Heart of heaven

January 9, 2008 –
January 14, 2008
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Download music format mp3 in Website
Animation Love autor xxbt

Lean antes de comentar no digan que me estoy sacando credito ajeno que desde un comienzo aclare que el autor es xxbt desde la primera vez que subi el flash porfavor leanlo o traduscan por


spanish to english


this animation is really good, but the think is we need a translation in english and not the subtitle in japan!

Even if you don't, here's the translation of what he says above: Read before commenting they say not that I am removing me credito alien that since a beginning clarify that the author is xxbt since the first time that subi the flash please read it or traduscan by.

Unfortunately looks like he doesn't know English very well looking at the other submissions, so try that before going OMGS this flash is so good it MUST BE STOLENSH!!

But anyway, oh my gawd, very beautiful, loved it so much. Even had to stop everything else I was doing to watch, that's a rare for me... and rare for me to hand out perfect tens :D Very good job.

I mean, this definitively deserves a 10, that's for sure!
But... wtf??
Is he in love with an angel that's got a flower-fetish or what? (Yeah, symbolism, cool, blossoming love and stuff, but the story could have needed a bit more...reality? Does the girl even exist??)
Also, the eyes of the girl sometimes looked quite expressionless.

But, nevertheless, a straight 10. Congraz on your work.


If your movie violates any of the following rules, it will be removed and your account may be deleted.

#1 * Your movie must not be someone else's work! We will delete your account as punishment. If you see something you like elsewhere, ask them to submit it, or notify us.

This is from the portal submission page.

I don't know how this is front page since it so blatantly breaks the rules. In fact, its the very first rule on the list you must click, to agree, before uploading. I'd like an explanation as to why this is on the front page...

The flash itself is very nice and beautifully drawn. It's obvious that the author has excellent talent. But i cannot give a good score until its very clear who the true author is.

Why would this not be his! Have you seen his other work to? its the same stile, so i believe its his so its a 10

hm i think its very good but i think it´s not yours
it´s better i give 10 stars for the REAL maker of this flash

they're all right, it's not yours

You should not take credit for a flash that is not yours. People will appreciate the flash more if you created it by your own (and if it is good!)

this flash is not yours.

It's highly suspicious. It's in Chinese writing, and you are obviously mainly a Spanish speaker. However you appear to be a huge anime fan, and may very well have done it on your own. But the style of art is so vastly different from your other works, that I'm gonna have to say I think someone else did this, but I can't prove it yet.

To all the people that have written or will be writing a review this submission is STOLEN. Click the website at the end of the flash and the website of the "author" and you'll know what I'm talking about. I actually laughed when I saw people giving this tens because the flash is in Chinese and the author seems to have given comments in SPANISH. Trust me, I am Chinese and I know when somebody stole this. A truly beautiful flash but it is unfortunate that it was stolen by some lowlife making a living by stealing other people's work.

I like the animation, moment is nice and silky and it is done very well. It sounds great (even though the song isn't in English and neither are the subtitles for that matter). It is all around a good animation. It isn't even my type of flash and I'd still give it a 10, but......

This clearly isn't yours. It has already won an award and this award has gone on your profile. NOT the authors (if the author is even part of NG). You may have wanted to share it with the NG community however to me this looks like someone that wanted to throw some type of award on their profile. I know you say you didn't make the flash however you have already gotten some kind of credit for it. Weather you want to admit it or not. I can't support this flash with this in mind.

The animation, the music, the atmosphere... all of it simply beautiful.
Though I didn't quite catch the music (Different language then my own makes it difficult) at first, I got into the feel of it, which is really what matters.

I look forward to seeing more work from you!

Okay I saw the DP to this on the front page (DUH). and thought it would be like...tweened and really cheaply made. how wrong i was. You made this like a Real Anime company would. Painted backgrounds with drawn characters. I hated the song. but i loved your chraphics and animation. very pro...keep up the REALLY AWESOME WORKS

although it rarely happens are newgrounds something likethis comes around and it always moves you

This was absolutely amazing. Hard to find good quality work like this around the internet.

yo se que no es tu video, pero gracias por ponerlo, felicita al artista de mi parte. dude thats was one of the best flash videos ever. not a great fan of the chinese music it sounds rude, althoug, i got no idea what it saids. the lighting was the coolest job, and the textures or painting are fantastic. looking forward for your next project.

That was nice man. Real nice. Nice to see quality animation and have it be porn-related. Hope you make more.

I really think you made a good choice in making this video.

I'm not usually into this kind of stuff, but I was very impressed nonetheless. Very nice music, great graphics, and yes, I will admit, it was touching. A good animation all in all. Thank you for posting this on Newgrounds. Please give XXBT my regards for making this. I mean, it's not like you gave credit to XXTB in the comments to this video, or in the actual video itself or anything like that. *cough cough*


I really like it, it had nice artwork, flowed well and really was stunning. Some people say you did not make this, but whoever made this is a fantastic animator that has a future no doubt. All I can say is to keep up the amazing work that you've laid out on a table and showed us.

I could read it but I think it needs subtitles anyway.
Other than that, nice animation!

*To the person who posted the video*

If you know how to send people to the google translator.... then why cant you just use it yourself!

http://translate.google.com/translate _t?langpair=es|en

Translate what I wrote up top! or should i say... Traducir lo que he escrito hasta arriba!

*GREAT JOB! WHOEVER really made this!

That was an awesome video. Regardless of what others say. You need to make more like these. Your an awesome artist.

Very nice flash, great animation and was overall touching. English Subtitles woudl ahve been a good idea though.

it's so perfect it mad me cry and I didn't cried since ages....excellent work

that was very pretty my girlfriend got all mushy on me ur very talented u everthink aobut making this into a show?

That was very beautilful i loved your art work and the music that you put in it. it must have taken a long time to do it and if so it was worth all the effort,Im touched by this flash it is very sad and emotional and im glad i took the time to watch it cause it is a very good flash very nicely done i might add ^_^ keep up the excelent work.

I want your spine... that was the best thing I have seen so far today...


read before blahblahblah i'm not taking credit blahblahblah the autor is XXBT...
Shame on you thief! And Congrats to the guys at XXBT, the real creators of this piece o' art

i may not have understood a word of the music, but i really really loved it...

It was beautiful and it brought out the emotions I'm sure it was intended to very well. Stolen or not, it was very well done and the song complemented the animation. It flowed well, and is very good quality compared to many flashes i've seen on NG. Frankly, I think the people who are attacking you for the supposed theft are missing the message portrayed in the flash, on a general scale. Well, that's what I think, anyway.

Love the Flash, Touching. But. :( THIEF. Original Author must post, even if you want to share it with us. By the way Anyone have ANY idea what the song is? The Site he listed for the MP3 doesn't work very well :(.

Read before commenting, dont say im taking someone else's credit since i said from the beginning that the author is xxbt, please read or translate with google.com blah blah blah...

thats a lame excuse for this theft act you know... VERY lame, if its not yours or dont have the author's permission then DONT SUBMIT. Its NOT yours

there is a lot of saying that this isn t his. in fact ur right.. but this is translation from his "as in the author" comments
"Read before commenting not say that I am taking credit stranger to clarify from the outset that the author is xxbt from the first time that the flash subi please translate or by leanlo"

nice job stealing the fame of this movie. I read spanish just fine.

Enjoy your daily feature.. your hard work in 'sharing' with us other peoples work is very rewarding and you TOTALLY deserve an award for that.


I have seen submissions with quality like this or better and they are usually quite original. I do admit that I may be wrong on this point. I also have musch experience with flash thieves, and they are either thefts of crappy flash movies or games, or are very obscure works. The fact that everyone recognizes this as being stolen either means that it is not stolen and this person put it this up on the sites that it was previously found on before converting it to flash and putting it here, or this person is an idiot. I doubt that it is the second one.

Hey i agree, if this is stolen, then consider yourself shunned. But i guess Tom and the guys probably checked this out before hand. Anyway, great animation, YAY!! Japanese (or whatever, all Asian languages sound the same to me) lyrics, BOOO!!! You speaky de englis? Anyway, really good, even if you did steal this...hell, im just gonna be different from everyone else and go with the assumption that this is your work. FORGET YOU GUYS!!! :P

I have considerable experience with Flash thieves, and this exhibits signs of being stolen. If you can't tell us where you found this, I believe there is reasonable proof you're trying to cover up its origin. You sir are in big trouble. >:(

Well, I must say this was one wonderful little flash. The only problem I see is that it lacks a little bit of English input. Of course we get the meaning of the video and the profound emotions, although the song itself could've added more meaing if it was translated (as well for the other Chinese phrases that were used). Overall, this deserves my 9/10.

On a side note, I must admit that it is weird to see such a well done and well made animated video on here. I think this should be on completely some other site where the levels are way higher. Anyways, beautiful video.

Even if you haven't cut off the credits you do admit it isn't your production, and leaving the credits do not give permission to submit under your account name to Newgrounds.

The Animation is simply amazing well deserving of a 5/5. As for the dialog, I only wish it was not in Chinese.

Wish I understood the lyrics and text, but I think I caught the gist of it.

Great animation.

It was really good. Animation was amazing. Wish it had English subtitles though.

Well made, pity it isn't yours.
that's chinese btw, not japanese

this was extremly very well made though this isnt ur u would eb whistled by this but very good movie nicely done

But this movie truly opened my heart, and my deep emotions fell into this movie! This movie isn't yours you say? Thats a shame! Since you don't know English i will translate this review in Spanish!

Tu eres un stupido loco! Por que este video es no tuyo! Newgrounds teba sacar de aqui por siempre.

For all you people you could've seen this coming because he's Spanish not Japanese! Look at his Author comments does it prove he's asian? No he's Spanish! Pure Spanish kid! No sign of Asian text at all!

Thank you for looking at my review, hope this help prove that this loser author is fake and should be banned immediately! He's making us look stupid! I don't care if he mention the true author name but Authors should make their own movies not steal from authors! THIS IS BREAKING THE LAW OF NEWGROUNDS!!!

Did you get permission to post someone elses work? It is very well done.

If it's not yours then don't post it. This is an illegal move on Newgrounds and you will be whistled. Next time try not to submit something then play innocent by writing it in a deferent language then saying you don't want credit. You are getting all the glory for this and not the original artist.

I am amazed by the graphic and the drawing, a 10/10 none the less

Animation quality was the best ive seen on newgrounds. I cant even articulate my thoughts enough to review the rest. It was just awe inspiring.

Wt eva it ment dnt even matter... it was awesome

This movie is truly amazing. The art style was more towards classic hand drawn work than flash, and the theme was very tasteful. The music selection was an excellent choice and even though it is in Chinese, the emotion of the song was conveyed.

So beautiful. This really touched me. I only wish I could understand what the singer was saying. The animation and drawings where so wonderful and impressive. Wonderful work here. I highly recommend this to everybody.

I mean I just thought well, let´s check this... I mean... wow...
you are REALLY talented on drawing... seriously... CREATE MORE PLEASE when you got time, this must been took REALLY lot of time... just WOW!!

That was better than alot of anime on Tv. ;_;

this isn't the kind of music i normally listen to but from time to time, i'll find one thats different to the usual heavy-metal, and rock, something soft and moving just like this, i'm not allthat easy to give such high scores, majority of things i see don't even deserve my vote, but this, this is astonishing. i was thinking maybe there could be an MP3, so i could listen to it on the move, and lyrics, both in english and the wierd eng-jap lyrics, you know what i mean right? anyways, back to topic, i loved this i wish to see more of your work, i can't think of anything else to say...
...(Ithink thats enough XD (lol, sorry))

that was awesome......although i didnt understand it it was beautifully made..........

