Brutal Insulter V12

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--------NEW VERSION 12--------
Fixed a word issue. No more minor updates in this commentary. The next one will for 13. By the way, if anyone wants to help, email me at tivaelydoc3@yahoo.com

And also, every cuss word in here, is on this list:

http://tivaelydoc.110mb.c om/site2.html

--------NEW VERSION 11.8--------
Hopefully, fixed the image problem.

--------NEW VERSION 11.7--------
Embedded the 'Back' font and added 3 words. Will calculate later. The second I started this project, interruptions 24/7!

--------NEW VERSION 11.5--------
Increased font size and fixed the images a pixel.

--------NEW VERSION 11.3--------
I just learned how to outline dynamic text, a nifty flash background, and a few other small things. I added 49 words which brings the theoretical maximum to 2,304,185,783,798,672,167 ,680. Thanks again for not blamming this immediately. I made everything as good as I could, but I still don't know how to make it more interesting. Any suggestions?

Click on Brutal Insulter to generate a sentence. (Or click Enter or Space)
The left and right buttons change the song. (Or on the keyboard)
The up and down buttons adjust the song volume. (Keyboard again works too)
Click on the pictures to change them. (Make keys soon)

This gadget is a test of my action script skills. I've been working on this for some time now. This incorporates several of my flash skills, such as the music player. Unfortunately, I don't sound like Duke Nukem or The Postal Dude, so I just used the computers voice. After studying all the other insulter's on this site, I came to the conclusion that they were kind of weak. I put every cuss work I could find, plus a few extra. If you notice any bugs, audio clips not working, suggestions for the next version, more cuss works, spelling errors, etc. please let me know. I don't condone any of the messages that spew from this flash. All audio clips are from Flash Kit. Thanks.

Much more updates coming soon. Thank you all for letting this controversial piece through.

10,866,846,213,406,304,25 6


wow people!

first you need to look at the name of the flash befor you say anything or play it! wer thinking you wer gona find nice little bunnys???

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Hated it

It was alright until I saw "Cambodian" in it, that just insulted me.

Sorry, but no cigar

i agree with the below statement, aside from that thoug, i would be pretty insulted

didn't appreciate it

this game was good all the way up till i realize that you thought it would be funny to put "n****r" in there...maybe i'm taking this to seriously but i believe that the word should not be used in any way shape or form due to the terrible meaning behind it. i don't understand why people think the word is funny when they know how the world came about. i admire your time that you spent on this but i would really have appreciated it if that word did not pop.

I wouldn't use these on people I actually HATED

But it would be fun to use them on my friends xDD

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4.28 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2008
11:32 AM EST
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