Metroid: Samus Hentai

January 10, 2008 –
December 22, 2010
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For Samus Lovers, Enjoy!


very hot

i like samus

Love SAmus Aran,Men Where yu find the picks ??? please tell us !!!

fcking awsome!!!
i have allways loved zero suit samus!!!

Not bad at all.....

but i can just go to google, imagefap, or hentai foundry to find even more pics so
-2 stars but the thing with the wii remote, i can imagine teen sluts doing that XD

I've found half these pics at google

why just a gallery?

I think we can all agree, Snake fucking Samus is awesome

Its cool vut you need to seach more exitin pictures and some animations but it cool

okay dude this was very good but the only thing i saw worng with it was there no group pictures with other girls i mean lets face it no guy will wacth it if there is no lesbians try and get some in next time okay but overall pretty good

i'd only go for aniamations than galleries

Nice but there are better ones, and some arent even samus!

not the best...

Some of the pictures are sexy, but I've already seen most of them. I could just search "Samus hentai" and it would come up with this and even better stuff, like a manga. If it's not animated, it's not worth it. It's almost boring. Anyone could find these. I'm not even sure you drew any of them! Either start drawing and animating, or just stop trying. I'm getting tired of these galleries.

this is actually pretty good for a gallery, i liked how she used that Wii controler's vibration function to substitute a sex toy that was funny AND hot. i give it an 8 / 10 would be a 10 / 10 but unfortunately newgrounds has too many galleries quizes and retarded crap so it's really gotten sorta old but other than that this was pretty good for being overdone, kudos and let me know what program you used im trying to find a good one to make a flash animation with myself one day.

I've heard of Zero Suit Samus
but this is ridiculous

Solid Snake havin sex with samus

Think was Solid Snake fucks Zero Suit Samus from Super Smash Bros Brawl. This is way damn cool.

is there any reason NOT to have a back button?

Also, the girls on the pictures 8, 23 and 27 arent samus.

Why is there no Back Butoon?

when i saw this i loved samus!!!!!!!!!!

when i clicked WATCH THIS MOVIE i Jizzed in my Pants!!! LOL

oh god i loved them all i wanted to ask were did u get the one with the wii mote i wanted to put it as my back ground on my desktop lol. any way keep up the great slide show work

There nice pictures and all, samus is really hot too, but it seem's a bit odd that people make this stuff. Anyway, an 7 because it looks good.

it was wasome!!

Samus is really hot, but that snake part would NEVER happen, sooo, yea

In SSBB, it was torture to see her bounce whenever she jumped. :S


It works for what it's meant for =D Samus is so sexy...I'm a girl and I'd still grab her up and have fun with her X3

The best pics are those ones that are drawn with her in the Zero Suit - a little tease is always nice.


who doesnt lik hentai ov an attractive girl that kills aliens?

WHERE THE F*** DID U GET THAT KEN(from zone of the enders) PIC?

It was interesting but too short. I Think Samus is hot she blonde and wear skin tight spandex and has a gun. The end and tank you leave me alone

the best collection of metroid prime hentai i have ever seen !


can samuas aran take my virginity

peppy was right when he said:SHOOT THE TENTACLES
Peepy just wants to save girls from getting raped!
it all makes sense

Samus is the Best

That was so fucking hot!

Congrats, instead of giving me a boner this pictures made me laugh like hell. Good job!

This Has its share of "good" pictures but seventy-five percenct of them were some crudely drawn scenes or tentacle rape witch is just weird. The last photo was the worst. Give more of Pictures that are... Not Crude or Tentacle Rape. 6/10

the Tenticle Rape made it all the sweeter

some of the pictures made her look kind of young

The pics could be better some of them are just so weird

I never get tired of looking at this.

...samus is hot

it was ok, at least you used some of the better samus pics. btw....one of the pics was from PSO (phantasy start online) not of samus.

picture with snake was a nice touch

I know it's hard to find a good samus hentai pic because she isn't popular in the hentai world like Naruto or something like that and i will admit some of these we enjoyable but nothing well worth staying on the movie for... samus is very sexy but some of these weren't good i.e (the first picture) Maybe next gallery you make do a cartoon that is more... popular

Samus is hot.

Not bad at all...could've done with some video though

this isent the first time i wanted to wak-off to samus :p

im druling i like hotties naked

I have most of Samus' pics..

So hot!!

she hot and stuff

she is very sexy

were did u get those pictures?

Thats one lucky wii remote

I loved most of the pics but some not as much as others but over all it is realy good!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude its amazing, The pictures aren't siimilar to each other which makes it good and bad, but also the quality of some are great. Even my sister liked this. 10/10

wow that was hot

Cute and sexy great combination !


And I thought Samus was already hot! Awesome pics dude! Make another one!

Great collection, samus rules!!!!

this is one of the best collections i've seen,keep up the good work!

Depends on which site(s) you go to.

Great gallery!

do these kind of videos on here give you viruses like other websites plz write bak

=]....=]....awsome....=].... really awsome...i loved it...keep it coming....and by the way...next time do zelda...ive never seen a zelda henitia.

That was excellent. The best if the 1 where smaus is just kneeling naked, but is samus in a bikini really considered hentai?

seen it ten times in a row

loved the onr with snake

You should have had the one where she shows how she operates the morph ball.

liked it liked it a lot where did u find all that samus hentai?

I really like the gallery. most of pictures would get a dude to wack without even realizing. But not that it's important or anything, but the gallery's got two pics that..... aren't Samus as far as I can tell. they're cool. I'm just saying they're not samus. or at least, I know the redhead wasn't Samus...... eh.

i fukin got her pregnant

That was f***ing hot

F'ing sweet! where did you find all the Samus hentai? I MUST KNOW!!!!!