That was very good. But I had two problems with it. There was a lot of tweens or something along those lines throughout a lot of the movie and they were very slow. And the parts where there were no fluid motions, such as moving hands and arms, seemed to jerk slightly as they moved, which stood out. As for the lyrics, as GIR once said, "Yaaay! I don't know what you just said!"

So maybe next time work on those parts so the movements aren't so jerky. But, I can tell a lot of time and effort went into this, not to mention the artwork is something else.

i just wanted to see what it was and then i watched it and it almost had me cryin because of the way it was done, it reminded me of my dad R.I.P, this is goin to go in my fav's and stay there because this has so much meaning

yes its sappy but so what :D

the music was great, the drawing was outstanding, the over all work was AMAZING

I normally only watch video-game parodies and I'm not too easily impressed, but you have sincerely moved me with this submission. The animation was out of this world, the music was touching, and though I couldn't understand the lyrics that only succeeded in helping the submission. My hat off to you.

This was so Beutiful! the story was Beutiful! the drawing was Beutiful! this was so perfect and the story almost made me cry even though i did not understand a word of the song the animation almost said everthing! man i hope you'll be making more! you do have an amazing tallent :'D

amazing video. The animation quality was just stunning and probably one of the best animations on newgrounds. The only thing I had a problem with was the fact that i couldn't understand alot of the words and what was written on that ball that grew the flower, but so minimal compared to the overall quality of the work. Keep up the great work.

I'm suprised. That was very beautiful, and I normaly don't say things like that. Good job.

Wonderfully animated, loved the music, overall a great submission. One of my favorites most definately.

everything was perfect it was so pretty even though i couldnt understand it it made everything a bit more mysterious and perfect im crying now cuz it was so beautiful!!!! =') -sobs- -sniff sniff-

This has to be one of the best animations on newgrounds to date! Great song (even though I couldn't understand a word), amazing consistancy of quality, magnificent display of smooth animation, great original character concepts, and just a fantastic animation all around. Congrats on your success at an incredible animation, continue to make more and inspire those who view your work.


Was all right.
Good drawings,
Ok animation,
Boring story.

Boring cos I've seen it so many times before.

And, also, I just have an aversion to Manga/Anime. I dunno why, but it just really annoys me. I can realise the talent. But I just don't like it.

Overall, was ok.
Nicely drawn.
But, the story was a little boring and predictable.

Love it make more!!!

bravo bravo, shame I couldn't understand it, perfect work perfect

i dont know about all this stealing buisness, it sounds like something a ass-hat or "Anonymous" member (if you don't know about the "anonymous army" then you know nothing about whats going on in the web) would do, most of you have probably already translated what the description said but here's what i got
"Read before commenting do not say that I am removing credito other people's( whitch probably means credit from other people which could mean stealing) that from a beginning clarifies that the author is xxbt from the first time that subi the porfavor flash leanlo or traduscan by(which i think is him saying the original author is 'xxbt' i think thouge that he goes on to say that this xxbt gave him promission)"

i loved it i dont know why people think you stole it

he probably isn't responding to anyones reviews because HES CAN ONLY SPEAK SPANISH

I don't care if it was stolen or not that was the most warming, heartfelt story that I have ever seen. I don't care what nobody say.

P.S the animation was the best I have ever seen on newgrounds :D

Gracias, This was a wonderful video, glad you brought it to Newgrounds.

Don't take credit for something that isn't yours, nor should you even attempt to mislead people to think so.
That "google.com Spanish to English" didn't help really, it wasn't enough to serve as an exemption of the liability for creating that illusion that you are taking credit for it.
No matter what you really were trying to do, viewed objectively your conduct still isn't appropriate. That's all I have to say.

That's the bautifulest video i have ever seen.


its a nice animation, a see at least once no matter who you are... but why post it if it isnt yours... ?

I don't understand why this user is allowed to hock credit for this flash when it clearly isn't theirs.

I didnt understand any of it, I aint particually fond of love flashes, and I dislike non-violent endings, but....

that line deserves a line of its own just because it is so true.
And the music is appropiate too.

5/5, 10/10!

the music didnt do anything for me but the animation itself. fucking wow keep making stuff like that its fucking beautifull

Even though I didn't understand any of it, that was still; just...wow...I applaud. Very moving and touching

I can't believe you made it yourself with Flash. This is so awesome... So great... Just perfect!!! How many hours you pass on creating this movie?

Very good job by the way!

thats a Moving Movie it Also had
Good Animation
Matching Music to the Movie
Awesome Drawings

So perfect

Just because you say it is from xxbt doesn't mean you can put it under your account!

You have no proof that they gave their consent to you to do this and I'm sure if they knew you can win $250 for it, they probably would've done it themselves.

Making people translate your comments? Well go and translate them yourself.

Because of this, I don't even know if the rest of your stuff is made by you.

"Read before commenting, do not say tthat I am taking credit stranger to clarify from the outset that the author is xxbt from the first time that the flash subi please translate or by leanlo. "

Whatever! By putting it under YOUR account YOU are taking credit for other people's hard work!!!

BTW: xxbt deserves a 10 from me from such a lovely piece of work.

This is just so amazing, and so beautiful that it really delivers a real message about love. If you care about someone that much, you'd let them know how you really feel. I honestly felt like crying when I saw this because I was blown away with amazment at this.

Well done mate!

it was beautiful artwork and matching music. Nice to see chinese stuff on newgrounds.

though i have doubts that you made it. thanks for sharing

it was magical it moved my heart

everything was perfect... though i wish you had english subs.. hehe

that was a great flash.. i really think you should have translated atleast the subtitles.. "the only thing i understand from that song was the word (Ai - Love)"

but yeah it was an awesome flash.. really lovely .. so an angel falling inlove with a human or vice versa.. kinda reminds me of ah! my goddess but with angels instead of goddesses .. thats all.. good job again..

nice grafics, nice story, thats all u need to have top score ^^

it was sweet..
this should be an ending to a anime!
but what anime.... i dont know

this is beautiful.

this is great it's not even flash it's anime well chinese anime

Extremely cheezy, but well done XD The animation is great ^_^
Since I'm in love myself it probably didn't seem as cheezy to me as if it could have if I wasn't XP

This was amazing, probably one of the best love based flash clips Ive ever, ever seen. 10/10 all the way.

i didnt understand a bit of tht lol but i loved the anime and the music etc. great ! :D

perfect music..even tho i couldnt understand it :P still im giving you 10 / 10 5/ 5

This movie requires you to have a pair of mammary glands and a vagina to enjoy, let alone sit through the first five seconds. Bleah.

watch this or dedicate this to your love ones. its one beautiful work.

It's like something directly out've a fricken' TV/Movie anime! Truly splendid.

A truly amazing piece of work. This is extremely professional looking.

Keep up the great work.

One of the best flash animation i ever saw! keep up~~~


It was so touching to watch this. I'm Chinese and I'm ashamed that I can't speak Chinese, but as far as I know I think it's about a angel who falls in love with a boy, who sends a gift to him and every day it grows and it symbolises (sp) their ever growing love. I'd like to live in a world like that... and man does he sleep alot! Dosen't he have school or something? And whats with the trees? They're so random, in a good way! I loved the song, and animation, top notch! I almost cried, you what make others like it! The ending is so heart warming too!

wow... touching... absolutely beautiful

lol it was good even tho it was in mandarin even tho sometimes songs in mandarin sounds better than in cantoese very nice gonna ask my dad to read me the song lol

It made me cry Um I don't know if I understood it but was it about a boy who lost his love who went to heaven and this flower represented there love and when it bloomed to the fullest she was able to come back? I like it in its langauge No I didnt understand it but it would have sucked in english hehe

OMG OMG that was so cute :3.....*ahem* ah I mean that was absolutely heart warming, even though I didn't understand the language, just hearing it made me feel happy.

Even thou im not a love story guy I thought that it was very well animated and heart breaking (beacause it already happened to me once)

It Made Me Sad In The End, But Nonetheless, It Was Beutifully Done!

That was beautiful animation and the song was kool, but I do wish there was english subtitles at the very least. There is such thing as a copyright laws and not only that if you claim this was by you that would be purgery and that, is very bad. I rated it this a nine because of the aniamation I docked it one rating for no english translation. If you want people to enjoy this more there should be an english translation, because not everyone can understand spanish or chines.

hehe lucky i know chinese...btw darsh,chinese is relly hard to learn so i myself suck at it..so yea..

*tCh* how shady. couldn't you have translated it yourself? you think most ppl would actually take the time to go and translate the spanish? most ppl just go ahead and watch the flash. i know i didn't until i saw that the flash song was chinese, and found it fishy.
you're only allowed to upload something that YOU made onto newgrounds unless you have their expressed consent and honestly, i doubt that you do. if the creator of this flash wanted it here, they would have uploaded it here themselves. ppl here think it's yours and that ain't right.

Couple of things about the flash, couple of things about the one who submitted it.

First, I really wish I knew Chinese. It would probably enhance the whole experience quite a bit. Next, I thought the animation and art quality were both top notch. Really good stuff.

It slipped down to an 8 because of my preference for things that are just a tad less... pink? Heart shaped? It was a little too much. That and the fact that I didn't really know what was going on. I got the general feeling though, so it's not like it's the end of the world.

Now about the "author."

Why the FUCK would you tell us you aren't the author... in Spanish? Oh, but it was kind of you to leave a suggestion of where to translate it: GOOGLE! I never would have thought of that! Jesus.

And Hunter1410 makes a good point. If this wins a cash prize, and you keep it, that's stealing. Moreover, that's not even regular stealing. That's stealing like a bitch. So I really hope that this doesn't win a prize, or if it does (and it might, cuz it's pretty damn good) you give the money to who earned it. There are a lot of possible mitigating circumstances, so this may be a lot of talk about nothing, but unless you put your reasons in the comments box (preferably in English), you're gonna have a lot of explaining to do.

Oh, and to be fair...


english to spanish

You know why....

long but nice

its nice but its not urs. ppl translate it.

ok here is the point, you are giving an explanation that this is not your work but the problem is that you are giving it in spanish, why you didn´t translated what you said??? ok just in case that somebody else wants to know here is what you said in spanish:

read before you comment, don´t say that i´m getting a credit that i don´t deserve since the beginning i said that the creator is xxbt since the first time that i uploaded this flash please read or translate with google.com

ok, first of all why YOU didn´t used google to translate your text?? second this is not your work, what is going to happen if by any chances this flash wins the montly prize??? are you going to sedn this prize to teh original author or are you going to keep it to yourself??? sorry but i hate to see when somebody is acting like they are doing something good but ends being something bad, THIS IS NOT YOUR WORK but many guys around here are thinking that it is, and that buddy is not a fair game.

*sniff* beautiful. just... just beautiful.

hmmm, just hmmm, nice animation but hmmm, nice graphics but hmmm, nice tits but...hmmm.

It very nice....I know most of it since I'm chinese...But I don't know how to rate this since you're spanish and i don't think any spanish I know of can do something chinese not even to say this good

Listen. You got away with this because the majority of the newgrounds community does not speak Spanish. I read what you said and you admitted that this is not your work and that you do not take credit for it. Well you know full well everyone is going to think that you created this. Meanwhile you are getting credit for someone elses work despite your "intentions". I would just like to point out that this is immoral and against the NG rules.

