DKNH Players 2.1.2

January 20, 2008 –
December 14, 2011
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

This is something I made for my customers but I want you guys to try it first for free! Please tell me all the bugs and problems you find. DKNH Players 2.1.2 has audio player, video player, swf player, notepad, sound recorder, webcam recorder, internet browser, phonebook, calendar and so much more!!!!! Get it now for free and keep it as my present for you for trying it. If you find bugs and problems, please tell me. Also please tell me if you just even tryed it. THanks


It's people like you who spam the portal, and make it harder for other people's hard work to be noticed. And how can you expect people to download some random program without any knowledge about what it even is? Seriously, you need to stop.

i dont understand.U think im just gonna download something i have no idea wut it is.Make a video or game or something,and stop promotting your product.

The portal is not a place for people to download your programs from, I let you of this last time, but this is the same thing, it may be a different version but the animation is exactly the same, and all you are doing is trying to get people to download a program of you.

This goes in your blog, make flash and put a link at the end to say "If you liked my animation you may want to give it a go". You did this same one before and if I was more heartless I would have blown the whistle on it.

Make a different flash and make it have a meaning before you spam the portal with advertisements.


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