This Rocked, You Should Totaly Make More Of these!

great..... make more

I think pic 17 is the best :P

spooner96look who cares if we are pervs eh? if we cannot watch it why is it there then? we r boy after all!we like that so if ur not happy dont annoy people

sweet were did you fnd the pix

you are so right...

the pics were good, considering most of us have not seen this hentai b4 still though, it neededa back button of some sort, oh wells, good job ^.^

Spooner96, you are exactly right. We are pervs. And here's some news: We're proud of it. I don't have a girlfriend either, which is probably the reason I watch this and is probably the reason that we all watch this. We need some sort of companion and Hentai is what gives us that, just in the form of popular characters like Samus. It's kind of like an imaginary friend (or in this case imaginary girlfriend). If you don't like hentai, you don't have to watch it, but it still doesn't give you the right to insult people who do like it. If you insult hentai it's kind of like me insulting your girlfriend. That's the way I feel anyway. (if you watch this and have a girlfriend this does not apply to you)

To spooner96, your QUEER! Dude, supermano, dont listen to spooner96 cause hes a fag. nice submission though.

Dude this stuff is cool. But she needs more position. These pics make her want to b real

good but more picts next time. ;p

shut the fuck up and let people have their hentai without being nagged at for it!

Good pics =)
and Spooner96 i got a GF and we both watch together Anime like this and all kinds..
we love it and like it =)
But Supermano Nice pics man =) Keep it up.
10/10 =D

why watch something like this if u weren't into it or atleast perverted urself, don't be hipocritical u dumb bastards, this is made by pervs for pervs, if something like this bothers u, don't watch it, and if u do just to leave comments like this, u should have ur fingers ripped off and fed to wild boars, honestly, what cockmuncher watches or looks at something like this just to trash talk it, u know, u must be retarded to crap talk hentai, are u retarded? look at the writing below the comment box "If you are giving this submission a low score, please offer constructive criticism that will be useful to the artist. The review space is not a place for you to act like a total asshole. If your review is found to be mean, offensive, or generally not helpful, you will be banned and your account may be terminated" and u are breaking that, it wasn't perfect, maybe some music or possibly more if u can find any, but for those haters, don't waste other ppls time by giving the creator and veiwers crap u monkey raping dicksniffers

This is not a flash its just pictures....?? Unless i missed something...

Maybe i you added some background music and an auto play feature (although i'd never use it) good job finding those pics

callpo you son of a.

it is catpoll100 falut for doing this he souldn't talk shit about that and good vid

catpoll100 shuldn't say shit like that because he watched so it is his fault and he shouldnt be bitching, nice work.

callpoll100 should just shut the fuck up

i liked it though i had most of the pics saved ;D

how can u make this,dont you have any decency,i think that you should apoligise to nintendo for ruining metroid.i mean,why would you make this,u actully get turned on by this?

i kinda like it. but some things are kinda odd.....


so freakin hawt l LOL

That was... Yeah, Hot! ><

WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

needs back and foward button though

Thx for this. looking forward to more in the future. I've been looking for that pic, the one you used next to the title. really glad you put it up. like the sketches too.
overall, good. it could use a back and forward set, and some movies.

The snake pic was funny. XD

Samus is an bounty hunter would she just kick those people asses insted they raped her I suggest that you make another one with out people haveing sex with her

Forget what ted ninja says. That was great, you should make another.

lol es q la gente se mata a paja viendo este video

lol is q the people kill herself to straw seeing this video

i agree with tedninja, despite what you people think. the pictures were much better quality before they were made to fit the screen.

lol good thats good hentai i liked it

Half of the "hentai" you claim to have put in here is not even good. And the high quality images are skewed so bad they just look gritty. You have to work on uploading high resolution images into flash before uploading crap like this. And for the record if you decide to make more of these with Samus hentai just dont. It's bad enough that their IS rule #34 on Samus but the crap that you put in here is just terrible...it's by far some of the worst that can be found on the internet.

That was great............

That was great. What else is there to say? More pictures and some videos in the future, perhaps.. I will vote 5 for that!!

This is quality samus porn! Tell me where you found these picks too.

srsly.. i liked all of em that had nothing to do with sex, i mean wtf... samus is cool not a whore..

needs better pics and music

these are some good pics but there are some worthless ones... overall awesome

that wiimote pic is hillarious

i love its so good tell me where did you get the pics please

Ultimate Hentai Flash!

Man Thats Awes I'm The Space Pirate Lol


F-ing hot. 10/10 stars dude

Holy shit i'd hit samus so hard, nice work 10/10 stars

holy fuck this is so hot

i always wanted this on ng thanks for putting it on!


10 stars for you! This is awesome!!!


it was good.Next time add more hentai.

there wsn't enough hentai!
i need more hentai!!!!!

its ok...

naw, none of those pictures are his, as a matter of fact most of those u can find on aeris dies, but... oh well, he couldve used much much better pictures, and made it a little more entertaining to watch, like maybe adding a sound effect to the button, or making the button a little less annoying to look at.

I wonder how much of the content is actually from the Author: supermano. If you did the work good job, but seems like you didnt by looking at your play button.

For Nintendo.

ussaly dont like hentai either

would hav been better if it was a animatter movie

Anyone who wants to know PM me! :) Oh by the way pretty good!

without hentai we would have to stick to scary real life girls o.o

pics are godd you should make a quiz out of this

Godammit people! If you want to look at hentai, dont demoralize video game characters in the proccess!

nice one man


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