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EDIT: i improved the sound

I changed the preloader

Note: you will only get this if you have played mass effect. If not, its still funny.

I decided to make this while i was in an elevator in Mass Effect, by the time i was finished a few days later, i was still in the elevator.

I know that my audio isn't Johnny Utah quality, but seriously people, gimme a break!!!

the bad art quality adds to the funny. it was on purpose, but i worked real hard on the guns

oh and yesterday when i was playing Mass Effect i did something awesome.
I beat the game beginning to end in less than 4 and a half hours. ITS CRAZY!!!!


Ugh, peaking!

Omg, dude, use a thin pillow if your gonna shout into the mic. It helps prevent peaking. On the other hand, that's why they took elevators out of ME2.

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You know

You know they've already made mass effect 2 and mass effect 3 is still in production

Mr-No-Name responds:

Uh, yeah, i kinda know. This movie was made 3 years ago. :P

ugh just like in the game!

on the ship i fell a sleep just to talk to rax's ugh


Good for a good laugh!, Though not very well animated, very funny! Yeah those elevator rides in ME 1 were particularly long, and painful...Thank god they fixed them in ME2! Nice parody dude! make more!

No Hanars

Not very well animated, but the humor makes up for it.

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Jan 20, 2008
3:36 PM EST
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