A cap opener man comes.

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It is the short work of monochrome made for a while at ancient times.
The stage is a country town in Japan. A wonderful man called a cap opener man gets down from a mountain.
Please allow, although it is somewhat vulgar.



I love that drawing style a lot.Its little wierd but still nice.

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NOBU777 responds:

Thank you

bit weird

that was really good!

NOBU777 responds:

Thank you


Your animation style is really fun to watch, even if the movie had some wierd parts it still was nicely done, i enjoyed watching this and hope you make more, WANT MOAR, NAU!! :)

NOBU777 responds:

Although it is a somewhat vulgar thing, I am glad for you to enjoy yourself.

I must say..

I must say that although no words or real story line it did somehow draw me in for the short time it was.. the bit with the "nudity" or however you would put it left me pondering what was going to happen but the others kind of ruined it because i had already read the reviews.. short, story line could of had a bit more detail, however in a short without word animation it is sometimes hard to go into large detail for a story line. The drawing and animation was mostly brilliant, i loved the detail of when he was walking down at the start and with the trees and sides of the path he was walking on, i could tell you had not went into great detail but thats what made it so great, simple but not overly simple, and not overly emphasising on the drawing technique but the story.. I'll give it a 7. My constructive criticism would be to keep your technique much the same, not necessarily needing colour, but maybe emphasise on the story line so viewers can try to understand the story more.
Hope this helps.

NOBU777 responds:

Thank you for the comment.
Since the first scene was added later, naturally writing has improved.
However, I also understand the thing with many improving points

Good anime bad story

nice done on the drawing part but the story line isn't very attractive..you could accomplish more with this.

NOBU777 responds:

The story was made without seldom thinking. I am sorry

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3.74 / 5.00

Jan 16, 2008
7:59 AM EST
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