-Lazer Shot deuX-

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-Please review it!-
As many people asked, here is the sequel to my last game, -Lazer Shot X-. This was unexpectedly difficult to make. There have been great suggestions in forms of reviews (Which YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY DO HINT HINT WINK WINK) and I took many of them into consideration.

This game is 10x better than the last, with new weapons, features, levels, and more awesomeness compressed all into one great game. I worked nonstop since the release of the last one and my hard work paid of in the form of your enjoyment. Just so I know you enjoyed it or not,--Leave a review!--

I'm extremely happy with this, it came out amazing (in my opinion, -give me your opinion in a review!-) and I'm glad to see it done. Enjoy it!
Now, I present to you, -Lazer Shot deuX- !

-Please review it!-

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played it for 6 hours straight

yes i have that much free time(a little too much time) never switched from 8-bit fanfare song. and zeroth7 lay off, your probably just jealous lf his skills. leave every thing the way it is my friend, that guy just wants the game to be easier for him cause he can't win! XD Thats right, that was a dis! only thing he is right about is the boss thing, yeah. 10 outa 10 (starts playing game again)

Cool! :D Really!

COOL! Where did you learn to program that?? PLEASE TELL ME :)



Agree abput the <I> Horizantal </I> border, need to keep the stuff out of there, otherwise, excellent.

Fun pixel shooter

The pixely style fits. and its a blast shooting more than one target at once.

You should make a better vertical border, the ships flying in the border are awkward.

very nice kyle

i really like this game! nice style too

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3.93 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2008
4:54 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight