Tank Wars RTS 2(reloaded)

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Hi guys,
I've read your reviews about the bugs in the game and I've fixed most of them. (although tanks still can travel on water, you'll need a very processor intensive pathfinding program to prevent that). For those of the bugs i didn't fix I did not understand what you were saying in the reviews so could you please be clearer?

For those who'd played Command and Conquer, you may find this game very alike in most aspects.

RIGHT CLICK +Cheat 2: Make laser tank invincible
SHIFT click sets rally point.
ARROW keys= scroll
m = next song
ENTER= show the menu.
n=previous song
ENTER= skip the darn president's message.

This is the sequel to Newground's first fully fledged Real Time Strategy game in flash, Tank Wars RTS 1.5. In this game, you can command tons and tons of units (tanks literally), to take out and destroy the enemy base.


Take on the role of Commander and control the battlefield of tanks in this fully-fledged Real Time Strategy Game. Establish a base. Gather resources. Build up your defenses. Create and upgrade your tanks. Directly command your forces to destroy the enemy. You can even launch a nuke for devastating annihilation. There are so many million different ways to play and strategies to adopt,and it's all under your control!

2 part Interactive Tutorial.

18 upgrades for your units!

NEW 10 mission story campaign.Fight the powers of Europe head on. A misssion selection screen where you can select which missions you want to engage in to advance the storyline.

NEW Ingame Electronic Voice lieutennant which announces events in the battlefield, from "base under attack" to "you are victorious"

NEW Voices for your units. They will reply when you give them orders or select them. Courtesy of Westwood studio's Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun.

7Skirmish mode maps.

5 Different Skirmish AI strategies to choose from: Offense Commander, Defense Commander, Technology Commander, Superweapon Commander and Economy Commander.

6 different types of tank including the all-powerful prototype laser tank

6 structures and 4 types of upgradeable turrets (including mines)

(note: this is not tank wars rts 2.5. Its still Tank Wars 2.0 but with most of the bugs fixed)


good game

Try to get a better engine, tile based for example. come on!


instead of recycling ur game try to.. well you know, make a better one.

from tankwars 1 to 2.5 there isnt really much new. Try to get a better engine, tile based for example. come on!

I was friendly with tankwars 2.5 but dont keep submitting this shit without improving it.

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I really wanted to like this game. It has some serious potential. But the problems I had were...

Lack of menu quality.
Cannot deselect units easily. Don't click your own guys or your friendly kill themselves :(
Lack of minimap showing ANYTHING (ie:sourroundings, units) outside of line of sight.
And again the menu.
Keep trying though, you'll get it.

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Good, although needs work.

Good is all I can say. You need to work on the games menus, pathfinding, and all together gameplay bugs. I really wanted to like the game more then what i'm giving it becuase im a huge C&C fan. There are no other games like this on Newgrounds, keep up the good work mate.

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Nice game.

You really, really really really need to remake the menus though. It was very deceptive to the view to think I'm gonna get a crap game because I'm looking at basic menus.

The game was great. And the story bit was great as well.

Nice work.

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3.65 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2008
4:04 AM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)