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Darkness Episode 3

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The third episode of the horrifying Darkness point-and-click adventure series is finally here! This time you find yourself in a subway train. Use your mouse and your wits to escape! Be sure to turn up the speakers and turn down the lights for maximum effect and enjoyment.

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Amazing work, I just wish you had continued this series.

Played trough the whole series including the two games not on NG. The only thing I liked was the animation of the girls legs when she was running.

Didn't rally like the graphics of any episode apart from the girl's legs. This style of backgrounds is so plain.

It's wry difficult to find items and realize where there is a clickspot are and where not especially under time constraints.

I didn't enjoy all the running away from the ghosts and timed puzzles. Generally it's bad thing if you can only progress in game by trial and error.

The story is disconnected between episodes, while the items remain, the locations change weirdly, she is at home, then at hospital then in train? Why?

The story is almost non existent, just some ghosts that are different each time, there are no clear rules how they function.

It is 2016 and I am still waiting for Darkness Episode 4. I am still curious about the stone egg. I hope the main character survives from either the two endings. I will expect Darkness 4 be release in 2018, the 10th anniversary of Darkness 3.

I played the previous two episodes before I tried this one. I didn't think they were connected except one or two items were passed on to the next one. After I opened a secret box in a train, the environment became dark. It's hard see what's there. I picked up a bent comb, two plastic bags, a bottle of coke, and a piece of crushed paper. I had no time to react and the dark soul had consumed the girl. It got a bit annoying when I heard the girl screamed over and over again. How to react to the situation before it is too late?!

I kind of like this series, it's really freaking scary at least, but I don't get what's going on. XD

How come you only uploaded the third one though? :(

I think I saw the other two but they were by different accounts and they uploaded them without your permission. :(

Also, I thought around the very end of the game, there was a secret message saying there was supposed to be just one more game, and possibly a use for the stone egg, but we never got to see that. T_T

Could you please post somewhere how it's supposed to end if your not ever going to come around to finishing the series? :(

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4.38 / 5.00

Jan 10, 2008
12:57 AM EST