FPA: World 2

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Latest news! The Fancy Pants Adventures has just been released on XBLA and PSN! This is an all new adventure, with 4 player, online and local, cooperative and competitive, multiplayer! It also includes World 1 and 2 as unlockables, now playable in multiplayer and with all the latest features.

WOW, I'm honored, thanks Newgrounds!!! Tom, that dance was epic win and left me in awe.

1.5 Update! Lots of little things, 2 new transitional levels, some more backgrounds, tweaked code... full list on my site here: http://www.bornegames.com /?page_id=169

Official Snailshell Golf Video Guide online! If you're having any problems getting pants colors, check out the video guide:

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=XRoF1srszjA

(just make sure to delete the spaces in any of the links after copying them into your address bar)

Just a small update, counter 0s work now, fixed the musics that wouldn't mute.

Yeah, it's been awhile, but here it is. Not exactly a sequel, but updated enough that it doesn't feel much like the first world anymore. And yes, the size is pretty massive for a Flash game, but it's got a good amount of music, loads of vector art, and 6 cameo levels from awesome Newgrounds artists:

The Swain, Luis, Adam Phillips, TommyLM, AfroNinja, and NegativeOne

Left and Right Arrows: move
Up Arrow: enter door
Down Arrow: duck/slide/roll
S: Jump
Space: pause, M: toggle music, B: toggle scrolling background

If you need help finding the trophies and pants colors, I'll be publishing a faqs online soon:
http://www.bornegames.com /?page_id=71

Play World 1:
http://armorgames.com/pla y/301/fancy-pants-adventu res


100% fancy

straight 10? all the way

~2h into the night
ive got all pants - kicked any shell
5 trophys ... wait theres 6
afro ninja should be in level 5 right? the one with the candle ...
ive been running it up and down - cant find it D:

heh - the headbanging really made my day


I was playing the Bunny boss and I kept ducking repeatedly for some reason, then I realized he puts up his hands in the rawk symbol because it looks like he's headbanging.

Little things like that make me rofl, and I rofl'd. I rofl'd long and hard.

Best Flash Game Ever

whoa, I been eagerly waiting for this game since... forever! Ok, two years, but
wow, I can really tell that you spent lot of time on this game and it clearly
shows. This game is safely the BEST game of any genre ever made on Flash
software! For thrill seekers, graphic whores, or casual gamers, this game is
screaming to be played!


the best in series, you still manage to keep the classic brush-strokes design in
some levels and blew us away with scribble-realistic drawing in other levels.
Even with two totally different styles of your own, other artists' contribution
really upped the beauty and design of the game and it is very mind blowing! And
the animation is so very beautiful and flawless, it hard not to be captivated by
Fancy Pants Man's graceful movement. Also, I am very impressed that you manage
to keep the lags to the very minimum despite the heavy use of graphic and
gameplay engine. Fabulous work! Oh yeah, i love the background in Desert stage xD

Score: 9.9 / 10


there are some new sounds and tunes and other very classic musics return in
more powerful forces! Though the game didn't feel new with same music, the
level of nostalgia is through the roof and the musics made this game feel
incredible and immersive. Excellent usage of music, though I want to hear some
new tunes...

Score: 9.5 / 10


This game offer twice or thrice as much as your previous game and they're all
extremely impressive, immersive, and inspiring! I love jumping, running, looping,
stomping, Fancy Golfballing, and kicking that rabbit's ass! Also, the game can be
easily blown through by casual gamers and hardcore will pull their hairs out during
frustrating and fun Fancy Golfballs and trophy hunts! Awesome and perfect.

Score: 10 / 10


plot is still very simple, but unlike the previous game, you actually have a reason
for chasing after Angry Rabbit and what a hilarious reason that is xD The dialogues
are extremely over the top and gut-burstingly funny as heck and it very refreshing
to earn back the ice cream after the hilarious end battle with the Angry Rabbit.
Very simple, yet very fascinating and funny!

Score: 9.7 / 10

wow, even though I gave you excellent reviews with very minor criticism, I believe
this game is one of most purest forms of platformer genre ever made and can
be placed shoulder to shoulder with Mario, Sonic, Rayman, and Earthworm Jim.
Also, this is the best Flash game ever made, no competition from anybody!
If you make FPA World 3 ((( if you make it ))), please don't stray too far from the
formula because it is so very perfect and engaging! An absolute must play!

Final Score: perfect 10

Peace, Soullock the Submachiner

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It's Finally Here!

this game is sweet,soooo worth the wait!



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Jan 17, 2008
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