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Take on the role of a rookie marksman in the prototype IndestructoCopter!
Play through 9 Levels of intense arcade action in a story that runs parallel to the story of Indestruc2Tank.
Earn Medals, buy Upgrades, Kick ass!

Mouse - Aim
Click Mouse Button - Fire
Shift and Click Mouse Button - E.M.P. Blast (if available)
P Key - Pause Game.

Recommended High End PC for intense graphics.


Ironic, but awesome!

i think the name of the game is just 'indestructo' to attract everyone who played indestructotank; the name should be 'Almost IndestructoCopter'. but the game is awesome, congratulations!

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You're squeezin' as much as you can get outta this series...
Good graphics,nice idea,BUT repetitive.**shoot-woooosh-boom,shoot -wooosh-boom**Really hard to bomb the teeny tiny specs that are the most far away.
The E.M.P Blasts are not useful if you got a full load of rail's,so i didn't even use them.
And the fact that there was no boss,isn't very arcady.
Good job anyway,
**squeeze** MOO!

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pretty good but when enemys are at the end of screen your screwed

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I've always been a HUGE fan of the Half-Life expansion packs, because they helped you realize how much of a story was being told. The parallel plots here make me REALLY happy.

However, the lack of bosses is EXTREMELY disappointing. Disappointing as in "oh my God what the hell were you thinking" disappointing. Bosses break up the normal action with new rules and challenges, and are always a blessing. In Indestruc2Tank, I loved the bosses, even if some of them were rather annoying at times (making a boss challenging is a lot different from making it cheap, and the latter happened occasionally).

Anyway, this was great. I don't like the wind messing up the camera; I think you could have added more challenge in a far better way. However, I'm sure there are those who love the shaky camera as added difficulty. However, the helicopter carrying the tombstone for the grave was cheesy in a not-good way.

All in all, I want to give this a 10, I really really do. However, the lack of bosses hurts too much. So much could have been done with them. So, I have to give you the score of a 9 with my sincerest apologies.

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It's a fantastic game but...

Challenge mode was way too easy. You really needed to step up the difficulty. At around 500 kills, it was getting a little difficult, but for the next hundred or so it stayed the same. 600 enemies and over $1 million later, I decided to let myself die. I was surprised to find that more than 500 people had gotten scores above mine. I'm not sure why you'd want to keep going after 20 minutes of the same thing. Please, if you make another game, increase the difficulty at a faster rate. Other than that, the game was flawless. I loved the wind element, the leading, and the weapons. Everything was great.

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3.92 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2008
8:22 AM EST
Action - Other