A cap opener man comes.

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It is the short work of monochrome made for a while at ancient times.
The stage is a country town in Japan. A wonderful man called a cap opener man gets down from a mountain.
Please allow, although it is somewhat vulgar.



I am only mildly sure I know what I saw. I mean, it was obviously an animation. I know that. It obviously had some pretty good art, and it obviously had some pretty complex movement and animation. But, like, I am not sure what it WAS.

There was no context, no real story-line, and no real substance to anything in this abomination. On great. Some random girl gets horribly mutilated and killed by some weird magical cap opener dude. Oh wow. I mean, did the entire story-board process in your head consist of:
"OK... There is this girl... She gets killed... By a magical spell... Cast by a man... A man... Crossed with a... CAN OPENER! YES! TO THE FLASH!"
While I am on the topic of what makes this flash horribly creepy, I should add that wearing her skin as a toga was right around the third grossest thing I have seen. I mean, as if killing her in some supernaturally-brutal way wasn't enough. Now, I have a long history of disliking random, wanton violence here on NewGrounds - seriously, if you're curious, read some of my old reviews. That being said, violence can work with a little context. If you had more story... ANYTHING to help the viewer understand what he or she sees would have been of help.

I mean, it as apparent that you have the skill. Nobody here will argue that. You have a aesthetically pleasing art style that remained consistent throughout your piece. Your animation was complex and artful. You had a good amount of detail, background, and foreground. Yes it was black-and-white, but so what? Everything else was so elegantly made that your lack of color didn't matter in the least.

So really, I come to the conclusion that this piece was meant to expand your portfolio, because although it is artful and well made, it, in the end, really serves no other purpose than to be a general eyesore.

NOBU777 responds:

Thank you for the comment of a long sentence. If allowed to advise me, this work is unpleasant, but I cannot think so cruel a thing. I think that it is a quite easy category.


I Liked It,

It Was Good.

(Although, The Close Up WAS a Little Much...)

And I Like How Polite You Are!

Its So Cool!


NOBU777 responds:

Thank you very much.

Creepy and Awesome

Backgrounds were really well observed, the animation and colours worked superbly, it's great to see some real kick ass animation on this site - I do wish you hadn't resorted to tweens for those several shots and kept it consistent but that's a minor complaint.

Sound was fitting, Concept was very bizarre and I think i liked that the most. If she hadn't run away from his little shrivelled cock would he have still turned in to a skin sash?? That's a question i don't ask much...

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NOBU777 responds:

With the first design, although it was the talk that he extracted a cork from all and all things, and dedicated them in his hands, as a result of considering run, it became such a form. It is regrettable that the scale of the talk became somewhat small.


Sorry, but the closeup was a little much.

NOBU777 responds:

Thank you for the comment.


I've been coming to this website for some years now and I gotta say your submission is very different. I know there are loads of haters but they're probably teen/kids who like nothing more than mindless violence and over crap jokes.
Your submission was artistic, unique and very strange, but in a good way.

I felt sorry for the girl who ended up as some rag though. Keep up the good work and ignore the haters, they still havent left school.

NOBU777 responds:

Thank you for the encouragement.

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3.74 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2008
7:59 AM EST
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