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Project Inthri 3

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Over a year later, I updated the game with some changes! Most notable is that the game should run a bit faster now, particularly in the later stages (4, 5, and Extra) The stages also no longer have to be unlocked, though you should still play them in order!

Ether has a few new maneuvers as well, pressing Spacebar will turn her attack on until you press it again, this should make things a lot easier if you're trying to play both characters by yourself. You can also now hold down X to slow her movement speed.


Alien forces are invading! Join four heroes as they blast across the solar system in the most intense flash shoot em up ever!

Game Features:

7 stages of non-stop action
Two-player simultaneous play
Full voice acting
Tons of bosses

Player 1 (FX) controls: Mouse to move, Left click to shoot

Player 2 (Ether) controls: Arrows or WASD to move, CTRL, Z, Spacebar, or Enter to shoot. X to move slower

Press L to toggle quality

This game is very processor intensive, medium quality recommended, low for older computers.

If you really need to pause, right click the game and uncheck play

Full voice cast:

FX: D-Mac
Ether: Candi Santora
Astra: Sasuya
Trinoka and XS: Althea Aseoche
Seven: Rina-chan
Nemor: CarlHyperweevil



horrible art, not bad voice acting (i couldnt really hear it XD),
but i couldnt stop playing
i guess that sums it all up :3

Absolutely loved it

I did. It seems so simple, but something about the characters and bosses and the whole ambiance just makes for a truly magical experience.

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"Shoot the core!"/"We know that!"

One of the reasons why I enjoy your work so much is because it's really apparent just how much effort you put into visual atmosphere, in spite of your artistic limitations. Along with a ton of variation in the stage backgrounds, I love new little details such as enemy ships now disintegrating as they explode. Some -excellent- music selections (Pompeii!), though they -slightly- overpowered the voices at times.

Now what can be said about the gameplay? Fantastic. Simply fantastic. Even in 2D, Project Inthri 3 plays like the best Starfox game in 10 years. No over-complication, just classic run and gun action, likeable characters, unique bosses, and a story that's easy to get into.

Though there are some moments where I'd love to have the spread gun back, rapid-fire remained a strong replacement, and the overall action is incredibly well-paced from beginning to end, never feeling monotonous. Most every boss design really impressed me, with the highly innovate Claw leading the pack. And of course, it's just not an Inthri game without a Giant Enemy Crab, is it? In addition, four difficultly levels and 2-player mode result in some excellent replay value.

From XS's cover fire, to the mini-boss in the asteroid field, a ton of moments made me stop and say, "Wow. This is awesome game design." All in all, with non-stop action and a well-delivered story, hats off to you on putting together one truly incredible flash gaming experience. PI3 was an absolute blast to play through, and an honor to be a part of.

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This game

I love the levels, the music, the characters, everything about it.
I mean, who doesn't enjoy blowing the crap out of everything? I certainly do.
The story line?- Don't even get me started on that. I mean, it's just awesome.

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Above And Beyond....

The war for humanity rages on in Project Inthri 3! In this installment of the series, you are placed back in the cockpit of an interstellar fighter, as either FX or Ether, and catapulted into the frey with your closest comrades. Enjoy it while it last though, because your group of ace pilots soon finds itself dividing as tensions arise on other planets. When you finally think everything is going according to plan, a dark secret is revealed that may not only destroy the integrity of you muilt-colored squardon but also threatens the existence of the entire human race! And, at the end of the line, an old enemy reappears to settle some old scores. Project Inthri 3 features 8 long, adreniline pumping levels as well as co-op mode, something rarely seen in flash games, which more than makes up for the lack of upgrades. The enviorments in take you from the reaches of the universe at light-speed, to the ruins in vast deserts, to the middle of exploding alien warships. The character art coudl use improvement but is more than compensated for by the great voice acting. Overall, you'll have a great time shooting down alien scum with your wingmates. Project Inthir 3 gets 10 high-flying pilots our of 10!

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4.08 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2008
9:24 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight