Project Inthri 3

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Over a year later, I updated the game with some changes! Most notable is that the game should run a bit faster now, particularly in the later stages (4, 5, and Extra) The stages also no longer have to be unlocked, though you should still play them in order!

Ether has a few new maneuvers as well, pressing Spacebar will turn her attack on until you press it again, this should make things a lot easier if you're trying to play both characters by yourself. You can also now hold down X to slow her movement speed.


Alien forces are invading! Join four heroes as they blast across the solar system in the most intense flash shoot em up ever!

Game Features:

7 stages of non-stop action
Two-player simultaneous play
Full voice acting
Tons of bosses

Player 1 (FX) controls: Mouse to move, Left click to shoot

Player 2 (Ether) controls: Arrows or WASD to move, CTRL, Z, Spacebar, or Enter to shoot. X to move slower

Press L to toggle quality

This game is very processor intensive, medium quality recommended, low for older computers.

If you really need to pause, right click the game and uncheck play

Full voice cast:

FX: D-Mac
Ether: Candi Santora
Astra: Sasuya
Trinoka and XS: Althea Aseoche
Seven: Rina-chan
Nemor: CarlHyperweevil


Very well made!

It's very much like Star Fox... but for some reason I keep thinking of Kirby Superstar while. I think the sound effects and fire rate remind me of the level When you're blowing up the big heart reactor core... thing.

Anywho, a lot of fun with ease of play yet plenty of challenges!

not too shabby at all

other than a pause button somewhere, this game has high intensity and alright graphics . . . definitely an adrenaline rush to play!

Quite good!

Definitley on of the better games ive played, but somesort of powerups, or just a recharging constant shield would have been nice for me., i cant complete it on medium =[.

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Cool Game it Is... but abit too long though... haha...

Great game!

This game was really fun! I could write all of the great things about it here, but there is too much so instead I will just move on to constructive criticism. (ok.. I must compliment the awesomeness of the 3rd boss. Very creative.)

I really wish the character design was improved, because it seemed a like it was out of place with everything else. Also I would like to see some sort of engine glow to give the ships a little more of a realistic feel. And maybe its just me, but I think a side scrolling ship game needs power-ups. Aside from that, there isn't much that could be improved upon.

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4.08 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2008
9:24 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight