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Hi, this is my new game called Commander. You play the role of a commander leading his forces into battle against the evil wolf and fox forces! Take control of infantry, artillery, and air forces to crush your enemy into the ground.

To move ally units, click on them, and hold down the space bar. Click on the area you would like your soldier to move to and he will move there.

SW Points = Special Weapons. You gain 2 SW Points every level. Use these points in the artillery / air tabs to call down death from the sky.

I hope you have as much fun playing as I did making this game. If you would like to compete in high scores against other players please visit http://www.peoplegrade.co m/games


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it never ends


To people stuck

Summon a lot of acorn guys, some 15 cost ones some rocket rabbits (at least 2) Keep making rockets and acorns,u can buy the stronger bunnys, i got to lvl 20 i think and stopped

pretty good base

this has really good potential to have a #2. the previous suggestions were all great, but also try something like a "mission" scenario. other than that the suggestions of quicker pace, smaller maps, more diverse charecters, maby more unique maps, like having certain areas which would be like a bottle-neck for troops, or moving parts. other than that, the only problem was the AI. it was basically genaric and bland.... maby different units that had different AI, like agressive or defensive. other than these things, its a great base to build upon


a few ideas make the maps smaller or do a thing like create ur own map and make this an online game and add tanks and helicopters as playable and a hero + turrents and a story line like a story type game + choose who u wana be like add more differnt races and a main base or an objective to destroy + a game as in capture the flag ike 1st team to get there flag to the opponents base wins or u know how it goes and also a medic to heal ur injured guys

Nice Game!

I really like the idea of using rabbits in a strategy game-quite new and the game is solid. The pacing isn't as fast-paced as some of the other games(It's not that bad actually; music was good, and a nice variety of units , though more can be added. Great potential in a sequel here!

So some suggestions:
-more units(maybe little carrot tanks or artillery? I think sticking just to land units is enough)
-a minimap(I'm not totally sure how would be implemented, but using a mini-map to move or send orders would be nice)
-research(upgrades);Gives you the freedom to tech up than to spam units
-more maps(Maybe by difficulty and length of time to play?The default map is quite large, and takes a long time to play. So if you want to play for a while, you can do that. But if you want a shorter, quicker game(s) you can choose a smaller map)

Thats about all I can think of. Keep up the good work!

BobBaker92 responds:

I'm going to release a version tonight with these features:

- Smaller map.
- You and your enemy have a base that you have to defend.
- Fast paced.
- Balance has been reworked

Hopefully people will enjoy this new version more, as its faster paced, and has an objective to defend. After this version, I might work on another version with more units and more maps depending on how well the new version does. Thanks for your review :)

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3.41 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2008
10:10 PM EST
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