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Project Inthri 3

rated 4.08 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight

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Jan 17, 2008 | 9:24 PM EST

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Author Comments

Over a year later, I updated the game with some changes! Most notable is that the game should run a bit faster now, particularly in the later stages (4, 5, and Extra) The stages also no longer have to be unlocked, though you should still play them in order!

Ether has a few new maneuvers as well, pressing Spacebar will turn her attack on until you press it again, this should make things a lot easier if you're trying to play both characters by yourself. You can also now hold down X to slow her movement speed.


Alien forces are invading! Join four heroes as they blast across the solar system in the most intense flash shoot em up ever!

Game Features:

7 stages of non-stop action
Two-player simultaneous play
Full voice acting
Tons of bosses

Player 1 (FX) controls: Mouse to move, Left click to shoot

Player 2 (Ether) controls: Arrows or WASD to move, CTRL, Z, Spacebar, or Enter to shoot. X to move slower

Press L to toggle quality

This game is very processor intensive, medium quality recommended, low for older computers.

If you really need to pause, right click the game and uncheck play

Full voice cast:

FX: D-Mac
Ether: Candi Santora
Astra: Sasuya
Trinoka and XS: Althea Aseoche
Seven: Rina-chan
Nemor: CarlHyperweevil



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice game

I think this game plays really well, I had a fun time enjoying it, although I have yet to beat Extra all the way through. I picked up on some of the Touhou references which I thought was pretty neat.

I'd like to recommend to have a pause button for the next game, there was a few times I wanted to give my finger a break from FX and not have to restart at the beginning of the stage.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

fun but lacking

i loved the entire game except one issue.

during boss battles it felt like trying to beat through a inch of solid tungsten carbide, with a piece of wood mounted on a plastic drinking straw with a vibrating toothbrush inside it to form some sort of a flail.
though i dont have any experiance with the matter, hardness of any sort of metal > wooden beatstick. though its possible, you would need to fire several thousand trees at it before you could get through.

now put that sort of drinking-straw-timber-toothbrush minigun apparatus on a spaceship whoose orientation is for the most part completely ignorant of its flight vector.
take the spaceship and put it in the middle of a interplanetary seige.

that pretty much summarises this game, though fun its just somehow lacking in a certain way.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very nice game!

it kept me occupied through the whole game! the extra mission was fun! extra seven is a nice boss! i beat it on normal with a tiny bit of health left! though there are some things i would like to suggest for PI4:

BALANCE THE SIHPS! the keyboard is just too slow to dodge the freakin loads of bullets sometimes thrown towards my head! i played through the whole game with FX, not bothering to try with ether... (i tried it in the tutorial and she was slow like hell compared to FX) not bothering to try with ether as well because her weapon was only a tiny bit wider, while i didnt need that... if her weapon would be stronger as well it would be better! and maybe let FX not directly follow the mouse, but let it have some delay and then he accelerates after the mouse... now its very easy to dodge stuff...

upgrades to the ships: now the ships start with and have through the whole game low damage weapons INSANE fire rate and they are very fast, but that should just be improved after each stage, at the cost of score (player can decide to buy upgrades and which (like overall weapon power, overall weapon fire rate, ship speed, ship health))

other upgrades like regeneration and different weapons would make the game better as well... like weapons have a certain upgrade limit, and then you have to buy a new weapon (or you can buy that weapon before you have fully upgraded). special one-time use weapons would be cool as well, or an upgrade where you can temporarily shift into another dimension when you want with a remaining energy level so people have to gather new energy first by destroying stuff before they can shift again.

enemies have more differing weapons: now all enemies except for bosses are using round slow bullets. this is very boring, even though nearly every ship fires it in a unique direction. it would be more fun if there were also regular enemies with lasers or that blue pulse gun (it rocked)! maybe some homing missile would be cool as well, and you can dodge them by letting it race past you because they can't steer well (when they fly past you they will leave the screen and not come back)

turnable ships: it would add an extra dimension if you could also turn the ship, you could for example hit enemies coming from backwards or from the top of the screen, and there are more boss attack possibilities!

I would like to wish you success on Project Inthri 4, and would be glad if my suggestions would be noted ^^ thanks for reading!

Rhete responds:

In today's PI3 review, we try to turn the game into the opposite of everything that it is!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

its ok

theres to many bad ppls and you dont see your hp
nice choose of music (psobb music)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

the extra misson boss seven

that was crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please make seven on extra misson easir! i got so mad when the middle and the 2 spinning ball things i died then i closed the game! grrrrrrrrrrrrrragghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats how mad i was! and that was on easy mode! please please make seven easier