This is literaly the best artwork i've ever seen on negrounds. You have great artistic talent. Good luck with any future projects.

The animation was beutiful, the song was amazing... This whole flash is amazing.

That is the most beautiful song I have ever heard.

Although, I must admit I have no idea what the words mean.

i love....simply love it........i cried

I don't know about the Author or Creator, nor do I care who made it. All I know is, whoever did, has an amazing talent... Fu**ing beautiful... I teared a bit... ;_;

just wow. incredible everything.

Couple things.
1) I'm American. I need subtiles or something.
2) The graghics are great quality. The best I've seen in awhile.
I gave it a 6 because of the looks.

grats this was VERY well done and the music with the story almost made me cry a feet that not even my mothers death could do thats how good this was /clap

That's pretty much a good one word to describe it. Very professional, and touching. I agree with Kyusaku, this is among some of the greatest flash i've seen, and very pretty.

If i keep going on about it, this'll probably start to sound sloppy, but it gets a ten from me.


that was a great flash not mean like that on NG it made my cry in good way not mean love story's on NG as will

though i couldnt understand a single word...
this was an awesome flash. good work
i guess the only thing that could be added is english captions over the chinese captions
other than that, it is a pleasant music video

what do u mean by spanish? All i see are chinese words anyway, but really good job, really nice music and really nice graphic, btw, i made a mirror for u guys, if u wana download it:

A couple of mirrors:




Personallu......a bit too cheesy, but the animation was just too awsome to believe.
I just need to reach for my girlieness...soo so hard, but still so perty haha

I've only seen one or two other flashes that were so pretty to look at. Very few look like they had so much work poured into the art and overall production.

One thing yet, I just wonder. How many programs were used to make this? Is there only so much that can be done with the original flash program before another program has to be used for the animation and effects? When might it come to the point where all of the good looking animations are only partially, or even just barely made in flash? I'm not going to criticize any submission that is well made, but I wonder if the wall has already been hit with using just a single program. Flash is the foundation of this site, and I hope should always remain so. Eep, sorry. I think I wandered off a little here.

Very nice work, hope to see more soon.


Wonderful art, kinda wish I could understand it though.
It's great.

Is it really done in flash or did you compile something else in a .swf file? You obviously used a lot of programs to make this.

i wish it had eng subs but it was so cute and just so nice. it was great animation to

Lo siento para mi Espanol, porque yo soy un estudiante, pero Ud. tiene un video muy bien. Pero yo no se porque su tiene un video de China. Es un video muy bien.

I loved the animation, its one of the best I've seen so far... the story wasn't really my type, but the animation visual was amazing. It inspires me to practice harder on the flashes I make,,, 10/10

Yeah, I feel kinda girly for watching it. However, the animation was breathtaking, and it was sweet and cute. I felt sad at the end though, because it seemed like he never got the girl.

The animation was simply perfect, Idon't even think, that animation level was able with flash, it's very touching, so deep, themusic isvery cute and deep, it's perfect where eva you see it

WE ALL LOVE THOSE JAPANESE HANDS! (I found it boring, but amazing job)

That was upmost one of the most amazing flashs in all of newgrounds. It has such a sheer level of animation. It's stunning and touching at the same time. I would actually like to see a a translated version of this, but, I'm scared to think if it'll ruin the quality o f the work. It's simply amazing.

- OrangeKey

The story itself was very cheesy, and the music really wasn't my thing but it still managed to be an amazing animation. Just the quality of animation was stunning by itself. Ive never seen flash do such great animation that I could think im watching a real anime, like the kind made by teams of people. Anime has been attempted on flash before but never to this level. You have made the single best animated flash on all of newgrounds, great job.

I don't think ive ever been this moved by a flash either, very deep, very touching.

Bored on a Sunday morning, I decided to browse Newgrounds. Not knowing what I'd find, I opened this file without any expectations. Little did I know It'd move me in a way I haven't been moved ever by a flash animation.

Feeling every emotion with every tear, every touch, every expression the animation showed. Such a cheesy concept but so well worked out, and with such amazing graphics...it's truely stunning.

Many Kudo's for your work. You touched my heart with this work, and I bet no flash artist ever had. You inspired me.

It was an honour to watch this piece of art
I thank you

Never seen very smooth animation like this before rare often see this and it great

pero no lo entiendo.... eres peruano... dices que la animacion NO LA HICISTE TU...... yo se que no es robar pero aun asi no era tu jurisdiccion decidir si subir esto.
es decir, sabes chino si quiera??? exactamente que tuviste tu que ver con esta produccion?

NO entendi la letra, pero el video estaba bien animado y en general la calidad era buena. por eso le voy a poner 10.

Por favor si vas a enviar algo, que sea TU TRABAJO, amigo. Piensalo asi, estas haciendo como los niños chiquitos que hacen que papa les haga las tareas y ellos reciben los 10's

And i meant it in a good way,(I dont really know how wanting to choke somebody is good in anyway for other people though)

I know i don't write many reviews or vote all that often but i just had to this time because I can see you've put a lot of work into this. I am still shocked at how great the animating was(very smooth) and you definately deserve a 10/10!

..............Now I have the sudden urge to punch something to get rid of these sentimental feelings.

In reply to CoryLehan:
If graphics were set to medium the quality of entire flash would be compromised. Although quality change option would be welcome.

Definitely amazing art, thismust have taken a whole lot of time and devotion.
Huge congrats, this is one of the finest flashes ever made.

Good graphics, but English subtitles should have been included. Also it should have been defaulted to medium quality, and a quality change option was needed. Besides that, great movie.

it's things like this that keep me coming back to newgrounds. keep up the great work

*sob* This is art

your the best animator and drawer i yet seen in newgrounds or anywer else on internet >.>

The day this happens in reality will be a magnificent day indeed.

Animation so smooth... professional... I don't give a ten lightly this is a true work of art... kudos to you... the story was so sad.

Thats a first!!! Really astonishing. The art was incredible.

I haven't seen anything like that before...but I like it!

I dunno if it is the yummy spices in your food or what but, the skills involved in making this animation must of been pretty l33t because it just looked so damn awesome.

The only drawback is no English subtitles.

The animation was incredibly smooth, especially the part where he sat up in bed...the plot-type thing was great, too...this seems like it could be an ad for a real anime! GREAT job!

That was completely incredible

very cute ... very nice peace of work ... amazing skills...speachless!
Keep them coming :D

I tought Mechalord was beeing too hard ,but he was 100% right! The animation is pretty but it was one of the must boring stuff i seeing in newground so far!!!! And I love animes i watch animes everyday ;)! I felt like this was boring and not original..i think i saw something similar in some other animes.....

you have a gift. wow the animation was cool. i was surprised to see that this was anime and not a flash movie so you get 5 thumbs up on that.

i would say it ain't a newgrounder thing it had great amination but it was really boring seriosly i was like omg this is so boring. you should not have put in a newgrounds because thats not is not what most people who come to newgrounds look for. anyways it still had great animation. and it was BORING


simply wonderful animation

This reminds me of a scene from the Kingdom Hearts games. The Animation is good. The "storyline" is very romantic and cute. But, in order to fully understand it's strongly recommended that you download the MP3.



lol jk man, that was sweet, i wish i spoke whatever language the song was in :D!

I am REALLY amazed of your animating skills, and your manga style drawing!
Good job!

its was nice but i did not understand some...

I also liked the music, sounded quite beautiful, except it seemed a bit repettitive when the guy wakes up alot and the angel come back and disappears and comes back and disappears, but anyway, you did a nice job on the nimation ^^

but next time i want english text i don't understand one part of this flash but immense animation

AMAZING artwork first off. This cannot be said enough about your style. I love the choice of music. I suggest for the future if you could include say English lyrics it would be awesome to know whats being said but I won't hold it against your score in any way as the tone set itself and you can almost feel the message carried by the lyrics. Its touching, thank you for your submission.

the animation was good, but it wasnt really entertaining to me...i couldnt understand anything (not a problem on its own) but once you add the sort of randomness of it...it was more like just a big pretty picture...i didnt feel any story...just angel, pretty little flowers, some guy...it didnt really have its own story...no death, so its not a "missing you" kinda feel... and it was anime-ish....now i do not like anime because of the relatively low frame rate and too many camera effects (not to mention i dont like the way the characters look)

but this was nice, it had a nice amount of fbf, and the backgrounds and in some scenes the characters themselves where rendered nicely

Truly a stunning flash.

It made me think of a special someone..


Quite an amazing flash with wonderful quality. Clearly one of the best.

thats some incredible talent ya got

This by far is the best animation, on newgrounds I've seen in a long time. I felt like I was watching a beautiful Anime in motion. I give this a 10. This was beautiful. It made me feel alot better considering I've had my ex on my mind today. Thank you.


It sounded beautiful even though i didnt understand a word of it. The animation is really well done and the graphics is stunning. Maybe you could add some english if you dont mind. 5/5 10/10


This is a beautiful and clean animation.

Whoever voted lower than 5/5 and 8/10 is either a moron or a complete idiot.
This can be the best animation I've seen in NG ever.

hat was the best love music video i ever seen! even though it wasn't in english or subs. i loved it!!! what a beautiful video. loved the music and animation and the storyline. just beautiful!!!

I think... this was actually a "flash" commercial for herbal extract...

It was nicely animated, could care less about the song.. but it bothers me, I wonder what the lyrics of the song was.

I thought this was beautiful!!^^
I really love the music and the emotion thats in this!
Keep it up!

And this children is what happens when you smoke crack.
Cool movie though.

Indeed, this was very beautiful. If only I understood what was being said. It is so good that that they got together.

Hate to be a downer, but I have to say that I'm not all that enthusiastic about this movie. I was bored throughout the movie, mainly because nothing exciting ever happens. The colors are so consistently bright, the mood is constantly happy and light, the music is slow, etc. The fact that there is absolutely no change in atmosphere throughout the entire feature makes it a bore to watch.

There's no need for explosions or violence. But for future movies, try to make the story more of an emotional roller-coaster rather than a flat, uneventful highway.

Well, talk about setting a new high! This has got to be one of the best animations i have seen in a while. It's up there with John Su (final fantasy A+ and Shoo Fly, personal fave flash animations) or even better! Hope we see more from the creator in the future.

One thing though was the song, it might of helped if it had translated subtitles so that we could understand better what is happening.

I'm not such a romantic person,
but i love anime, and this was perfectly animated.
I think this is he best anime on ng.

by: 1Klas

hmm don´t understand it i thing i have to smoke some weed then its better
So what if you don't understand a word it's still very beatiful

This was beautifully animated, but it was saccharine I think I need an insulin injection.

that has to have been one of the best drawn animations i've ever seen. nice work. i just wish i knew what the lyrics were

We haven't seen good art like this in a long time. The style was good, the animation was fluid and well done. Exceptional work. I'm not one to enjoy a story such as that, but despite that I enjoyed watching the whole thing. Well done! Hope to see more in the future.

well chinese, i understand some. touching, nice animation...good music.. i give you my all 10. coz i usually don like chinese things... =) keep up the good work.. make more such touching stuff for world xD.

hmm don´t understand it i thing i have to smoke some weed then its better

just...beautiful. Reminds me of me and my girlfriend.


No dobt about it the animation was beautifully done. But I didn't really like the music, I muted it. I know it probubly fits it the animation, i just didn't like it. Please consider making a death metal video. With your skills it could be awsome.

