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Short skateboarding flash with a weird commentary track at the end.

Animation, Backgrounds, Music, Voices - Jon
Acouple sound effects - Someone else

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i like how u make fun of how people find hidden meaning in all these flash animations when there is none. awesome job

still good

nice beginning at what a FACE PLANT that's gonna hurt MUCH but this one is ok for me so its 9/10 added with a 5/5

Very nice!

I was impressed by the interesting animation you had at the beginning and of course throughout. What really won me over was how you put in your commentary. I knew there was some deeper meaning you were trying to attach to your stuff, so thank you for clearing it up for me. It was also cool how you put in words along with the commentary. It really reminded me of the "The Colbert Report". Anyway, call me morbid but it was funny to see the guy's arm break.

Pretty good

I really enjoyed the quality of the animation, it was pretty smooth and the skating scene felt very powerful. I felt the humor was lacking and I did get smiling until towards the end of the commentary when that ludicrous chart was drawn. It was a decent flash, although I wish it was longer. I look forward to your next piece!


I really love this one! Yeah, sometime people will make university thesis just in the interpretation in their commentaries...

The speech was really funny and the most hilarious is that you did think outside the box in this flash.

Please continue doing flash movies!