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Paint Wars

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Author Comments

**Update 3 - Frontpage? I can go to bed happy tonight, thanks Tom!

**Update 2 - Made an easy mode for people who are artistically challenged :P, Still it will be hard to play without a good mouse/tablet.

**Update 1 - Made it a tad easier. Also forgot to mention there are 12 levels in all.
ALSO, YOU CAN CLICK ENEMIES TO DESTROY THEM! otherwise you won't get far ;)
Game Description

Paint Wars is the EXTREME way to paint.

With TANKS and PLANES constantly bombarding your work, you must struggle frantically to color the shapes on the screen. Be warned, it gets pretty hectic!


Author Notes

(I know level 1 is easy. It's meant to get you to understand the point of the game)

I made this game in hopes of creating something unique but also artistic, for those who cannot draw to save their life and for those who want to have another reason to own a tablet (it's great fun with a tablet, try it out!)

Enjoy everyone!


Pretty original idea!

I like the colorful look of the game and the trance music in the background. I also liked how it could get very messy although sometimes it was difficult to see where your painted shape had been broken.
Also warding off the enemies was both fun and annoying at the same time.
Bottomline: It was a fun game to play!

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haha that was fun.

I really got into it and then it shows you at the end the paintings you have made and none of mine even looked like they were suppost to, a let down there so iwill have to try better.

Really enjoyed it that was rather unique.

I couldn't really enjoy it...

I have a laptop so I couldn't handle the levels too good, but the game design is very good, the idea and everything is well put into place.
You should make a Pick-A-Color Palette to change the color of your brush, and the tanks should be colored according to their skill level (hard to destroy tanx = red ; easy to destroy tanx = green)!
I hope you'll make a sequel and read my suggestions, even though here I gave you an 8, I voted 5/5!

More Fresh Air

I love seeing a great programmers utilize their skills to make great art--both in design and in gameplay. You really took it to a new level though as levels end up being a charming Polk inspired kind of art/warfare. Really really brilliant. This had good all over it.

pretty good

pretty good; I didn't play it for a long time, though..
Really creative and unique idea, sadly it becomes boring after a while.

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3.82 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2008
9:08 PM EST
Gadgets - Other