It's so beautiful.If it were Japanese music and not Chinese or Korean don't know for shore.

its awsome and all but i only got to see some of it.

I think that is a masterpeace of loving art work 10/10 fantastic job keap it up in this rate and you will bee the best there is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a good couple of love related animations lately and yours does not detract form the list what so ever. Now to criticize, the major issue I had with your animation is the obvious language barrier, I had no clue wtf was going on! I also did not like .... Im trying my best here I know it was missing something ummm yeah no constant animation, I know im nitpicking here but I here to review you right? The animation kept cutting into scenes of the girl floating down, over and over again, it also had the odd scene with the dude walking up to the flower but that was still pretty short. However since this is a love song I expect everything to be slow and gentle so it isn't much of an issue. I really enjoyed just staring at your drawings, your use of colour was insane and some of the backgrounds like the pink sky you had were so beautiful, Im not even a fan of anime and I found that everything in your animation was cool. Hope to see more from you, maybe you could make another love song in time for valentines?

Sneakz, the new KING of reviewers

It's so beautiful it made me cry.

Great storyline, great art, great animation, great everything! Exept... ya know, it is not everyone that learns chinese or japanese or whatever at school... get some english subtitles! :)


Story 10P
Graphis/Animation 10P
Sound/Music 10P

I think english subtitles would be good, but this is amazing! Wonderful. :')

Great Music and animation! Truly deserves 10 for this. By the way, to all reviewers out there, take note that this is chinese, so don't go embarassing yourselves by saying your japanese is not good. This is chinese !

Its in mandrin .... this is ok ... you did credit the original artist . but Im only gonna give around 7

The animation flow was good, story was good, almost everything was good!!
i didnt like the unnecessary subtitle. that the reason by a 9 but everything else was fantastic!

Reminded me very very much of a lvl from the 1st japanese elite beat agents game. Only this was worse then that. The music was lame, the story was lame, and the style was totally unoriginal. And the unnecessary subtitles were just stupid. Dont make generic copies of ideas that have been done billions of times :P

While I do wish there were english subtitles this submition was simiply awsome. This is one of the reasons why I like Japanese artists because they usually have good artwork.

The way the music fit the piece was perfect. Animation was stellar. It was just an all around good piece of work, some of the best on newgrounds.

Only 1 suggestion! Would it be possible to subtitle this as my japanese is not fluent :)

10/10 - 5/5

This has to be one of the greatest things i have ever seen about love. Also its awesome how you really do not need words you can understand to get the feel of love.

Ps i agree with everything Dannyboy-the-Dane said. And F-U to the guy who thought it needed porn because its about love not porn

this movie was so good, i nearly cryed, seriously.

All 10 stars for you. It was very beautiful. I'm gonna add it into my favourites!!

This piece is beautiful and very well made. The graphic are magnificent and the story is touching, even though I don't understand the language. Luckily, words are not necessary to tell a beautiful story. :3

And to the idiot who asked why there wasn't hentai in this movie: Because this movie is about LOVE, not PORN! If you can't tell those two things apart you have a serious problem and I feel sorry for you.

Its not my type of thing but still great work.

I watched it and I fell in love with this piece immediately. I believe that there was someone who wrote a review saying that he didn't like the language and that a story needs subtitles to be good.

I"m afraid I must disagree. Language is only one third of the equation. Sometimes, a story is better if you don't know what is actually being said. That is the allure of opera for some people, you see. It's true, I wasn't one hundred percent sure what was going on, but that's part of what makes this good. It left me guessing.

Anyway, I'm done ranting. Well done! You have my congratulations.

it was okay but this flash had MAJOR potential to have hentai in iT!!!!1
y didnt you go for it??!!?!?!!??!?///1 :{

It was awesome! animation,song & story ya well i didnt get anything of it T.T sounded awesome tho

Well done! smooth animation, and beautyful graphs

This is really a masterpiece. Even if there wasn't much animation later in the video. I wish everything on NG was half as good as this.

... neighter is my Spanish.

So fist of all I can't identify or read if this is done by an other author.
If so it would be fine to describe, why he was not able to post it on NG him self, so that you did it.

The animation is great, no question, but it is more a musicvideo to a Japanese song and ... lets face it ... more for younger kids. It reminds me much of "Peterchens Mondfahrt"



I translated what you're discription said, and you're not the original author? Shouldn't you not steal their works and post them and ask them to, or did I just read the translation wrong, these internet translaters are bad...

Sorry if it is yours, it was a great video! 8D

First - The animation and the backgrounds was sooo good ( like every other anime ) that it is hard to believe that you didn't stole this from somwhere, however, i'll vote as it deserves.
Second - It wasn't realy touching, i do not like those anime movies that are suppose to be touching. That's just because i don't understand them. Even those subtitles was in japanese or whatever was that language.
Third - Seriously man, what is this: ' Animation Love autor xxbt ' suppose to mean?


Animation - 10/10 ; Awesome, what to say?
Music - 5/10 ; I don't like the genre and the language. Sorry.
Story - 9/10 ; I think I get the story, but still, you could add english subtitles..
Originality - 9/10 ; This is kinda stereotypic. Have you seen other movies like this?

So - 10/10 ; I think the average is 9/10, but i couldn't vote that if you realy do that hard work with it.

it's an advertisement for a product based on the little flowerpot featured in it. it's a chinese-based company. go look at their websit www.trolove.cn. it's all in chinese though,

it was really cute ^_^ i loved it
beautiful storyline and amazing animation

beautiful animation, and a verrry cute story! X3 5\5 10\10 -^_^-

I have never seen a flash that looks even nearly this good. It's in its own league. Wow

If i'm right this is a preview from some anime, cause i have differently seen that guys face somewhere for an anime. i can't remember.

I'm speechless even if this is your work or not it seems whoever made it has great talent

i love the animation it was beautiful.

don't submit other peoples stuff man, thats just wrong!
And how come this got front page when it even sais in the author comments that it is stolen :S

Yack.. Awesome animation o: but the story sucked, and it made no sence.... -__- If you made that, you should use your super skills to create things worth watching o______O

Stolen or not its indeed great

... but yet, amazing.

soo beautiful....i don't care if ur the real author or not this is one of my favs

Truthfully, I seriously do NOT believe that you had any right to post someone else's work without their permission ... EVEN if you give credit to them. Seems here that you didn't even bother to post the ENGLISH comment. You could've google translate yourself. (To me, this is like the concepts of rebates. People who can't read Spanish will not even bother to read your comment ... so some people will not even realize that they are giving false credit to you. And considering that you didn't make a separate account to post other stuff that isn't yours, I believe that this is a disgrace)

Back to the actual animation: Quite amazingly animated and extremely fluid too. It's apparently a professional work .... so, y'know ... For me, I think the fact that the frame rates are so good and the animation is better than Saturday cartoons makes it ... how you say ... just godlike, I guess. Kudos to xxbt ...

This is amazing! its like anime in an HD TV!

Fantastically done. Some of the best animation I've seen in a flash in general.

Also, in before Inverse Popularity.

I LOVED it. yu are awesome man

I really liked that movie. The animation was awesome, and the music and singing was also cool. I didn't really care that I couldn't understand the words because the movie was so good overall.

Ah, I get it. It's symbolism. Flower: girl losing virginity. Drops of water: she is wet. Guy waiting for an angel from the sky: he's going to die a virgin, waiting for his love to fall from the sky, instead of getting the confidence to meet a girl through a 'real' method like interaction at a coffee shop.

I will give the studio a 8 for good animation, minus 2 points for squintty eyes.

I have not seen such a beautiful flash for a long time and the art work itself was also beautiful.
I loved this and I would like to see move stories like this one.

That was amazing.. o .o

Yeah.. JamstaKILL
Who cares? And i'd like to see you do better? >.>

Just perfect...

personally, I hate anime cus its not very origional, however if yu like that stuff then Im not stopping you. I like this cartoon (even though it isnt very origional concerning style) however I love the animation and the music that fits in with the animation

I give you 9/10 and my own personal HORRAY! lol xP

im not a big fan of love stories n all, but overall ya did pretty good :]

i do understand.... very creative

Simply beautiful. Reminds me of my BF and myself. I love the flash, very well done, thank you for posting such a beautiful piece of work.

This Was So Awesome!


I'm not a big fan of anime romance,but the animation is gorgeous. The kid kinda look like Roxas,but hey..its still cool.

Can't speak a word of spanish, or chinese, or whatever language this is. It doesn't matter. It's a lovely animation, and my sincere thanks goes to its maker (whomever it may be, I'm confused from all the previous comments!). But it didn't matter that I couldn't understand the lyrics, the animation was explanation enough. Magnificant.

No-o Post-o El Flash-o on Newgrounds-o if you.. didnt make it-o

we don't care, if you credited EL AUTHOR-O you no EL make it, YOU NO EL SUBMIT IT,

No me gusto el hecho de que estuviera en CHINO pero debo admitir que tiene unas inreibles e inhumanas animaciones, es cierto que DEBISTE haber puesto subtitulos, pero la gente yo yo te perdonamos porque el video ROMPE y acaba con todo, esta muy bueno.

NOTA: ¿como diablos le dices a la gente en español que traduzca esto al ingles?, ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡que BARBARO!!!!!!!!!

In english ( just for noobies)

I didn't like the factthat it was in CHINESE but I must admit that it has some incredible and inhuman animations,it is true that you SHOULD have put some subs, but ppl and and I can forgive you because the video is FUCKING GOOD and it rocks, it's very good indeed.

NOTE: how do you ask ppl in spanish to translate this video to english?, aw man what a newb...

NOTE toBGuthead: the author CLEARLY said (in spanish, sorry for you) that the author was xxbt, so he wanted no acusations, aw...

FAQ to God: WHY I am SO surrounded by NOOBS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

(learn how to use the infamous "google translator"

This is Chinese all day long, you monkeys. Not korean. Certainly not japanese. Still, I've only recognized a few kanji that I saw in japanese; but they're totally unrelated since they mean totally different things from they way they're read. Point is I'm sure nobody understands it. :P (Oh, my bad, there's 'ai' - love, it's just read differently here.)

Still, impressive. The sheer amount of animating is amazing. 10s and 5s all around!

Era muy bonitos y bien. Me gusta it mucho.

Sorry for my bad Spanish I try. lol :D

Loved it though and hope to see more good work. Kudos on this.

Hasta luego.

I have read your comment and seen the animation of which you have posted.
The animation is clearly of great effort, the kind that would be used in either movies or cartoons, but the only main issue (and i am sure that there are others who would agree with me) is that you did not implicate English subtitles.

But other than that, the flash animation was great (dispite the fact that someone else had made it as to i have come to believe).

you are a very good flash animator, so much so that i was willing to endure the lyrics of the language i didnt know :P.

but keep in mind that having no idea what the song is talking about really doesnt help us connect to the film in anyway.

english subtitles would be very helpful.

But, then again, it wasn't exactly my thing. I can tell that this deserveds a 10 though, the amount of time and effort and the BLOOM in this makes it a real viewing experience.

English translations would be good!

By the way, this is not japanese. It's either chinese or korean... Or some other language, but it's not japanese.

It was very well done and beautiful, even though I couldn't understnad a single thing being said.

I will say that this honestly is *not my type* of flash movie. Not to say that yours was anything less than amazing, but I couldn't get into it.

