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Hi, this is my new game called Commander. You play the role of a commander leading his forces into battle against the evil wolf and fox forces! Take control of infantry, artillery, and air forces to crush your enemy into the ground.

To move ally units, click on them, and hold down the space bar. Click on the area you would like your soldier to move to and he will move there.

SW Points = Special Weapons. You gain 2 SW Points every level. Use these points in the artillery / air tabs to call down death from the sky.

I hope you have as much fun playing as I did making this game. If you would like to compete in high scores against other players please visit http://www.peoplegrade.co m/games



very good game

I really think you should make a commander 2 this one is ptreety good. all it needs is a bit of balancing and some more "stuff" 1rst,obvioulsy tjhere should be more maps and units and stuff. 2. there should be an advantage for higher ground. even if it is just like lower ground has less range. 3. there should be an objective, just so it doesnt get boring after half an hour when u have a perfect strategy. 4. the ai should be better and i know that comes with practice but they just came in a line and the game's kinda like a tower defense game where ur towers can die.

Fun for a while..

But eventually there where so many units on the screen everything sort of.. froze up and the game became unplayable.

Nice take on a defence game though,

Has it's moments

Commander is an intriguing and unique defense featuring an army made up of squirrels and rabbits. The concept of Commander is pretty solid, and it would have been better if it wasn't so slow. The game play is extremely slow for the typical gamer such as myself but for anyone with an adequate amount of patience this is indeed a fun game.

BobBaker92 responds:

Maybe I will cut the battlefield size down, and speed everything up. That seems to be the biggest complaint so far. Thanks for the review.

Defense game?

In the tradition of defense games, this is one of the most visually pleasing ones I have seen thus far.

Pros - Nintendo-esque sounds with stimulating colors and nice graphics to boot.
Cons - Allies tend to stack on themselves causing confusion as to your numbers.

BobBaker92 responds:

Hi, I will definately work on the stacking issue for a future game, thanks.

decent game

three suggestions

1. Put a fort on each end with X amount of health. The goal is to destroy their fort and defend yours. When you defeat the enemies fort, you get a new battle field.
2. Don't make the battle field so long.
3. it would be cool if you could set spots where your troops would move to. Like when you buy, buy a group of say 5 guys and then that group gets a moveable target that you can move and drop and they will go to it.

bugs and shortcomings:

All I did was buy the gernade guys for 5 TA a pop and just kept buying them till I had so many blue squares started to appear on my screen because they stack ontop of one another, When they stop to fight or hit a barrier they should spread out. But I was getting blue squares because there were so many movie clips stacked onto top of one another. You can also just limit how many of each type can be on the field at any given time.
I started to get bored because all I had to do was keep clicking the gernade guys and went to level 20 and then I let them over run me just to see what would happen as there was nothing else to do.

Great game and I think you got a good concept, just build on it some. nice job

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BobBaker92 responds:

Thanks for the comments, I'll take these into consideration for a future game. Thanks.

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3.56 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2008
10:10 PM EST
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