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Take on the role of a rookie marksman in the prototype IndestructoCopter!
Play through 9 Levels of intense arcade action in a story that runs parallel to the story of Indestruc2Tank.
Earn Medals, buy Upgrades, Kick ass!

Mouse - Aim
Click Mouse Button - Fire
Shift and Click Mouse Button - E.M.P. Blast (if available)
P Key - Pause Game.

Recommended High End PC for intense graphics.


good game

WAY too easy though

Good Game

I loved it.
1. Not to easy to shoot copters
2. Turbulence added reality and difficulty
3. Bonus copters to look out for to earn some cash
4. Not too many upgrades, which I'm all for, because I hate thinking too much about what I should upgrade on.
5. Limits on upgrades, so you don't become God.

One thing I would change about the game, but it isn't such a big deal, is that when you have railgun bullets, you should be able to choose when you want to use them up, instead of having to use them first until they're all gone.



Not as good as indestruc2tank

But still pretty good... Vawn the point of the game is for it to be challenging.... dont give ones if you suck at it.

not bad

first off, most important criticisms:
1. there are FOUR types of enemies in the entire game. see a problem with this?
2. Too little of upgrades. after you maz out your maingun, you just spend all your cash on railguns and emps, and by the end of the game you got a surplus cash situation of at least over 150k.
3.No real connection to indestructotank other than story. call it something else.
other than that, a pretty fine game. i couldnt find a quality control, but oh well.
also, i know, i suck, i only played on easy, so i might be wrong about enemie types, but still, you need more.

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3.92 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2008
8:22 AM EST
Action - Other