The fact that I can't read or translate Japanese didn't help either, might want to put in English subtitles if you have the time.

im so very jealous

Is there any other word to describe this than phenomenal? It was breathtakingly beautiful, truly and deeply brilliant and moving, and I can't think of a single animation I've seen that comes close to the perfection of this. Honestly, the animation looked like it was professional (in the sense of an Anime you'd buy on DVD or some such thing). It's just not justifiable not to reward this work of perfection with anything less than just that. Absolutely amazing...

Very nice. Loved the artwork. Keep it up! ^__^

how can i not give this 5/5 10/10?, would be nice indeed if you pust english translation below it
anyway keep up the good job and make more

That was absolutely beautiful, hope you make more!

yepp...really good stuff!

but when you translate it in english, it would be better

I don't think I can justify not giving this work of art top marks.

I really liked it alot. I wish I could do that good in flash. The song suited the movie really well.

that was an amazing video, some of the best quality ive ever seen

So I read the other reviews and found out this isn't really your work. I find no problem if you credit the author (which you did), but you should also have proof that the author even allows this to be posted on NG. Otherwise you are stealing another person's work. Hopefully you were SMART enough to get permission... Which I doubt you did...

Anyways back to the flash. I will review it regardless of who made it.

The animation was stunning and the song suited perfectly to it. Love and flash never worked together so beautifully. Its just to bad that not everyone here on NG will get all the meaning from the flash. But good to see some Chinese submissions on here. Thought we were going to be left out. To bad it might be stolen though :\.

the animation was so good that at the end of the video i thought i was watching TV. I'm sher if i knew what the words were i would like it a lot more. but i still liked it with or without the words so 10/10 :D

that was some of the best animation ive seen on newsgrounds so far holy shit
but it would have been better with english subtitles or song
6 for animation 0 for story no idea what was going on

It was a reaaallly cute video.. the thing is .. I didn't understand really well.. would be nice if there were subtitles...

I'm chinese yet my mandarin is bollocks sadly.. i really want to know the meaning of the song.. can someone please help? from the animation i think it's a love affair between an angel and a boy but they cannot be together because she's a heavenly being.. the flower the girl gave is a symbol of their love.. which the guy nurtured.. in ending i think is that either the girl gave up her immortality to be with the guy.. i really like this animation but i was kinda disappointed when i found out it was actually an advertisement..kinda upset when such a moving story is motivated by money

i liked it kinda o.o
its good graphics but its not really yours
your safe ONLY if the author allows you to do this, otherwise there will be trouble(better than not stating the author)
5 cause its not yours

Wow i loved it,Vary nice animation.10/10

That was really beautiful, the animation was stunning, the entire thing was just amazing. The person who made this should get a job making anime, they certainly have the skills for it.

The animation is great I think the real author must be proud of his work, but if the author really wanted to post his work in newground wouldnt be more efficient to the author have a NG account and post it himself?

well that my opinion

Other than the quality being too good and lagging my laptop, this animation and art is really professional. I'd be more comforted if we saw permission for you to promote their flash. I'll vote once everything is cleared up.

Read before commenting not say that I am taking credit stranger to clarify from the outset that the author is xxbt from the first time that the flash subi please translate or by leanlo

As translated. you say it's not yours fine. but it is still a rather good flash and definitely deserves a 5. Although i don't condone taking some one else's work. On the positive side it probably would be subjected to more viewers here then where you found it

*sob*this was so beutiful

Really? No one else understands spanish?

Ok...if you read the submitter's comment with some form of spanish to english translator, which is mentioned in the comment, you would notice that it says the real authors (xxbt.com) are credited in the beginning. which they are.

I'll admit, it could have been made a bit larger or more noticable for the morons below >.> ...but the flash itself was still good.
Thanks for submitting it :)

First of all, this Flash was made completely in Chinese. Therefor, the chances for a Spanish-speaker to proficiently write and illustrate the ideas set in the flash are impossible. As a native-born Chinese, I am appalled at how this stolen piece of art can be passed off as a Spanish-speaker's production.

Concrete evidence is provided at the end with the link to the original author's website, which has the domain tag of "cn.com", which leads to China's domain. Even further evidence has been provided upon emailing the studio concerning the distribution of this flash, which has been explicitly stated on the studio's website that under no circumstance are their productions to be uploaded or viewed anywhere else but the studio's own website.

Shame to the thieves who dare to take what is not theirs and pass it off as their own production. It takes nine kinds of stupid to take a beautiful Flash made in one language only to have it stolen by foreigners that attempt to pass it off as their own production.

Nuff said.

I understand now why this isn't a perfect 5/5 score for something that looks so great, you have apparently stolen this animation, and it isn't your orignal work. Unless you have some proof that the original author gave you permission to and asked you to post this on Newgrounds for you, its disgraceful, which is again, unfortunate considering how nice the animation is on its own.

Unless you can show the proof that they gave you permission to post their original work here, I hope that something is done about the flash. I'd hate to have it removed because of how nice it is, but if its here against the authors will, theres not much choice.

'scuse me while i pick my jaw up off my floor... DAMN YOU'RE GOOD!
I agree with Finaleve, i forgot it was my computer for a minute, i tried turning up the volume with my remote >.>
Crazy good... i vote 5. Now.

...This is perhaps one of the most outstanding Flash movies I have seen in years.

Took me awhile to realize I was watching something on Newgrounds and not the TV.

Phenomenal work. Not much else I can say other than I can not wait to see what else you have in store.

Without a doubt, one of the best flashes on NG. Frankly, you have a duty to your fellow artists because of your immense talent: make more.

But please, post disclaimer IN ENGLISH the next time you decide to submit someone else's work WITHOUT permission. That way, at least there'll be less confusion.

On a side note, this flash movie is actually made by a professional flash advertising studio base in Bejing, China. The movie itself is actually an advertisement for a florist shop that, sells flowers with heart-shaped pedals. That's why you see all those heart-shaped flowers in the flash, and the florist's website appearing at the end of the movie.

Having said that, I don't think it would be fair to compare it to other flashes on NG, considering it's made by a flash ad professionals. And no, I don't think there will be a sequel.

I've never seen such fantastic animation on flash before. It looked like it was an actual TV anime or something. Simply astonishing... to the MAX. You have my regards.

That was probably the most amazing thing ive ever seen in a while... Great work

From what I can tell this song and flash animation is an award-winning piece right over here in China (?) (didn't bother to do a full check). Anyway, here's my translation for the first stanza + chorus. It's not 100%, nor might it make sense, but it should suffice for now. :)

Within every girl's heart, there is a piece of pureness
Sealing the beautiful seeds
Eagerly awaiting the moment of release, oh...
Within every boy's heart, there is also a piece of pureness
Filled with fresh air
And soil scented with the aroma of warmth
When they are guided by the Gods of Love
And as time passes
Looking back
Both are bathed in the warm and gentle glow (of love)

Two hearts deeply entwined in love
Melding into the heart of heaven
That is the sacred and virtuous rose
The white, heart-shaped petals
Two hearts deeply entwined in love
Melding into the heart of heaven
Our hearts beat as one
Such is the strength of our love

This is one of the best production quality flash videos I have ever seen, the fact that this flash has not gotten a 5/5 in its score should is kind of scarey.

if you were to make a anime it would be great...i'm not a fan of love/romance but this is the most well drawn flash i've seen not a fan of the music either
. 5/5 10/10 YOU EARNED IT.

...Go together like a square and angels. This video has great animation and a professional look. So much so that cannot believe for most of the time you are watching a flash toon.

I completly speechless. That was beautiful in everyway.

animation was friggin amazing, this was the kind of animation I always wanted to see and finally it has come true! nice work... u just gave me motivation to work on flash again.

It was so beutifully animated... and i wish love was really like that... man id give anything for such a cute girl like that to fall for me T^T

By god, that was the best animation qualtiy I've ever seen on NG. It was a very emotional, and beautiful movie. Amazing job.

That was an amazing video. I had No idea anything so beautiful could be made in flash. That animation quality was perfect. At first I thought maybe they animated it in a more traditional way and used flash's video converter. That's insane. It must've taken a long time to make something of such quality.

When I saw this It seemed like a new Anime movie comeing out. It was that amazing 5/5 10/10

wow, that´s amazing, and this is not stolen lonelinstrumentalist, because he said that is from another person, and is saying that is not from her, so, is not stolen. Anyways it´s great, that guy is good, incredible visual work and good song, and the story is good, everything is perfect.

Absolutely beautiful animation. Ten for the sheer quality of the art alone.

Very cute, too.

It's an ok animation. I didn't understand it, tho >.>

And for those who say the original author isn't credited, translate the Author's Comments. It does say to some point that the uploader did not claim the video has his/her own. So, technically it's not stolen, though it may be used without permission.

would any one like to join me in a group jaw drop? ok good, COMMENCE JAW DROPING! this is quite posibly one of the best animation works i have ever seen in flash.....well next to brackenwood that is.

That was a lovely piece of animation. Nothing may have been translated, but it doesn't need to be. The message of love is clear and evident in the work through the animation and the type of music. This was very well done. Almost brought a tear to my eye (really).

i wish i could understand what the song was but that didnt matter cuz the song u chose was perfect for what your flash was about.

I would have to say that this animation is very touching. The song really helps with the feeling of the animation. And it looks very nice, so...

Nice song + Great looks [+ A story, but this is one of the few that really use one] = A well done flash that many will enjoy

Although, it would of been very nice if you could add english subtitles, so we could understand the song more, but it doesn't really detract from it.

lovely sad tho.

so she gave up her immortality? just be witht he human.... wow... that would be a sad yet loving ending...

that is was rather enjoyable
i liked the animation mostly
music was okay...??..?

This video was one of the best i have seen submitted here on Newgrounds. I admit the song was pretty, (and it brought back some unwanted ex memories), and it was cool not to know the translation. I would like to know it now however, just to see if it would've been as pretty. Thanks for reading this (if you did! :P)


But for me it failed upon delivery. No, I will not sign for this, but if you'd kindly look away, delivery man, i'll hide it in my house.

This is unreadable, so i couldn't tell what the hell was going on. Apparently a young man has a dream of a girl, she leaves him a potted plant with a message, it grows over the year or so, she comes to him and becomes real or something.

This looked like it coulda' been a really sweet project, but it just didn't connect all that well to me. Sure, alot of people will say it's easy to understand and whatnot, but I don't think so. I can't read the note, I dunno what it says. I just didn't like it. It seems to fall short somewhere. I just cant place my finger on it.



The technical artistic prowess you have is quite remarkable. Everything is drawn and animated fabulously. The music and subject matter isn't my cup of tea (about 4 notches too cute) but an otherwise fantastic submission.

it was good, not my type of anime, but good.

through the whole i thought about my girlfriend
that was amazing and i agree with the person below me
not knowing the translation just makes it that much greater

that was AWSOME!

A) - the words of the song translate as follows; I am so gay, gay gay gay gay GAY GAY,,, gay gay gay gay, gay gay, I suck cock baby, cause its MYY hobby, and Im so gay gay gay.

B) YES he did have a dribble stain on his pillow.

C) WTF was that thing on his window space? Maybe it was a chuck of cheese, which eventually went bad and started sprouting fungii.

D) I was seriously dissapointed in the lack of pornography, since the mood and even the music was porono movie sounding.

E) YES I am the guy who always has to ruin a perfectly good submission lol.

F) This was a good submission btw, the animation was top notch keep it up!

Well made, though you should've waited until February 14th to submit this.

