270.

This is version 1.0. Plans for additional features are in the works. REVIEWS ARE NOT ONLY WELCOME, THEY ARE MANDATORY. :) Your suggestions will most likely mold the next version.


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This game slightly reminsd me of bot arena

I wouldnt customizable tanks, but this is an RTS, so...
1.) (like everybody else said) Being able to select multiple tanks and keeping them selected
2.) more of an RTS format. Doesnt have to be complicted. Just a single building that creates tanks, and the resources would come at periodic intervals.
The enemy would also have a single building, (which it would be your task to destroy) and it would send out randomn tanks at periodic intervals.

Definite potential

Although this seems to be a rough draft, there are a lot of things done right. One of the only things that I would like to see would be to keep a tank selected until you select another one, or to select groups of tanks. It became very awkward when I had to select each tank, everytime I wanted him to move anywhere, especially with how much you have to stay mobile

Wattz responds:

I'm learning now that I should revise my ideas long before releasing them! Thanks for you feedback!


Though rough, this has to be one of the best game ideas I have seen out there. I like the bouncing colour balls especially. Don't know what that other guy's saying...

- add different options to your tanks' movement, like Roam, Patrol or Follow modes
- I personally would like to be able to keep what I buy from level to level. I always liked games that let me build up and maintain an army instead of replacing it all the time
- add upgrades for your tanks!
- make a limited number of tanks and link them to hotkeys
- i think it'd be cool if you hold down your mouse and draw a path for the tank to follow.
- add other things than tanks, like immobile turrets or one use airstrikes or something.

k, that's all i can think of right now.

Wattz responds:

Thank you very much for your review! Your ideas are great!

Too Hard?

Maybe its just I suck at thise kind of game, but I can't seem to get past the first level without spending alot of money and gaining alot... I usually go backrupt bt level 2

Wattz responds:

I've tried to fix this problem by increasing the amount of money you start with. I had been testing the game so often that I became pretty good at it. I felt that it was getting too easy, but didn't consider that others wouldn't have intimate knowledge of the mechanics. :) Sorry!

Tough to play...

Everything else about this game checks out(sounds, graphics) but the main problem is trying to tell each single tank to move one at a time and not being able to control who they are attacking. I'd recommend looking up some way to select multiple tanks and be able to command them at the same time, and be able to change who they attack, I kept on having my square tank acquire a tank that went in and then out of it's attack range with their circle tank closing in and finish my square tank off unopposed. I couldn't do anything about it, like tell that big lug to worry about the tank shooting it, which got kinda frustrating. Health bars would also be cool.

Wattz responds:

This is a severe problem with the current game logic. I've been thinking of ways to improve this area of the game. I have a couple of different solutions I would like to try. I hope Tactics 2 is a much smarter game!

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2008
6:49 PM EST