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Well pretty much i made this for School so meh review it as you wish


lol ace

why pick the dodgy colours?

I love the song you used in the credits.

Extra star for that. I also love your cool accent. Brilliant. This is a great first submission to this site. It shows alot of potential and it made me chuckle here and there. You may need to work on graphics a bit more - but they weren't bad. They were pretty damn good.

You may want to work on your voice acting. Try not to keep bringing your mouth away the microphone and try not to bring it too closely. It also could of done with a preloader.

Other than that, this was a nice flash. Please submit more to newgrounds. 7/10.

Fun :D

Summary sais it all :) A little short though.

Was that a douche? :P

Haah :D that was actually pretty good- funny ^.^
I liked the choice of music at the credits :P first I was like: hmm... how the hell do I rate this? And because of the music, I appreciated it better :)
A point of criticism: although the toilet was pretty decently drawn, I can't say quite the same about the rest. But the timing of the animation and voice acting makes up for a lot :D

You should make more! ^.^


That was just weird... really weird.. the only thing i liked about it.. was the credits song.... and even then, there were few credits.... which usually shows the lack of effort put into it... try a little harder on the ideas next time

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Jan 14, 2008
5:06 AM EST
Comedy - Original