why do you cry

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well i dont think this is as good as my rose of the rain but here it is a new one

this one is about a little mushroom who is brought to life by the tears of a sprite(fairy pixie thingy) who wonders why she is crying and the sprite tells him to go to the edge of the forest and finds out why....their forest is beening chopped up 4 wood.

i wanted to see what it would be like from the view of the ones in the forest

now for the flaws lol
i felt it was a little rushed and i feel i could have done better and once again the gif cover mest up, and sorry to revolation i mest up on the credits his song isnt droid salute its fountains of the forgotten it was a typo when i got the song but oh well
*edit* it a little laggy so hope thats not a problem



we need more animaions on deforestation, the environment is a big issue that might not affect us directly now but it will in the future. We're destroying the environment but not the planet, the Earth will surive global warming, we won't.
i think it's great someone is involving that issue in thier flash and i hope this animation will inspire others too.

Jestercap13 responds:

thanx yes i planet is dieing they say well i think its us were realy killing but what can you do you tell than the truth and they lie and go into denial oh well theyll be sorry


The mushroom... I thought was well done. The Fairy... eh, kinda half-assed. But, all in all, I like your message. I'll give it a 4.

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Jestercap13 responds:

thanx 4 is good

yeah it weird i can draw things creatures and object 3 times better than humans or something that looks human and i dont know why oh well i will just have to practice


It was awesome animation and music. That slightly martial yet sad arrangement always appeals to me for some reason. Good use of angles and perspectives, although you hit the close-ups too often. I gave it a 4, but a coupla things nag at me.
1. Fungi EAT dead trees. The mushroom might be happy, really. On the other hand, it needs the shade and water retention that the trees provide. meh.
2. How are you gonna laugh when there's no oxygen to breath?

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Jestercap13 responds:


1 yeah it would be good and bad for the mushroom i never thought about that till now hey thanx
2 i make myself a magic bubble and go to space then ill laugh lol

I fully support

God bless

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Jestercap13 responds:

thanx save the forest plant a tree save the magic mushrooms lol

very good

I like the message, I listened to it without sound. Yet I still got the point. Good job. Well done, and nice drawings.

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Jestercap13 responds:

thanx i kinda find animations boring without sound but im 15 so sound is every thing lol

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3.47 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2008
12:45 AM EST
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