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I wrote and started animating this in 2003 when I felt sadness for not being able to be with the girl I loved. The good news is I eventually DID end up marrying her and we are living happily ever after, but this animation was never finished. During the summer of 2007 I set out to finish it. The first 50 seconds are the original animation, everything else is new, and I composed the musical score for it this past month.


It was epic/minor flaw for like a few seconds/10

I enjoyed this short, it was full of passion for film and its art. Their is however a small part where you can see you move in and out of frame, its a quick part and doesn't subtract from the video. Other then that its pretty much flawless. Good video Dustball. I hope to see more of your films and hope your visionary artistic flare reaches greater heights.

I've been a fan of yours since I saw Play.

*Closes dropped jaw*

Wow, this was truly amazing.
The music fit SO well, and the way that the camera moved really, REALLY added to the whole character of this film.

Good work, really, keep it up.
And good for you
''The good news is I eventually DID end up marrying her and we are living happily ever after''


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Mrs.McLean .. XD

I can't believe your name is Dustin Mclean .. thats like barbie pinkston or shit like that lol .. ROFL! talkin' about a situation lol, if you guys had a kid call him "kick me" LOL .. jk jk. and I ran outta stoopid jokes

I know its not that great but I can really feel the emotion you're carrying through your work. I really love it bro.

Truly amazing

That was the perfect example of love for a woman

Truly a work of art my friend.

This was really great, I even felt for the little guys when they fell. Also, now I really want a wire figure of my own... how did you make it?

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4.28 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2008
5:19 PM EST