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NG Black Jack V 1.1

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a update for my erlier.

this update are based on reviews from you newgrounders.

the update include:
the buttons are now disabled when you win/lose.
added af all in button.
added in game rules.

why is this submission getting lower rating than my first with all the bugs?

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Dealer Bugs

Dealer won on 14s and traditionally dealer has to hit till he has 17+ and dealer always hits a soft 17. Decent game otherwise.

2 queens of clubs?

I don't know much about codes but I have played more then a handfull of cards and in the last hand I played there were three queens on the table and two of them were the queen of clubs, inless your playing with the professor beater that never happens in Vegas

Poor design.

Well, it plays smoothly, but my beef is with the rules. Playing Basic Strategy, I stood on a 13vs3 upcard, and got burned when the prick turned over an Ace and stood! :O Make it so the dealer hits to soft 17, at least. For what it is, it's alright though.

good bug

good game. i also found a good bug, if u lose u can keep hitting and win. Ive done it a few times. other then that good fun. you should also include betting on pairs... and maybe able to open more then 1 box.


Not the best bj game, but it's alright