I understood the song, but the majority of NG users would've probably benefited from English subtitles. I'm not really into C-pop anyway, but I'm rating based on the quality of the Flash itself, after all.

o_O i actually know the person who made this.....anywayz
i registered just to comment on this flash ^_^
i never liked that song untill today o_o this flash made me smile ^_^
and can you ppl live with out english sub? i mean alot of the lyrics wont make much sense if you translate it...>.> part of the beauty is not knowing.

Well the movie thingy was good but what i wanted to say is that it seems, that everyone whos writing that he didn´t like the movies gets kind of ... discriminated. Like the guy Migel. He says his opinion and suddenly his Comment is "useless" ! Whats up with that, guys?

the flash was excellent but like all the others it needs english subtitles. But keep up the good work!

The graphics were marvelous and the animation was good 2. But in some scenes the same animation was used again and thus making this repetetive.
The whole love thing like its presented here has also been done millions time before good examples would be any anime serie ending.

Anyway didnt enjoy watching 2 stuck anime faces with little smile watching blatently in front of them the whole time with romantic slow music behind it.
Not saying its bad movie or that you should improve but without character delopment or historie there is not much fun into it.

I only took off one star because it was PERFECT... but I couldn't read it. I'm convinced that if it had been subtitled, I would have been in tears of joy at the sheer beauty and understood meaning of the song.

Bravo brava.... This was by far a great animation. I could tell that you put a lot of effort and work into this anime. Like people have said before no words and the parts that you do have words on they are all in japanese subtitles. Maybe next if you wanted to would be put in some english subtitles. But once again bravo.. Excellent!!

but it needs english subtitles?....please?

This was F**king amazing, excellent!

No words, but make more flash anime ! This one was deeply amazing .

one of the best animations on newgrounds

you definitely have a future in not just flash, but animation, i wouldnt be surprised to see your name on the credits of an anime or something, if it isnt already. thats incredible.
i did see one thing though, and im trying to make this as constructive criticism, when the angel was coming down into the field, hey hair and dress where flowing, but her wings wernt moving at all, maybe you wanted this, maybe you just overlooked it.
either way, excellent movie.

Very well drawn graphics and animations - In that aspect you would deserve 11 stars! The only thing that took the 10th star away was in my opinion ... well the fact that it couldn´t possibly be any ´girlier´. It was like ... like you took a bunch of 12 year old Tokio Hotel fans (You don't know what it is) absorbed all the girliness and put it with some sort of girly-magic into that flash. And that's something a average (emotionally dead) Dude/German can't do anything with. Besides the song kinda pi... kinda bugged me.

Hey, why don´t we just take all the girly stuff out of the flash, replace it with blood, violence and hate? A nice In Flames song on top of that and we´d have something everybody could do something with!

Makes me kinda sad, because i know it will never happen

beautiful....................left me speechless

this was animated so well it looked like a real anime and this was done in flash correct thats just amazing i whish i could draw and animate people like you can amazing 20/10

Dude, the animation in your flash is simply amazing. It's practically anime quality. What was that song though? What language was it in? Personally, to me, that song REALLY sounded like Mandarin.

It's so hard to gather my thoughts on this, it's so beautiful and sweet, I was so moved by this that I almost cryied out of joy. I love it so much, I wish that this could be made into an anime someday. ^_^

wow it took my breathe away when i watch it did u draw it

So beautiful, so sweet. I can't understand a word of the singing but still i could place myself in the flash. Simply amazing. No other words needed. amazing job, well done.

Though i seriously don't know why you have submitted an art flash that is so well done, way better then the bracken wood series, and he find that Newgrounds will love you? Hell yes they will, though the Japanese got me a little frustrated, i want English version!

There is no way to give advice. Incredible.

It seems to belong on a anime channel but the song and flash reminds me that I am really lonly.

muy execelente esta gran animacion, unos graficos bien realizados, lo unico que te puedo decir es que lo unico que puedo decir es lo maximo mis 10 de estrallas jejeje

you did great tell me how you did it, its a beautiful flash did you hand draw it and then transform it into a flash or just used marcomedia's own drawn kit??? cause this is a sweet flash i havent seen something this well drawn like this i hope you do another i bet it took you a while to do it tho great job and i look forward to more i definitly want to see more from you!

es una animacion de flash, estoy dadno el 10 pela animacion, no estoy a julgar su escolha musical, pero no me gusta la musica, los dibujos estan... muy muy muy buenos, es un artista grafico de primera

Absolutely Brilliant. Beautiful in everyway... <3

This is amazing, I mean the detail, the art, the backgrounds, the everything. Pure GENIUS.

Best drawn flash I've ever seen in my entire life! Looks like an official real anime! Very interesting plot as well.

As soon as I saw the frontpage, this one caught my eye that I had to watch it. It was a nice animation, very romantic and dramatic. This really deserves the front page.
However, there are a few things that could have made this better. First of is the subtitiles. It would really help if there were English subtitles for some of us who can't speak the language. Second is the choppy animation. There are some parts where the animation tends to get too slow and too choppy...Nonetheless, this one shall be in my favorites.

Truly fantastic in every possible way.
There are very few flashes of this quality on newgrounds or anywhere else,
and it's an inspiration to me. Absolutely Brilliant!

AMAZING, seriously this was one of the best flashes i have ever seen, invigorating and compelling. it was so good i forgot that it was a flash

Bien, no sé el español, pero un poco, entonces intentaré mi mejor. =)

En primer lugar, este era la animación más asombrosa que he visto. He visto muchas animaciones en mi vida, y éste es lejano el mejor que he visto. ¡¿Todavía me pregunto, "Cómo Diablos Dibuja Esta Persona Este?!" Soy extremley impresionado. Trabajo muy bueno. Puedo hasta la vista trabajó muy con fuerza en este. Usted tiene un talento verdadero, este merece la probablemente el mejor animación del año. Esto merece unos 5 sólidos de mí, y cada cuerpo más. Lo principal que recomiendo muestra este para algún concurso, usted conseguiría mucho dinero. Encuentre tan muchos concursos que usted puede.

Segundo, esto ha venido a mi atención que esto parece a anime verdadero. Es difícil de hacer. Este podría ser insertado en una serie, pero usted no podría querer hacer esto, esto aumenta yo usted para insertarlo en una serie de alguna clase. Entendí el simbolismo de la muchacha que es la planta. Era amable de extraño aunque que un tipo tendría tanto afecto para una planta lol. Usted debería de hacía que la planta muriera de alguna manera. Sería un conflicto ENORME y la gente votaría aún más alto. Y luego el tipo sueña con la muchacha agonizante. Entonces él sepulta la planta, y luego 100 años más tarde esto se convierte en un árbol hermoso con la muchacha que se sienta en la cumbre. Sé que esto tomaría mucho trabajo, pero sería chulo y muy simbólico.

Amo esta película, y lo pongo en mis favoritos. Trabajo bueno, usted pertenece en algún sitio mejor que Newgrounds aunque.

Por favor responda a este, esto tomó el verdadero esfuerzo para escribirlo en otra lengua.

Note to English Speaking People.

This is an actual review, not spam.

Hen hao ( very good)

This was just....the best...thing I have seen on Newgrounds. As a reviewer, I can find not one single thing that needs improvements. These are the kinds of flashes we need to see.

I am absolutely favoriting this. You are very talented.

Es muy bonita.



truly exeptional. you are one of the best

The animation is top notch and i quite loved the song^_^
A little too corny for me though haha but a great flash nonetheless
great job

mustve taken a wile to make it huh?Well your work paid of.

Since I understood what they were saying, this stuff is incredibly good... especially the art, unique and exceptionally terrific.

this was the best thing i've seen in a long time!!

that was moving. it was probably the best animation I have ever seen on newgrounds. two thumbs up

Aaaaaaw, how cute and sweet and just......cute

very, very good keep it come 'n!

Wish I could draw that well. Animation was good I looked up the real author and found that they have alot of other stuff very similar in quality on their website google: xxbt

This was an amazing work of art! The animation was superb, for that alone it deserves at least a nine, but it was also very touching. it would have been better If i knew Japanese (or whatever language that is)...

This flash is so great artwork is perfect.
I only wish i could understand the song and knew the artist.
If anyone can tell me the artist's name and maybe a link to the lyrics in english i would be most great full.
Please PM me or email the answer (fireyphoenix911@gmail.com)

this was definetly moving.

Oh mi señor, esto es grande.
¿Cómo logran hacer esto en flash?

I wish I could animate like that..
I have 2 Flashes already uploaded..
And I dont think they are anywhere NEAR yours.. T_T
Check them out anyone.. if you want..

This video took my breath away because of the drama and beautiful scenes in this video. I'm left speechless by how high quality it was, it's probably the best I've seen on newgrounds yet! I thought this was an actual cartoon based on the qualities of the pictures. Amazing

that was a nice animation, and the song went well with it.

i give you 5 thumbs, keep up that great work.

I could feel the emotion just from that song, its was beautiful. The animation was sooo smooth and fluid, one of the most stunning ive seen. I was with tears in my eyes just by that sing, xxbt is one of an artist. Not the best ive seen but the most touching thing ive come across in my whole life. 10 for divine beauty!!!

nice music and very amzing animtion.this reminds me with jane thnx!!

The animation is smooth crisp and VERY professional. I really have no complaints about it at all. Now I don't care for softer Japanese music like that but it really worked very amazing for the story,

Truely amazing. This surpasses tv-anime and movie quality at some parts. The character design was, well, complete. The art was stunning...and I mean, just LOOK at that hair! It was all done so well! The tear drop, with the inner rotating reflection...wow!


That was simply wonderful.
I really loved how you designed your characters, it showed emotion and it kept me interested in the flash.

Overall, everything was good.
You deserve this, I applaud you!

I don't think that anything I can say could do this piece justice. It's not just a flash, it's pure art. There are truly not enough good things that can be said about this one.

thats something

A flash which has quality unlike any I have seen on Newgrounds or the entire internet for that matter for some time, its not the best but is in its own respects a masterpiece.

10 10 10 10 10 i LOVED it*adds to favorites*great animation job...................:D

Pretty amazing art and animation. Good job!


That was really n ice sumin that could touch your heart and soul

very nicely done, was very touching *tear tear*

I have no idea what that song said, but it was really cool, and I would say it's very deep and sweet. LOVE IT!!!

That was fantastic. I cant belive it got so good quality with the animation and it really touches you deep inside.

Muy Bien amigo. Es un favorito flash ahora mismo
(Lo siento, pero mi espanol es no bien )

Odd very odd but I liked it.

If i could give this a score over 10 I would

this is one of the most well animated fiashes I have ever seen, keep up the good work!!

this is good vid but the music was a little creepy but all in all this was a good peace of work

I'm overcome with girly emotions as this "triumph of the human spirit" tells the tale of two strangers instantly being in love. One, a dude in an empty house that makes it look like he snuck in and sleeps there; the other, a creature of heaven that likes flowers and whose wings rot off.

Ah seriously that was pretty good, just too feminine for me.

Very nice it looks cute too i like it!!!! make more of these!

i hated the music and such but the animation is great keep it up

At first I couldn't tell it was in flash. This was great, really smooth, really deserves its spot in ranking. Kind of reminds me of SpikeVallentine's work... he Did Hug me to the Skys I believe.

It was very clean and polished. I didn't much like the theme or the music though. It was a bit repetitive.

Still, I can't give lower than a 5 & 10...

This is really amazing, great animation, excellent music, what can i say, i was amazed when i saw the movie.

