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Hi, this is my new game called Commander. You play the role of a commander leading his forces into battle against the evil wolf and fox forces! Take control of infantry, artillery, and air forces to crush your enemy into the ground.

To move ally units, click on them, and hold down the space bar. Click on the area you would like your soldier to move to and he will move there.

SW Points = Special Weapons. You gain 2 SW Points every level. Use these points in the artillery / air tabs to call down death from the sky.

I hope you have as much fun playing as I did making this game. If you would like to compete in high scores against other players please visit http://www.peoplegrade.co m/games



good game but....

was too easy, maybe in the second one make bosses? and a way to skip the wait for enemies

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BobBaker92 responds:

I'll think about those, should be simple enough to do. Thanks.

Its ok

I liked the concept, But I didnt like the fact that I could only control one ally at the time. It kinda ruined the whole strategy/commander playstyle
Also I didnt like the fact that there was no campaign, no m issions, just stand there and kill people. WHich is fine, but the gameplay could do with a little tweaking.
I think this game could get really good, but its just not at the point of perfection yet. Give some of my ideas some thought and I garuntee you it will really shine.

BobBaker92 responds:

Good ideas, I'll think about them. Thanks!


Not hard to defend against nothing. Where are the enemies?

BobBaker92 responds:

Try waiting more than 10 seconds? At the bottom you will see the count down for enemy spawn....

not bad

hmmmmm trying to think, the game itself is good, cute little characters nice level layout, the only things i can say are, try to make it a little harder i got past 20 waves without much issue, and maybe add some more kinds of ground crew, perhaps set up a land mine bunny O_O

BobBaker92 responds:

Hi, depending on how popular this game is with people I was thinking of making a sequel with my artist. Thanks :)

Very good.

better than many defense games. It gets pretty hard after about 6-7 minutes though. But then again, it is supposed to. Nice concept. I like the customized units, weapons, and portraits. The air and artillery raids were a very nice touch.

BobBaker92 responds:

Thanks, I tried to make it have as many original units as I could think of :)

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3.56 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2008
10:10 PM EST
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