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Chase The Orb!

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If you like snake games, This is the game for you! this is snake with pimped out graphics.
IMPORTANT! this game was made with a tutorial bought at cartoonsmart.(You should get it!)
The tutorial is "Advanced Gaming".

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needs powerups, and a better backround. Your actualy not chasing it. Your running to get it.

another snake knockoff

try to be original, put power ups or bosses to fight. don't make another clone of Snake

fateblade responds:

Good Idea! I'll try it!


You don't need to buy a tutorial to make this crap.

A good start

The graphics leave something to be wanted but they show potential. I think that you should also put some lines in to show where the outside of the stage is. All in all it is just another worm game and you should think about adding something to make it stand out of the crowd.

fateblade responds:

Any Ideas? im listineng

A version of snake.

I will say, making the stage barrier-less is an interesting new twist on the game "Snake." At first, I thought it would make the game much much easier, but instead, it only complicated the game as the snake dominated more and more of the screen. I give you props for that interesting new twist, and hey! Paragon X9! Undoubtably Newgrounds material...

All in all, however, the intro sequence with the "Chase the Orb" text took a little too long, and once more I found a couple of times when the logo was in the way, making it a little harder to get an orb that was in the upper left corner. Furthermore, as far as programming is concerned, I think you should eliminate the ability for the user to hit the arrow key that causes him to fall into himself.

Other than that, solid game! Hope to see better things from you!


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2.44 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2008
5:12 PM EST