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How to review?

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EDIT: Tutorial updated, added the examples and the stop button for the sound. Also explained what to rate instead of the storyline in some kind of movies. I also fixed the buttons bug and the texted that was overlapped by another text.

Probably you are asking yourself why I did this tutorial, well it's very simple, for long time I've been reading the other users reviews and I must say, people are forgetting how to review movies. They just write some random texts like "omg awesome, bye." and then they also give random ratings! What's wrong with you guys?
Each and every author on NG waits for constructive reviews from NG users. Why is that? Simple, they must know what they need to improve in their works and also they wait for a fair rating. Your job as a newgrounder is to give them that! Is it hard? No, it's not, just express yourself clearly by telling the author your dislikes instead of saying "dam your movie sucks".

I'm not pointing fingers to anyone ;)
People probably will flame me because they will think I'm saying they don't know how to review, but anyways I want to hear your opinions, so shoot them!!

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I liked the idea behind this entry, but can't say I really agree with everything you say in it. Splitting up the awarding of stars for example. I like to think of myself as a fair reviewer, and marking someone down for no preloader or slightly dodgy sound when everything else about their entry is damn near perfect just doesn't seem fair somehow.

There is some sloppy spelling mistakes in this entry, and from the way that you phrase some sentences, it is clear that English isn't your first language. Still, a spell check is a must before submitting something like this which is mainly composed of words.

Also, your file size is fairly excessive for something which is essentially a tutorial which is mainly text. Whilst the music was great, it that is what was taking up most of the file size you should have found something smaller to keep the file size down for the users on a dial up connection. Especially since this is a tutorial and most people would be annoyed if they waited a good 5-10 minutes for a movie to load and it being because of the music...

Maybe this will put an end to random reviewers.

I am very glad someone took the time to fight back for serious reviewers, I hate the way ppl throw a 10 for movie when they say it needs sound.
I liked the preloader and the intro animation was just fantastic!
All the sections were nicely organized and had text not too short, but not too long either.
I just don't like the large amount of typos and spelling issues, you should watch out for them.
Music was also a nice addition to reading grammar mistaken text =P

after reading some of your own reviews.

I realize now that you should be watching more tutorials instead of making them


The reviewing tips were awesome!

Graphics 4/4
Tip quality 2/2
Music 1/1
preloader 2/2
Examples 1/1


I learned alot from this movie however... there were some text errors that could have been prevented by reviewing the movie before submitting it. I agree Snipersky about the music not fitting the movie... but the graphics were good and overall... I enjoyed the tutorial! my score will stand at "8" due to text errors and the music... good job! :D