Bowser's Kingdom: Eps 8

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Jeff and Hal are lost in space! Watch as they get into all kinds of mischief based on Super Mario Galaxy.

(Note) It has been another month so here is another episode of Bowser's Kingdom. This time I decided to take on the most recent mario game: Super Mario Galaxy. Which in my opinion, is the best game on the Wii thus far. The game also has the best video game music ever and I wanted to use that in this flash, please however do not ask me where I found the soundtrack or if I can send it to you, I found it on google I'm sure you all can find it too. Anyway I hope you all enjoy it and I would also like to thank Alvin Earthworm for his support and great work on this site (make sure to catch that easter egg!)



its a copy of super mario galaxy but it is so frekin funny


I liked the starfox reference, as well as the movie as a whole. And I knew those toads could've been doing more! They even had rockets! Gah! Anyways, good work!

Love it!

Except for the planet spinning the wrong way when they are being chased by that plant-dino thing, this is a great animation. I especially love the SMBZ reference, although I think a golden goomba would have been better, and DEFINITELY should have kicked the crap outta Mecha-Sonic.

Great Series. ^_^

This is

amazing I was laughing so damn hard I almost threw up. Kudos


Sector Z was funny. I liked the small Luigi cameo. I was just watching this thing say wanna race? And then Luigi comes along and sucks up the Boo thing. I also saw that planet with the penguins on it, and I think the best bit was definitely the hijacking.

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Jan 17, 2008
12:14 AM EST
Comedy - Parody