Its really great... BUT uh WTF i wanna know what they are saying LOL... please repost with translation, other than that no complaints

kind of a typical anime style love theme flash, I've seen better, but it was allright, throw in a couple dudes with chainsaws and uzis and I'll give you a ten next time : )

not sure how to react, i mean the animation was awesome, as was the art work... but on the other hand it was soooo cheesy... and pink (ugh), not my sort of stuff but i still think it deserves a ten. good work!

p.s. i pray that i never have to hear that music again

This has to be one of the best flashes I have seen so far. The art and music mixed together perfect together!

es la mejor animacion y mas bonita que he visto hasta ahora

Fuck, I forgot Valentines day was rollin around, gonna be a lot like this on NG soon i suppose...
Anyways, the flash was good, except it didn't have English subs... So i couldn't understand it...

There is nothing to say except please translate the song subs please! well.. that and the writing that appears in the movie. Otherwise it's brilliantly done and masterfully drawn.

animation was flawless and amazingly well done!!! but it was waaaay to cheesy and corny for me. but i still give 9 stars

I Really Don'y know what to say did you draw This? If So You May Be The Best Artist On All of NG. If Not The I Give All The Credit to Who Ever Did Draw This.
And To XkamikazeX Evenh If He Is Not The Original Author It's The Work That Got Frunt Page No Mater Who Submitid It, And It's Beautiful (If Only I Coud Undear Stand What I Said). But I Love This NG Dosn't Have Inuf Like This Good Job.

All The Best King-Coll

Agreed its not by the guy but atleast he said he didnt create it, any who the animation was beautiful, subtitles would have been great but we can live with out them, tell the artist he or she is amazing.

that was just the Beautiful'est i hawe ever watsh'ed ! =D :3

Beautiful piece of work.

Lol wut this is flash? :D

A translation of the "author's" comments from Spanish to English by Babelfish gets this: Read before commenting do not say that I am removing credito other people's that from a beginning clarifies that the author is xxbt from the first time that subi the porfavor flash leanlo or traduscan by

First of all, the flash by the Chinese artist from xxbt.com is incredible. It looks almost professionally done. The boy's movements are smooth and fluid.
I'm giving this a 10 because of the quality of the flash. Although this flash wasn't created by the poster, I appreciate that he(or she?) shared this fascinating piece of flash with us.

Pretty romantic and really good animation, but still a ripoff... And its a real shame that there was no english subtitles. I understand the whole china-japan atmosphere, but there were subtitels and I couldn't understand what was written there...

just awesome!!!
although you didn't make it XD

another thing..

in fact... he said who was the one who made it...

but since you dindt make it, its against the rules...

good job on the new reviews box ng!

That's my thing.

Yea, that was beautiful...little gay for me, but beautiful xD Hmm...to bad that isn't add be orginall author, but there's link to him, so I vote 10 anyway ;P


It pains me to rate this so low because of a ripoff... This was an amazing flash. Best I've ever seen. It's a shame that it had to be put on NG by someone who didn't make it.

Wow. Just... wow...

Your animation skills are absolutely gorgeous, I haven't seen anything like it before! It was very smooth and sweet, well done, you!

i cant believe you did this with flash. I thought i whas wacthing a anime!!

Man realy. That was well drawn over all. The Track was realy a bit gay ^^ but for a love story its okay ^^

i don't know how many people on NG realized, but this piece of flash is actually produced by a bunch of chinese students at a collge institute in china. The flash itself is made in chinese, and If any of you visited this poster's site then I'm sure you'll find a lot of spanish flying around his page. I'm sure the smart people will get my point.

The song playing in the background is a mandarin song, and so are the other texts and labels that were shown in the flash. Hate to say it, but I highly doubt this poster is involved in any part of this flash; except maybe for taking the original author's credit and posting it here.

Reason I'm pointing this out is because I've seen just too many of these things happening on NG. I know sometimes its hard to tell whether the poster is the original maker of these wonderful videos, and it's great that these beautifully made flashes are shared, but hey. Give some credit to the people you got it from. Don't just claim it yourself.

ok, i wish the sub's where in English, other wise it was great.

Was that made in flash? If so i hate flash for not letting me do what i want.

That was really good.

The only word in japaneese i know (i guess it's japaneese) is bakka, and that wasn't in so i didn't understand a word.

But it was nice anyway!

Stunning and amazingly well-drawn animation, the story was a little gay, but it got better in the end. I personally disagree with a red-headed angel, she was ugly. And she had too much hair. But it was beautifully animated, so great job.

...I noticed they changed the webpage formatting! :)
but I'm sure this is grea.t..I'll watch it now!

evil trolls will visit you at night, and flog you.
this is GREAT!!

That was such a beautiful animation..almost flawless..

You did really well on transition, showcase, everything.

Well done!

YOu have great flash talents. I my self have see such flashes become more loved on newgrounds and you deserve first place well made . I would like some english subtitles we don't get great asian language skills in Ireland Lol

I haven't seen much on Newgrounds thats as graphically amazing as that. I thoroughly enjoyed this and hope to see more of this kind of thing from you guys.

that was an amazing flash, it was like an actual anime show, hope you make more!

by the way, what did those words say on the heart that he got on the window?

that was so fruty i quit in da middle and da gay song cmon. your a really good animator use the talent for something funny or actiony.

abdolutly beautiful, newgrounds needs more anime-ish stuff, or maybe i havent looked hard enough, keep up the good work

With laughter cause the guy below me spelled making "macking"


but honestly.

magnificent. loved it. which I was more fluent in japanese. the end

that was beutiful... you deserve a reward ....thank you for macking that.

Well yes i agree the animation is wonderful, the story is nice. But alas, its an advertisement!! It's trying to advertise for some flower with heart shaped petals.. For that, i dont think it deserves the full 10.

That was so beautiful! I love how well you did this, not to mention the music went perfect with the scene. You are amazing! 10/10

that was a very awesom anime...did you write the song because it was cool.

you have to teach me to draw like this...
it was the best anime ever !

The graphics were very nice, except for the overly bright colours and bloom, it burned my eyes.
The sound quality was very good.

The idea has been done far too many times now, and it doesn't really fit Newgrounds. It needs more cock jokes.

that was beautyful very few animations bring tears to my eyes but that was perfect

I'll vote 5/5 and 10/10!!Very nice animation,. You almost break some animation with your style!! due to it's language which i don't know if chinese or japanese,, I don't really understand the story but I'm amazed at the style,.!

As I said in the header, this flash had very nice animation. It was also a very nice display of the anime style. It was a little hard to follow what was going on, and that might be due to the fact I couldn't understand the song or subtitles. I'm still confused as to wether that was a girl he loved and that dies or if it was that an angel fell inlove with him or something else. Based on the animation alone, I woudl give it a 5/5, but since I couldn't gigure out what was going on exactly from just the animation, I'll give it a 4/5 total.

That is all.

Far supeior to most of the JUNK being submitted here. Had me in tears, and not many flashes can do that! Keep up the excellent work!!!

Its not Japanese you idiots.......

Very professinally drawn.

That was really well done. Not my fav song or artists but w/e :p. Nice to see some Chinese stuff showing up on NG. I thought we were being left out for a sec :P

Just wow, this was beautiful, and i have to agree, this is something ive never seen in flash before, it seemed almost ripped off tv the quality was so amazing. I am honestly speechless. Definately a 5/5, and 10/10, and a favs too!

I did not care much for the story line, in my opinion it was kind of corny. But i was AmazED that something of this quality could be done on flash, that is really cool great animating skillZ!

You show how true animating is done in this little short. And such a sweet little love story, too. You should try making your own shows for Japanese TV. i definately watch it. x3

I gave you a 2/5 becayse its in japanese which is lame because 99% of the users speak english. Even then it wouldnt bother my so much thats it was boring and nothing happened. But the graphics where awsome thats why i gave you the 2 instead of 0.

... and the mucis was great too, cuz you know Japanese is my second language, I speak PERFECT Japanese.

And what it said one the heart vase thing, was pure poetry. Because you know, I can read Japanese or Chinese or Korean or whatever because I know that language.

9, not because of the language (Cantonese?), but because, this submission is too good for it to be in Newgrounds. It's so professionally done. Like, a mangaka (a comic book writer and drawer) just submitted this thing here. Everything is good. I'm just skeptic. You readers mgith vote me of a thumbs down, but that's just me.

Aight, well I didn't like the song, and the story was okay, BUT THE ART, hot dang! IT BLEW MY MIND! I don't know what you did, but this looks like it took a looooong time... The anime-style anatomy was flawless too, great job!

got to give 5, got to give 5, (More if posible)

A decent piece and good art and animation. Although its actually fairly old, I saw this about a year and a half ago on flashlands. Hard to believe it was made for a commercial.

Although I have this feeling the poster isn't the author of this piece. Just a hunch.

I apologize if he truly is.

Beautifully well done! Bravo on an exquisite piece on love :)

Animation was great 10/10
Idea also 10/10
Sound was only 9/1ß
but still its worth the full score :-)
you are ready for big business ! go and broadcast yourself if you don't did already !!

Lowest rating i saw waas a 6, the rest were preactically all 10's
The sog got a little repeatitive. Awesome animation.
Keep it up ^_^

This Flash is too Good for Newgrounds

Enseñame a hacer eso!... he buscado en internet pero no encuentro buenos tutoriales. :D

beautiful animation, really greatly done. the song was beautyfull and the story excellent, all 5. if only you could do english subtitles it would be even more awsome

Ni siquiera parece un flash! es trabajo profesional, felicidades por ese logro de animacion!! =O

I would really like to know the name of that song. It was absolutely beautiful. I wish i could read a lot of the words in the animation. Could you put out a version with english subtitles?

If this doesn't make FRONT PAGE I will be very upset!

It was a little too sugary at parts but all in all this is great. Wonderfully animated.

This is absolutely beautiful. I cannot understand the song, but I found that I did not need to.

The animation was so smooth, and so lovely, it told the story perfectly :) You are, as other reviews have said, wonderfully talented.

Hands down the best animation I've seen here on NG.

WHY is this not ranked 5.00/5.00 yet?

Why am I asking this? The answer is simple. This has to be THE, SMOOTHEST and MOST ARTISTIC flash I have ever seen being put on Newgrounds. I don't understand Japanese subtitles, but the way the song was played and sung AND the way the little story was told through this beautiful animation was all in all; awesome.

You're sure to be an inspiration to many other flash artists and above all, you are EXTREMELY gifted. Well done :D

...wow......what do you say to this? This was...beautiful. Too good to be just another flash animation. Heck, I would dare say almost too good to find itself here on NG.
This one gets a 15/10...oh, darn it. I can't go that high. =D

The animation was amazing though the song could be subbed but still this was rly incredible 1 of the best animations on newgrounds favorited 10/10

This ranks as one of the best animations on Newgrounds, without a shadow of doubt. Incredible talent and beautifully done. A real masterpiece.

This is just the epitome of perfection. This is the best you or anyone else can do in a computer animation program. Nothing beats this. I'm struggling for words here because this is just so phenomenal and I am absolutely disgusted it has a score of 4.20/5. This deserves to win the monthly prize and there's no way around it but some other videogame flash will take the prize. Look at Gamer tonight, it has a score of 4.40/5. That's just wrong and I realize we're on Newgrounds and everything but this clearly isn't fair. It's a gross understatement to say you're immensely talented and I'm glad to see you have a website and have turned your talent into an paying career. This is amazing.

well im not into it but i got to say the animation was very well
subtitels would make it better in eng (or ger^^)
gj make more ^^

just wondering because some of those effects looks like after effect.
over all great animation

de verdad excelente animacion
is so beautiful how you tell such lovely history only with animation

I didn't like the music, and I did not understand the language, but the animation was absolutely amazing.

