The Ghoul and the Girl

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A gruesome fiend is confronted at the entrance of his fort by a young girl. He tries to devour her but gets more than he bargained for.

This was written by a friend for a year 12 English assignment (about 13 years ago) so it in fact pre-dates the Shrek movies. Any resemblance is co-incidental (fake Scottish accents, green monsters, etc). I entered it in the 2008 Tropfest but it didn't get a guernsey.

Check out the moody music by Luke Howard - made especially for this project!
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great twist! kewl story. fun rhyming. cute accent :)

good story, although a bit unclear (for me)

I liked how everything went, the sound and all was good, except that i hate having to listen to dialects. Just one thing remains unclear to me. Why would the girl want to transform into a hideous beast? It appeared she had it good, but then she just simply went and transformed herself. Really weird, maybe it was explained, but i tried not to listen to the narrator too much because of the scottish ^^;

Anyhow, i still like the graphics, story was okay. I gave this a 5/5 and 8/10

Only thing lacking...

I was having a hard time making it out...maybe put in subtitles for those who're playing along at home.

had some trouble hearing also

some other people said that they had trouble hearing it clear. i also agree that i would have been better to add subtitles or have a choice if we wanted to use subtitles or not. and i was having some trouble understanding the story. but good animation ^^

Great Video

I like the fairy tale. Very creative indeed!

But, don't expect me to tell this to my children. I'm sure it would drive them to tears.

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4.25 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2008
5:16 PM EST