NSFW Poke-Fight!

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Not Safe For Work (NSFW) Pokemon-styled Fight!

WARNING - Prolonged viewing may cause "gross-outs".



Well drawn

It was good to see a penis that looked so good (wait, that really came out wrong). When I first saw this title, I thought it was going to be pornographic Pokemon fanart. I guess I am a little relieved that it was something completely different. It was hard to understand the message of this or at least what the point was of the can of beans being there. Does that represent some crazed fetish? If not, well congradulations, you may have just invented one.

It was cool to show the sketch at the end. The thing I did not like about this was how it was very short and there was so little going on. I did not quite see how it was a parody of "Pokemon" apart from making fun of the video game's battle system. The detail is decent but there just needs to be more going on and more of a final punchline. Hmm, you did not say what genre it was so I guess it's up to me to figure out.

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ur really good at drawing


What the fuck was that? XD The penis was weird, but awesome. XD


The quality was quite awesomes, and yew did a good job animation accurately from a sketch.


Binyom responds:

You know it, "Dawg". Good call.

Nothing original

How many of us hate pokemon? probably the majority of us.
How many times has some one made a "anti pokemon" video. Too much to bother counting.

But your submision wasn't:

1. very original
2. very long
3. very funny
4. very apropriat (but I don't care)

things that could have help it were
1.A batle screen like in a more recent pokemon games
2.Music like in a more a more renct pokemon game (if there is I'm not sure)
3.It being longer

Over all I give it a 5 star

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Binyom responds:

I know....pokemon is overdone these days but the idea seemed good at the time. Honest.
The whole thing said and did exactly what it needed to, so there was no point in making it longer than it had to be I guess.

Take it easy anyhow.

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4.44 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2008
3:54 PM EST
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