damn dirty apes

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Well, this is like my first game so leave me alone. Its my first intresting one in my opinion. C-ya Later Peepz.

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master piece

ummmmmmmm tf. this game is freaking epic as freak

This film production (I have no other way to describe it), is simply impressive, in the last seconds where we managed to see our heroine escape (she has no name, this is a clear social criticism of the apes), tears fell down my cheeks, there is talent in this world, keep it up master

the absolute pinnacle of storytelling, programming, art, voice acting, and videogames in general. whenever I see the honkin' garongas on that fine little baby mama, my bright red, 12 inch, pulsating cock shoots up and dribbles precum. this is the best game I have ever had the honor of both playing and reviewing. the subtle messages about the immortal conflict between man and beast are masterfully woven into the thrilling story. the artwork looks like that of master painters such as Picasso or van Gogh. the choices presented to me throughout the game made me think hard about ethics, morals, and human nature in general. the long branching storylines, all affected by the player's actions, had me sitting at my computer for hours, refusing to sleep, drink, eat, or use the bathroom, causing a humongous shit waterfall (shitfall if you may) to form at the leg holes of my shorts. overall, I would recommend this game to every human and I will be traveling to a poor Zimbabwean village next week in order to distribute copies of this game.

i have came here everyday to masterbate

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4.43 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2000
4:00 AM EDT