Apollo Injustice

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OK, Phoenix Wrong is out, and Apollo Injustice is in! I know people have already used the sprites from GS4/Apollo Justice (including myself), but I did something they didn't: make an ENTIRE FLASH that uses only the new sprites. And I completed it before the official game was released in the United States, too! Enjoy, don't have so many kittens that you get carted off by the ASPCA.


Random like fuck...

But I voted 5 what the hell...


The sound quality of your clips is horrible... Especially in that "beer thing advert". The sound started tearing up and was very unpleasant.

Some of the clips were a little funny, always happy to see more of PhoenixWrong...
But this flash was a little annoying on my nerves at times.

Anyway... Try to come up with something a little more... new... I don't know... ...

AH... ha...

Way... to... edit?
Great job for ... um... not being creative?
Oh yea... constructive... um...
This was a good idea.. on paper, Maybe if you used your OWN voice it would be alright using the game screen. I had hope for this... I had hope


Phoenix wrong is one of the worst things ever to have appeared on newgrounds, the shocking lack of originality Is pathetic, but even more pathetic is the fact that it gets onto the front page and weekly top five. This should be expected of newgrounds users though, so I'm not surprised. Taking random audio clips and putting sprites in to sync them requires no effort whatsoever, and requires even less creativity. Phoenix wrong might be the most pathetic series to ever pass judgment, and it is certainly the most pathetic successful thing on the portal, even more pathetic than "super mario bros z." People who make these are the people that ruin newgrounds, and give Flash Animation a bad name.

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4.19 / 5.00

Jan 19, 2008
1:29 AM EST
Comedy - Parody