Boulevard of Broken Songs

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Boulevard of Broken Songs
"I walk a lonely road, the only one that I have ever known...." A quote I'm sure many of us can relate to. Here we present to you the result of a mixture of blood, sweat, and tears. Much hard work and many long hours from out talented authors have culminated into what will be your viewing pleasure. So please, sit back, relax, and enjoy our presentation of Boulevard of Broken Songs.

This collab is not what many Newgrounds viewers have come to expect from the portal. Believe it or not, it's not a 99% carnage with a 1% storyline type movie. Please respect that this production was meant to have a mature and serious theme, not as many of you consider to be "emo."

A note from collab lead, Temariix
The original start date of this collab was probably about two years ago, the time taken mainly due to computer issues, miscommunication, and a bit of laziness on my part. Many of our authors have since improved from their time of submitting their parts to the time of the final collab submission. For many, this was their first flash. It has been a joy for me to see them all progress as far as they have. Thank you all for participating. It has ben my pleasure to have you on the team.


I liked it but I didn't too.

Same problem that arises in most collabs, a bunch of artists get together and the few good artists that actually have some talent get mixed in with a bunch of shitty ones, bringing down the whole quality of the video.

Also when I saw 'acion/violent not emo" I ecpected less emo drama and more fighting and cliche war anime stuff.

Not bad, had good artists, had bad ones.

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A very strong effort.

I see you're catching heat in the reviews for it being emo anyway, but i think the term, to be more accurate than emo, would be that it's cliche in its darkness. I liked a lot of the animation and obviously that's a great set of songs, but some of the visuals were just too standard. Nonetheless, considering that that's the way you guys decided to go with it, i thought it was a production well beyond the level of simple decency.
If you're wondering why i'm praising you in this review and yet only giving a 6 out of 10, it's because if you wanna go artsy and dark like that, i think you've got to be more innovative, which some of the bits were, but others were just, well, too emo. :D

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how is that not emo?...

all the people look emo, their cuttin themselves, thay have demonic bat wings, explain how thats not completely emo.
the animation was kinda weird to

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i mean the animation in sum parts is kind of poor
some segments are great
there all synced well.
and yeah emo much xD

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Good, not Perfect

Well, maybe I am just being a bitch but I didn't exactly LIKE the video. I have no problems with the song, but the whole collab is a cliche of darkness as the user before me said. Don't say that it has a great storyline and a serious theme. It is about a person who feels broken and depressed due to reasons like society, loved ones, you pick it. Still it was a nice videos and some of the parts were very well drawn though most of them weren't exactly synchronized.

Still... even though I give it an average grade you have to keep up the good work and don't let people like me to stop you from doing flashes :)

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4.31 / 5.00

Jan 21, 2008
3:43 PM EST