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Citation Needed episode18

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Author Comments

NOTE: For some reason the preloader doesn't load instantly and takes a few seconds to pop up. Though I don't know why. So if you wait, eventually it'll all start up.


Thanks for the reviews so far. I've managed to put together a well rounded idea on what went wrong with this animation, too many in jokes (as in you'd have to either be a fan on my art sites and comics or wise about the furry fandom to get the plot and jokes so far) and that it's not really a complete story and just an adition to a running series.

Other compaints were that I was parodying an existing product rather than making up my own plot and, as hard as I may try to make this unique, most people have most likely seen a billion other Resident Evil parodies before and it must honestly just get tiring.

The impact of the jokes couldn't be delivered through written words as this "is" a film and not a comic, so moods and tone could not have been picked up as people tend to spend time looking at the facial expressions in my comics, which unfortunatly nobody had the time to do while watching this film as the faces switched so much or just weren't well defined enough.

And lastly, thinking back on things, I probably could have made a better effort to write some more funny jokes.

Using the replies I've got I can say that I will be making another cartoon, this time a much longer cartoon with a different animation style than the one I used in this animation. I've got a few voice actors lined up though exact matches haven't been found, and hopefully I will be able to recieve a unique soundtrack and intro theme due to a previous arangement I made with a friend of mine and composer. The storyline is a lot more in depth, and the jokes, hopefully, should be a lot more funny this time around.

You can hopefully expect this to arrive some time in the near future, to arrive shortly after the current story arc of the comic I write ends.

Thanks for the comments and please look out for my next submision, whenever it may arrive.


I noticed that this obtained the daily third place award. Not bad for my first attempt, so thanks for that all those who voted, next time I'll be aiming for front page. *thumbs up*


Well this is more or less my first go at Flash, I played about with it a few times before this point but that was just to move a block from A to B or something along those lines. So I decided I might as well try it out again as a bonus for those who read this comic I make.

There are no film versions of Episodes 1 through 17, they're comics from a comic I draw, this is episode 18 and the only film version of the series so far.

I wanted it to keep the appearance of the comic, but at the same time be a film, so for the first few lines I lip synced their words, but it seemed like it was pulling away from the comic too much as I wanted it to look like a comic that moves for you as you read it rather than a cartoon. A few people say I got that effect, I don't know to be honest, as all of this was done in photoshop, which is a pixel based program rather than a vector based program so you can see the dots pretty clearly as oposed to if I had done it in Illustrator. I think if ever I make another film I'll make it in Illustrator.

Anyways... tada? >_>

Oh yeah, and it's a furry webcomic, so if you have any hatred towards them, you've been warned.


Edit: Just wanted to add on, if you want to check out the rest of the comic it's up here:

http://citation-needed.sm ackjeeves.com/



Like the music, like the humor, it was pretty cool.

Too fast too furious, heh

Neat animations and kinda funny. But I really didn't like the fact that the speech bubbles go away so quickly, I wasn't able to catch most of it. And of course the randomness

I like it.

It's good. I found it funny because I got the elite beat agents reference. People unfamiliar with that game might not be drawn to this flash. I laughed some and found the animation to be of good qaulity. I really can't say anything bad about this flash. I wanna see more of your stuff.


i dont think so...

it wasnt even that funny at all, animation was okay, uhh the dog had freakin huge gaping holes in his head and was still alive, that was kinda stupid

ThatManOverThere responds:

Well it "was" a zombie dog. So... Yeah... Zombies tend to do that.


The starting screen was great - nice drawing and a joke that made me chuckle.

The Elite Beat Agents are always good for an easy laugh, but I was kinda disappointed with the rest.

For the most part, the script was just way too obvious - both with the other two jokes (outrunning, death) and the cliche'd slow reveal.

Your drawings are nice, but the animation was obviously limited.

It's a stylistic choice and I'll try to respect that but I personally feel that when you change your medium, you should try and take advantage of that medium, rather than trying to emulate another. Broken Saints and stuff of that ilk does annoy me marginally - it seems like a lazy half-way point with neither the unique advantages of animation, whilst losing some of the unique advantages of comics.

Well, I suppose it's good that people are experimenting with different ways to interpret given mediums.

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Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2008
11:34 AM EST
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  • Daily 3rd Place January 13, 2008