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The Fear Hole 6 - Part II

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Author Comments

The "thrilling" conclusion to what is thus far the most unpopular Fear Hole adventure, a product of monumental procrastination that I originally intended as a Halloween episode. It will make ZERO sense if you haven't seen part one and have a general idea of what the series is about. Otherwise, it will make just slightly more than zero sense because my editing is probably a mess.

It's also not a very funny one, so you should watch the older episodes anyway!

Whether you enjoy or detest it, be sure to let me know what's really important:

...Favorite monster(s)?

Because I took the time to draw the bastards, I came up with idiotic names and stories for all 61 monsters that appear in this cartoon, which you can peruse at my site! Just visit bogleech.com , click cartoons, and you'll find the monster credits by this episode's description!


such a great series

this series was soo great its not even funny.... no wait this series was hilarios (i dont think i spelled hilarios right) but the part at the end of ch. 6 prt. 2 after the credits was soo nasty and at the same time funny my favorite chapter was the one with uuuh blortchalot was that his name? i dunno i forgot but seriosly the with the king fear monster guy (the green flying thing that seemed like it was based off of the crab guy from futurama) that one was pure genios and very funny and also you based the beginning of this episode off of the grim adventures of billy and mandy huh? anyway comment back please and also please send me a inbox mail thing because i probably wont be on this place/series 4 awhile


"I might" XD

Great! Just great!

I waited until seeing all six episodes (or seven if I count each half of this two-parter separately) before writing a review, and all I can say in summation is great! Just great!

Your comedic timing has really developed since the first episode. Your writing has always been good (regardless of what you think of it), and has gotten even better. You have an amazing flair for creating monsters that are funny and creepy at the same time. Obviously you know quite a bit about anatomy and weird zoological specimens (including housefly mouthparts and Surinam toads... YUCK!) Your character designs are first rate.

If I have any negative criticism at all (and I don't really, but I've seen where someone else mentioned this and I agree) it has to do with your preload. You need a status bar, a start button (on which the frame should freeze after fully loading), and a replay button at the end. At one point I had to check something in the kitchen while an episode loaded. I didn't know how long to expect it to take, it started automatically while I was fussing with dinner, and since there was no replay button at the end I had to reload the whole thing while I sat here watching the screen. But that's technical stuff. It doesn't affect the quality of the 'toons themselves, which is first rate.

You're excellent at this. Personally, I liked this last, more story-driven episode. Not everything has to be a laff-a-second. I've even tried doing drama in Flash, but I can't say I've been successful at it yet. Flash seems to lend itself better to comedy or surrealism than to serious storytelling, but that's an inherent limitation of the style the software produces. I thought you handled it well.

Your funniest moments, however, definitely involved the adorable little Lovecraftian horror: "I love you." About him, I probably agree with the mainstream. I was literally laughing out loud during parts of that episode.

Excellent! 10/10

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Scythemantis responds:

It's great to get a long and detailed review!
Yeah I know very little about setting up things like buttons and links, I know there's lots of pre-made loaders floating about though so I'll give one a try for the next episode.

Everyone wants to see Blorgulotch again, and I'm sure he'll crop up somewhere but I don't want to be one of those cartoons with too many callbacks. Even when I find something that seems to work, I always let it rest to try something new :)


that was awesommme!!!

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that was totally wicked man

i recall you saying " i'm a bad writer"

well.. you can throw that bull.. right out the window.. you' re a genius in my book.

one thing tho.. somehow the good Doctor Melancholy has gone from "funky 1000 or something years old proffesor" to "furniture that occasionally talks" .. how did that happen? that's pretty much all that bugged me a bit..

Everything else is great!

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Scythemantis responds:

Melancholy's brain is his only living body part, he's basically a taxidermy scientist :p

He gets around though, and he has some bigger parts in episodes I'm working on now!

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Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2008
7:42 PM EST
Comedy - Original