There comes a time sometimes when something so wonderful is made that no matter what language it is done in, you still are captured and drawn into it. This drew me in and the story was so well done that I understood it completely. Very well done indeed.

The art and animation in this flash puts most cartoons on TV to shame!! 10/10! absolutely amazing! <3

Though I can't understand the language, I seem to get the idea of the story well.


MUSIC: I kinda know japanese, but it was chinese... (was that mandarin or fukkien?) but still the song fits perfectly!!!

STORY: Heartwarming, kinda happy-go-lucky atmosphere... it was so calming...



H-hell ya I can't believe something like this actually showed up here at newgrounds. Without exaggerating, it is exactly like a short Anime. Amazing how much talent you have! This should be front paged for at least two weeks, since it shows that you put very, VERY much effort in it.
Nobody should say "keep up the good work" or "keep em coming" and something like that. This level of animation cannot be increased!

awesome great job mate keep up the good work

i think that tihs will be remembered by many for a long time. this was probably the most well done and touching piece of art ive ever seen (on the internet) the only SMALL complaint i have is that i couldnt understand the words cause there was no subtitles, but this was done so well, they were really not needed, overall i thank you for submitting this wonderful animation.

p.s. i also have the same question as kondeelai

This reminds me of a ton of East Asian flashes I saw some time before. I thought the flowers a brilliant metaphor for love. Oh, and for those of you know don't know what the language is, it's Chinese. I'm studying Chinese this year and to my delight, it's been helping alot! I've understood some of the characters. "White' and "Love" and "We" and "Day". But other then that I was clueless.

Overall the flash was great, Good use of color (White and surrealish feel), the Art was nice, the music was fitting. Definitely inspired by some East Asian flashes though I want to ask you a question. Why did you choose to do a flash themed in Chinese? Are you learning Chinese or were you simply inspired? You don't seem to be Chinese so what's the case here? Just wondering.

Anyway that was a good flash and it felt nice to watch, subtitles would help though, maybe an option at the beginning but overall it's great.

A real touching piece of art.

I just watched that. It was spectacular!

It's a real treat to see such a well-made animation on this site, and when one comes along, it gets my highest scores. 5/5 and 10/10 for you.

although I only understood around 80% of what the song was saying., it think it was very touching.. nicely animated and well nicely made overall.. would have been nice to put in english subtitles for our non asian freinds that dont understand mandarin..

Nice animation event if i don't understand anything of the lyrics.

I don't have any clue of which language it is, but it's certainly not Japanese.

At the end, when the last feather is flying at the window, you should have syncronised the last piano note at the same time that the feather hit the ground. It would have been cutter ... even if it is a lot.

Any way, great job.

I have no fucking clue as to what just happened. If I had a crying angel invading my dreams and floating outside my window everyday, the tone would be much different; more toward the "creeped out and afraid" direction. The animation was mostly well-done, though there were a few moments that looked less-than-great. Overall, a decent little thing.

This has got to be one of the best submissions I have seen on Newgrounds. I wish I could give you a higher rating.. This truly was a beautiful piece of work.

I didn't understand a word of that, but I didn't have to. It all spoke to me so clearly through images and song. This is seriously, beyond doubt, the best animation I have EVER seen on Newgrounds. And may ever see. Words can't express how glad I am to have clicked on this link.

That song, that animation...reminds me a lot of where I am in my life right now. Thank you.

it's not so great

the lyrics is not so great, ryhms were terrible (the only rym existed was by the same character)

animation is great but it is also kind of plot-less. it would suit a little boy or girl's dream but it doesn't really appease the older viewers.

seriously tho, having a plot and better song script would be nice

don't understand the meaning.
don't understand the language.
don't understand the song lyric.

but the animation is GREAT.
the song build up the mood.

next time, add english subtitle if possible.

i give all my stars.

It's amazing what people can do In Flash..

This is one of the best things I've ever seen on Newgrounds, ever...
You deserve great rewards for this amazing masterpiece!
A mere 10 from me is not enough of a reward for this...

I hope to see more from you, keep it up!

Its a movie a great movie its movie quality

Speechless... The only thing i can say is awesome. I love japanese anime stuff its so cool. Well done. Did you youse flash for the whole thing? 10/10 Whoo!

The artwork is beautiful, but i wish I could understand the the lyrics. Any chance of English subtitles.

Regardless the animation is flawless and the art glamorous and beautiful.

This is one of the most beautiful things I've seen on Newgrounds, or any site for that matter. This deserved frontpage, awards and anything else positive this site has to offer. The music, animation, mood, it was all perfect.

This is seriously the best one I have seen on newgrounds. I totally disagree with gate-keeper-girl. She is just jealous about your work because her work is not as good as yours. She shouldn't have said something like that when she doesn't understand an art work. I almost cried watching this flash because I have an experience similar to the boy's. Great work!

Loved it. This is my 2nd favourite flash of all time (and I just have 2).

Los k os lo habeis trabajao sois unos artistas, ya sakareis 1peli o algo y la vamos a ver ;) Excelente.

BRAVO! JUST BRAVO! this was amazing, everything was perfect! i cant beleave one person could do this! i love it all but you should have changed all the written things to english when you uploaded it to newgrounds.

Increible animacion!! tiene fondos impresionantes y la histora me deja sin palabras!! MUCHAS FELICIDADES! Daily Feature!


if you keep this up you will be one of the greats of newgrounds

theres cool stuff on newgrounds, ive seen some awesome graphics before like brackenwood but THIS is serious buisness! Dont know if you actually read reviews but let me tell you this: i may have not understand the lyric, the love them is not my type but graphicly this is the best thing ive EVER seen on newgrounds. People may say *meh this doesnt belong to newgrounds this is to great* but that actually pretty cool to find master piece among.... amateurs flash? thinking ive just watched some sprite animation lately this is a big change. well anyway ALL MY 5 BELONG TO THIS

I agree with what someone said when this flash doesn't belong on newgrounds, but this flash is simply amazing, but I don't think the newgrounds community will accept it.

Though breathtaking this may be, I do NOT believe it is fair to the animators on this website, to be submitting PROFESSIONAL quality work, to a website of MOSTLY amateurs.

if you had gotten this good, I seriously think you should have taken this elsewhere, and given the hard-working, newbie flashers a chance.

And to me, this flash doesn't show any emotion whatsoever.
It doesn't matter what you animate, but I'm not feeling it showing through this flash.

You've given up art for appearance in my opinon.
And this didn't have any sort of emotional message, or meaning to me.

Good job, you might get a good paid position as an animator, and I'm sure you've worked very hard on this piece of work, but I'd like to see something that came from the HEART


very very great i relly liked this. great wrok again!

This a beautiful piece of work the animation was so smooth I thought i was wtching a animation by a complete professional which I can tell you are. Kepp up the fantastic work it was amazing!

it was awasome, almost made me cry! But its Proff that a flash vid. dosnt hav to to be full of death sex or retarted animal babies to be a 10/10

Although I could have appreiciated it more if I could understand...whatever that language was.

Let me try to help you out though....

Cambia lo Comentario de Autor a "English: This animation shows that love's first, delicate stages must be cared for to reach fruitation."
Su traducción de Inglés no es bueno.

I may not have been able to understand the story or lyrics, but the animation was outstanding! Great organization and a beautiful song.

i liked it even though i couldnt understand it bcuz it wasnt english

see how the score of this amazing flash masterpiece is only 4.11?

proof that good stuff like this doesn't belong on newgrounds

but once it gets on the front page it'll probably get like 4.6 so i guess it's not that bad

amazing what someone can do with flash and a few art programs

although i think the fact that i don't understand.. Japanese is it? kind of made it not as good as it could have been. but other than that.
i think you should like, go work for an animation studio, this is so damn professional looking.
you are extremely talented, the animation in this was amazing. as were the spectacular backgrounds. fantastic job.

By far the best I have ever seen on NewGrounds animation wise, If this isn't number 1 I will be very disapointed in NewGrounds but I have a feeling it will be 1st very soon

That was amazing. I haven't seen anything that well made in a very long time. Wonderful job.

This is the best flash i have ever seen. Words cannot describe how beautiful this is.
This should be on the front page, get the daily first and weekly trophies
Just Great 10/10 and 5/5

Amazing flash. The artwork was beautiful and the animation nearly flawless. Although I really don't care for such lovey dovey stuff or languages I don't understand(yet!), it was still amazing. Keep up the great work.

That was professional quality. Was she a dead girlfriend or something?

your an amazing animator

awesome music

great all together!

very good movie and great graphic's!

Muy bueno!! esto si mere un cinco xD me encanto aunque no le aya entendido a ala cancion, no caeria mal que pusieras la traduccion de la letra tanto en ingles como espaNol ^_^

I can appreciate good work when I see it. 5/5

You deserve so much credit for this, the art and animation was some of the best I've ever seen, and the music was great too. This should make it to the number one spot on the top 50 flashes, if not it shows that the newgrounds community has no respect for greatness.

It was a great flash. The only thing I would like to see is some English for the nonjapinese users and put in some action. The only real reason your getting a 10 is for the art.

A professionally done, moving music clip. Very passionate and realistic. The frame-by-frame was perfect. I'm currently awestruck. Voted 5.

Awesome anime style, the backgrounds, characters, animation and song were really great. Everything turned out really well. Congratulations on this one, this is one flash to remmenber! 10/10 and a daily 5/5!

I can't help but wonder why this has a score of 3.94 (at this current time). I think Newgrounds prefers badly animated funny flashes over beautifully drawn masterpieces, ahaha.

The animation is simply amazing, and almost seems like it's at a professional level! The song fits very well with the movie, and though I'm not completely sure I understand it (It wasn't in English, after all xD) I can guess.

I'll definitely be looking forward to more animations, and all my five belong to this :>!

Wow, I have never seen this kind of quality anywhere on this sight before simply amazing.

I can't put in words what that has visually given me. It was so moving that to me, no translation is ever needed. The meaning is there, no matter what language it was sung in. The heart warming longing for someone to come into their life. It is what everyone at some point wishes for.

I spotted the alpha, of when the girl fades into the sky, showed layers. That was the only thing I noticed that you might want to consider. But I know fully well to line up layers correctly without sowing threw with another fading is hard to do. But that was the only point where it was a little obvious.

Beautiful work. Please submit more when you are able to.

That was very nicely done...I have a question tho...I cant make them this many effects with this size quality...how did you manage it?

Also, who died?

Put it in English and that would be the only way to make it better

This is just art, pure and genius! How lovely, how well done! That will surely become a classic.
The animation is fluid, the design and art are colorful yet very clean... Very touching music, fitting perfectly... I'm speechless.
I say front page! And even top 50! (Oh I Hope so!)

WHOA!! THIS... IS... AMAZING. At just about every moment in this movie, you could have made a beautiful still picture out of it, and it would've been perfect! I didn't understand a word that was sung in there, but this still came across as a really loving story.

infinity/5 and a fav :D

A Real masterpiece, dude!
This can be in the Greatest Of All Time list!

Hope u'll succeed in the future!
JIA YOU! lol

that's just what this is. it has great animation,and the song fit it very nicely. it would have been cool if it had english subtitles,but hell, its already great the way it is!


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