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Pokemon in 1 Minute

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Well, this only took me a few days to make, but it took me a whole year because I started working on it, forgot about it, and worked on it a year later after finding it.

Specail thanks to Roger who sent me a line.
It's not much, but he's a busy man, so thanks alot! :)
By Roger, I mean Rogerregorroger

So I basicly saw some of Roger's video game in a few minute parodies and decided to make my own. Little did I know while making it, Roger told me he had already made a Pokemon one. Oh well.

Also, many people who saw Pokekids wanted a Sequal. This isn't a direct sequal, infact, it's a way different thing! But close enough, right?


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lol thats pretty much it

i love the credit song i know it may sound weird me saying that but sonic adventure 2 battle was one of my favourite games when i was younger and city escape was one of my favourite levels mainly because of that song

Khonjin responds:

Yeah, I like the song too.


is funny cuz ash is gay and he dies...u made my day

Khonjin responds:

Well alrighty


whats wrong with pikachu

Khonjin responds:



The end Music Is the WRONG GAME, DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Khonjin responds:

Your point? I used the song because I wanted to.

wtf and lol

half the time i couldnt understand the people -1 but the replacement part was funny!!! lol piece out homedawg

Khonjin responds:

XD glad you liked it :D