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Delusions Of Reality

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Jan 16, 2002 | 12:16 PM EST

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Author Comments

Made by Brandon Perdue with "some" help from me, so send your hate mail to him.

Lots of people were asking about the concept, it's basically about the way we see our own reality, what makes us who we are (a good person or, in the case of the guy in the video, a bad person). The things that add up to the whole. Also, that we all really need to study our beliefs and see if they are part of our reality or just something we have been told to accept as real (this is why the Angel/Devil scenes are stick figures and the rest is a bit more realistic looking). There is a bit more to it but I like people to come away from the movie with their own ideas of what it said to them.

-Brandon Perdue



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I didn't like this was sick



Rated 5 / 5 stars


im unsure if i should say this but since not a one of you know me i can say that i was once a sociopath witch just means i follow no moral ruleing of the masses i follow my own and as a kid i had had it kind of tough so i grew a little cold to the world and this film pretty much showed my thought's toward those who sought to harm me it also showed my thoughts on religion (witch is why im an athiest).i grew past all that psycho crap and got my shit together...thank you for creating this piece so i may be reminded what i was and what i learned and of course to not be like that ever again.


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I'll just be Zen in my approach and say I enjoyed it. It's an intruiging concept..i fail to understand your explanation of the use of stick figures. Did you use them for the sake of explaining the simplicity of which we are "brainwashed," or is the stick figures' lack of detail symbolic of the trappings of what might be our "beliefs"? You don't have to reply, i just wanted to be a pain in the ass.


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Holy crap...

...this has got to be THE most raw and disturbing Flash movie I've ever scene. I was uncomfortable through a lot of it. Some parts made my skin crawl.

And it also made me think.

Good work.

First off, that fact that the veiwer has to CLICK ON THE EYE to start the movie is a twisted touch. That makes the veiwer almost like an active participant.

The juxtaposition of random imagry (some bizzare, some random, some explicit), along with the devil and angel and scene of overt violence brilliantly showed what could be a deluded person;s mind.

And I figured out why the violence I saw was so creepy; I mean, there are plenty of movies on NG that have high body counts, exploding heads, what have you...

...but they're all done very over the top, very cartoony.

And everything that happened is presented with an almost detached coldness.

Nice choice of audio... jusr discordant enough to be jarring, yet easy enough on the ears to stand up to continous looping.

Now if you excuse me, I have the chills.

Great work.

Incredibly fucked up.

But great.

Tom, stick this in the "noir" section.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wow! I really liked what I saw. The imagery was fantastic. Very tripy and kinda schizophrenic. You caught me offgaurd with the interactive begining. I really liked the imagery of the devil being crucified. Overall, VERY GOOD! I hope it gets a better rating. If it doesn't get a better rating, then the people rating it are probably half baked twelve year olds that expect... I'll end my rant here.

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